Manual Lymphatic Drainage Face/Sinus/Scalp And Face Yoga Self Care

Don’t Leave Your Brain, Sinuses, Skin and Health to Chance. Get Lymphatic Fit! Month 1-Lymphatic 10-45 min face, sinus & scalp self-care, Month 2 opens all content.
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About This Product:

Select 5-10-15 minutes for yourself each day to create time for the Boca Mini Face Lift, Lymphatic Boost or face/sinus/scalp lymphatic self-care routine. Before bed, laying down, may be the easiest time and may assist falling asleep and resting well. Done in the morning sitting up may also assist your waking up energy.
New Content Added Over time to include Face Yoga, Face Yoga for the Nose,  the mini 7 minute BOCA Lymph Face Lift, The 15 minute BOCA Lymph Face Lift, 15 Minute Med Spa Hollywood Self MLD of the body, and Self MLD of the Arms, Legs and other areas of the  body.

This is a monthly accessed tutorial, as it is paid for monthly by me to keep it available for you.

 How to Manage Fear of Tremors and Shaking Without Constant Mind Challenges or Mentally Intense Reading.

"Lymphatic drainage system of the brain:  A novel target for intervention of neurological diseases." Bao-Liang Sun et al. Prog Neurobiol. Apr-May 2018.

"Possible Direct Interaction between spike proteins and alpha-sinuclein".

“The training is intended for informational and educational purposes, it is not intended to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, and/or treatment. Please consult your medical professional before making changes to your diet, exercise routine, medical regimen, lifestyle, and/or mental health care.”
"These  research studies  are from the National Institute of Health and available by Google searching PUB MED for the article  as well as copying and pasting the web link. I did not personally participate in these research studies."

"This service was not only relaxing and invigorating but I opted to learn and use the self drainage for the face and neck- my life has changed!! I have a 10 minute ritual I do in bed for lymph drainage every morning and I am SO very grateful. Can't wait to go back for another treatment."-Nicole Windhausen
"As a cancer survivor I was looking for assistance in getting my lymphatic system moving. What I didn't count on was what a difference it made in my overall health. I had been struggling with sinus headaches for weeks but after a session with Lorraine I woke up headache free. I was so much better without medicine! Best thing I have done for my health. Thanks Lorraine."-Susan Kimmel

"Lymphatic massage has made my quality of life so much better. I suffer from chronic sinusitis, and the treatments that Lorraine provides has not only decreased my sinus infections but has opened my passages and has allowed me to smell again."- Carol Dristole

Select 10-15 minutes for yourself each day to create time for the face/sinus/scalp lymphatic self-care routine. Before bed, laying down, may be the easiest time and may assist falling asleep and resting well. Done in the morning sitting up may also assist your waking up energy.
The Lymphatic Fit Method.
Give your Lymphatic System a Lift so you can be Lymphatic Fit.
Get Lymphatic Fit so you can be in the know and so you can have the benefits of being in Lymphatic Flow.
Hi, before you get started I'd like to share just a little bit about me. I have always wanted to learn ways to assist the body in health and well being without causing any pain. I started with becoming a Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher and while that is amazing, I also wanted something that would give me the License to use hands on therapy. I found that by becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist. My research project in massage school at OSTM Syracuse, was on Manual Lymphatic Drainage and I fell in love with it.  I became Certified by ACOLS in Florida as soon as I was licensed. I love anything that helps vitality of the face, so I also trained and certified in Face Yoga to be a Face Yoga Teacher. 
Gold Level Membership:
As part of this tutorial, bonuses added  over time will include additional body areas of  lymphatic self care, energy self care and Face Yoga Self Care. My wish for you is an increase in well being in gentle, empowering and valuable ways.
Intermediate Level difficulty. For those with intact Lymph Nodes in the neck.  This takes multiple days of review and practice consistently over 4 or more  weeks. Use the tutorial for as many months as you need to, to learn the techniques and sequences, or stay on board for the monthly bonuses and let’s do it together.

Have you felt foggy or congested and just not yourself lately? Are you in massage therapy training and interested in Lymphatics? Or are you a current Practitioner interested in learning Vodder Method Self-Care techniques for the Face/Sinus/Neck/Shoulders?
Are you just looking for a way to increase health naturally?
Then you are in the right place.

The brain detoxifies through the lymphatic vessels in the scalp, face, sinus and neck.

Having and keeping your lymphatic system in the neck, face, sinus and scalp working efficiently is essential to brain detox, tasting and smelling and responding to toxins, viral infections, misshapen proteins and tumor cells.
A healthy lymphatic system removes these before they build up.
A congested lymphatic system can not remove these harmful substances effectively, making you more susceptible to feeling congested, being puffy/swollen, or loosing normal body functions over time.

