Blockchain with Blocks Art Project

Learn about the Blockchain with this 30-Minute Simple Art Project

Learn about the Blockchain with this Simple Art Project.

What is a Blockchain? This simple 30-minute Art Project teaches people the very basics of this new technology. Used at CrytpoKidsCamp, this project can be completed by ages 5 and up. We have a fun and engaging way to help you understand this new technology.

What you will learn:
  1. What is a Blockchain?
  2. How does the Art Project Work?
  3. Build the Art Project together (String, Colors, Tape, Numbers)
  4. Final thoughts

What you get:
Individual Pages as Blocks (Coloring Book)
Final Blockchain Art Project
An understanding of a Blockchain

Blockchain with Blocks
This simple 30-minute Art Project teaches people the very basics of the new technology called Blockchain.

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Created by:
Barbara Bickham

Sold by: Trailyn Ventures

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An award-winning CTO and VC Fund Manager helping entrepreneurs and investors understand emerging technology.


I am expert in helping entrepreneurs and investors understand emerging technology.

If you desire to understand deep tech (Blockchain, AI, Quantum), build emerging technology products, and invest in the next big emerging technology companies then I can definitely help you.

I am expert in emerging technology and my accomplishments include:

  • VC University Fall 2019 Certificate
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  • University of Chicago, New Entrepreneurs Program
  • MS Computer Science from West Coast University
  • BA Computer Science from University of California, Berkeley

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  • Has 35+ years experience in Technology and Entrepreneurship
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  • Ran an Angel Investing Group in Los Angeles with 450 Angel Investors
  • Raised Millions of Dollars as a CEO and CTO
  • Worked the last 5+ years as a CTO Architecting and Designing Blockchain, AI and other Emerging Tech products
  • Created a Virtual Accelerator teaching the 8 week Due Diligence and Sustainability Intensive
  • Mentor Companies Globally
  • Board of CryptoKidsCamp
  • Advisory Board of the MIND Institute, Project New Dawn and Freeman Capital

Awards, Titles, and Designations:
  • Best Emerging Tech Fund & Accelerator 2020 & Finance Innovation Award in Equal Opportunity Private Equity 2020, Acquisition International
  • Best Qualified Opportunity Fund Managers 2019, Investment Fund Awards, Wealth and Finance International
  • The 10 Most Influential Women Leaders 2019
  • Women in IT, Female CTO of the Year 2019, Nominee
  • Heart Centered Tech Award, 2019
  • Gartner Cool Vendor Award, REST API 2014

Other Info:
  • Founded TechGenii, Inc., a digital strategy company;, a Forex Software company
  • Been written up in Forbes Magazine
  • Spoke at the Inaugural Congressional Black Blockchain Briefing - October 2019 on Blockchain Funding Gaps
  • Spoken in 5 countries on Blockchain Funding Trends
  • Spoken Virtually on Decentralized Finance, Blockchain Funding, Blockchain 101, Global Funding Trends, Remote Work
  • Global Pitch Judge Evaluating Companies Investor Presentation
  • Spoke at Pasadena Angels and Women's Venture Summit on Emerging Tech Investing

  • Worked at Hyperloop Transportation Technologies
  • One of 8 women in the Los Angeles CTO Forum
  • Write a blog called Unbound, Life Decentralized a curated newsletter discussing Emerging Tech Trends and Space
  • Raised Million of Dollars using the Due Diligence Intensive
  • Remote working since 1993

  • Took an acting class to become comfortable with being on camera and speaking in front of people
  • Learning Korean and Russian so I can better understand my global partners
  • Minimalist Traveller, can pack for 1 week with 1 backpack and 1 purse
  • Got council from a Life Coach when going through a life change

When you want to understand emerging technology, we're the ones the experts turn to for emerging technology.

I can help you understand deep tech (Blockchain, AI, Quantum), build emerging technology products, and invest in the next big emerging technology companies!