The Ultimate Hands on Sinus & Neuro Lymphatic Self Care Detox

Lymphatic 15-45 min face, sinus & scalp self-care.

You no longer have to depend on constant crossword puzzles, mind challenges and mental exercises to care for your brain as previously thought!

This course is purely for educational purposes. Buyers should consult with their physician prior to making any lifestyle, diet, or exercise changes".

Intermediate Level difficulty. For those with intact Lymph Nodes in the neck.  This May take weeks to months to learn as it took me years of practicing and months to learn myself, before I could teach self care at my practice. Use the tutorial for as many months as you need to, to learn the techniques and sequences, or stay on board and let’s do it together. 

Have you been worried about neurological decline? Have you felt foggy or congested and just not yourself lately? Have you lost your taste or smell due to a COVID exposure? Are you in massage therapy training and interested in Lymphatics? Or are you a current Practitioner interested in learning Vodder Method Self-Care techniques for the Face/Sinus/Neck/Shoulders? 
Are you just looking for a way to increase health naturally? 
Then you are in the right place.

The brain detoxifies through the lymphatic vessels in the scalp, face, sinus and neck.

Having and keeping your lymphatic system in the neck, face, sinus and scalp working efficiently is essential to brain detox, tasting and smelling and responding to toxins, viral infections, misshapen proteins and tumor cells. 
A healthy lymphatic system removes these before they build up. 
A congested lymphatic system can not remove these harmful substances effectively, making you more susceptible to getting cancer, getting sick, feeling congested, being puffy/swollen, or loosing normal body functions over time.

The brain detoxifies through the scalp, face and neck Lymphatics. 

Lymphatics done in the proper sequence, timing and pressure are gentle, comforting and effective. 

It is possible to keep the brains’ lymphatic system healthy through manual lymphatic drainage instead of relying constantly on using the brain in complex ways.

You can go through the course as many times as you need to. You can start over by clicking the “Lymphatic USA” words.  Clicking on the blue words next to the session you want to repeat will bring you into that session. 

Your time is valuable and I want to thank-you for taking the time to read this and choosing to learn lymphatic self care here. Thank-you!

Please set aside one to two hours to go through the entire tutorial. Practice of the 18 minute Daily detox for 10 days in a row is recommended initially, then repeat weekly for maintenance. 
Can be done three times a day if desired. 

Lymphatics have helped me aid in the relief of the symptom of left sided face swelling and manage chronic colds and helped my Dad aid in the relief of some symptoms of Parkinson’s, pain, shaking and swelling. Disclaimer: "Testimonial results are not guaranteed to others". 

Testimonials and photos with consent for lymphatic care are available on my website at:

For best results it is important to be able to hear well, follow visual images, have patience for repetition, and have good range of motion in both arms and hands.

We are Lymphatic Lifters. We give our Lymphatic System a Lift to Detox efficiently, so we may potentially have an increase in Health, Comfort and Peace of Mind.

Vodder Method Secrets of technique, timing and effectiveness as well as a Vodder method Lymphatic Face & Scalp detox, so you may potentially decrease the effects of lymphatic congestion. Lymphatic congestion from foods, drinking water, air pollution, chronic colds, toxins, viral infections, large viral proteins & misshapen proteins, may lead to swelling, cancer, and neurological issues including Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Dementia. 

The tutorial is available on this site only.

Contraindications: current active infection, current fever, current cancer, neck lymphedema or other doctor concerns.

This course is purely for educational purposes. Buyers should consult with their physician prior to making any lifestyle, diet, or exercise changes.
All information presented by Lymphatic USA is for information purposes only and is intended to be an educational service and not, in any way, provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. No guarantees of results. Each person agrees by using this educational service that they are solely responsible for the outcomes of their use of the tutorial and have the approval of their physician prior to use.”

30 day cancellation policy to try tutorial with your money back if you choose for any reason. 
Bonus tutorials are added after day 31.

Lymphatic Secrets Power Point Video
Available Day 1
Lymphatic Secrets: “Each person agrees by using this educational service that they are solely responsible for the outcomes of their use of the tutorial and have the approval of their physician pri...
Pre Practice Information Video
Available Day 1
Silent Power Point Video
15 Minute to 45 minute Face/Sinus/Scalp Daily Detox For Those With Neck Lymph Nodes Present
Available Day 1
15 Minute to 45 minute Daily Face/Sinus/Scalp Self-Care Detox for those with intact Neck Lymph Nodes only
Bonus # 1 Lymphatic Brushing Arms/Axilla
Available Day 33
Only for those with intact lymph nodes in both Axilla- Lymphatic Brushing/Finger Tip Brushing/Arms & Axilla
Bonus #2 Stop Muscle Spasms In Their Tracks!
Available Day 32
General muscle spasms symptoms and Parkinson’s symptoms of diaphragm spasms, calf spasms and muscle spasms may potentially and temporarily aided in this easy self care. No guarantee of results.
Bonus #3 Healthy Arm Self Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Available Day 32
Non Lymphedema Arm Self Care 15 minutes to 45 minutes

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