The brain detoxifies through the scalp, face and neck Lymphatics.

Lymphatics done in the proper sequence, timing and pressure are gentle, comforting and effective.

It is possible to assist the body and brains’ lymphatic system through manual lymphatic drainage, instead of relying constantly on using the brain in complex ways.

Follow the tutorial or tutorials of your choice daily. You can start over by clicking the “Lymphatic USA” words.  Clicking on the blue words next to the session you want to repeat will bring you into that session.

You are valuable and I want to thank-you for choosing to learn lymphatic self care and empower yourself even more!

Please set aside one to two hours to go through the entire tutorial watching and listening at least once before you practice on the second viewing.   
Can be done three times a day if desired.

I hope you also love the feeling of doing your daily lymphatic self care.  Increase in feelings  of warm, relaxed happy energy and self love are assisted during self care. And when you're finished, remember to enjoy the satisfaction and vitality you deserve!

Lymphatics have assisted me in the relief of the symptom of left sided face swelling, manage chronic colds and helped assist my Dad in the relief of some symptoms of Parkinson’s, pain, shaking and swelling.
Disclaimer: "Testimonial results are not guaranteed to others".

Testimonials and photos with consent for lymphatic care are available on my website at:, as well as on Google.

For best results it is important to have your health practitioners consent. be able to hear well, follow visual images, have patience for repetition, and have good range of motion in both arms and hands.

We are Lymphatic Lifters. We give our Lymphatic System a Lift to Detox efficiently, so we may potentially have an increase in Health, Comfort and Peace of Mind.

Vodder Method Secrets of technique, timing and effectiveness as well as a Vodder method Lymphatic Face & Scalp detox, so you may potentially decrease the effects of lymphatic congestion. Lymphatic congestion from foods, drinking water, air pollution, chronic colds, toxins, and viral infections.  Large viral proteins & misshapen proteins, may lead to swelling, lymphatic congestion and decreased lymphatic flow and an increase in I inflammation. Inflammation and large proteins congested in the brain are associated with neurological diseases. Don’t leave your Brain to chance. Get Lymphatic Fit!

Contraindications: current active infection, current fever, current cancer, neck lymphedema or other doctor concerns.
This is a physician approval tutorial. Ask your practitioner if the specific lymphatic self care is right for you.

This course is purely for educational purposes. Buyers should consult with their physician prior to making any lifestyle, diet, or exercise changes.
All information presented by Lymphatic USA is for information purposes only and is intended to be an educational service and not, in any way, provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. No guarantees of results. Each person agrees by using this educational service that they are solely responsible for the outcomes of their use of the tutorial and have the approval of their physician prior to use.”

Click the (+) symbol to the left of the module to see all the sessions/content  included. More bonuses will be added over time! 

30 day cancellation policy to try tutorial. Enjoy learning the gentle effectiveness of lymphatic self care. Thank-you! 

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Tutorial Navigation Support
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Lymphatic System Crash Course YouTube link
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Lymphatic Secrets Power Point Video
Available Now
Pre Practice Information Video
Available Now
MLD sequence of first few steps without repetitions
Available Now
MLD sequence of middle few steps without repetitions
Available Now
MLD sequence of end of sinus sequence without repetitions
Available Now
Full Sequence 10-45 min/Sinus/Scalp Daily Detox For Those With Neck Lymph Nodes Present
Available Now
Mini BOCA Lymph Lift 7 Minute Sequence (Month 2)
Available on Day 33
5 min Lymphatic Morning Boost/Neck Waddle & Tinnitus Help
Available on Day 33
Four minute silent affirmative Prayer& Reiki Energy Balance
Available on Day 33
Healthy Arm Self Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Available on Day 33
Nose Yoga 5 minute Session
Available on Day 33
Healthy Leg Self Lymphatic Drainage
Available on Day 33
Stop Leg Muscle Spasms In Their Tracks!
Available on Day 33

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Lorraine Sanderson BS LMT MLD/C CLT CMLDT

NYS Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist & Certified Lymphedema Therapist ACOLS and MLD Institute International, Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher USUI, Certified Face Yoga Teacher DC
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NYS Licensed Massage Therapist
Lymphatic Specialist 
Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist  MLD/C (ACOLS)
Certified Lymphedema Therapist CLT (ACOLS)
Certified Reiki Master Practitioner I, II, III (USUI)
Certified Reiki Master Teacher (USUI)
Certified Face Yoga Teacher (DCFY) 
Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist CMLDT (MLD Institute International)

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