Enneagram for Psychotherapists

Enneagram for counselors, psychotherapists, psychiatric providers

Course for licensed mental health professionals who are interested in using the Enneagram of Personality to improve client outcomes to increase income!  In this module you will learn:
- The Sweet Spots of each Enneagram style
- The Hot Spots of each Enneagram style
- The Blind Spots of each Enneagram style
- The Enneagram Personality Style Profile
- How to apply this knowledge in psychotherapy

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Module #2: Enneagram Centers

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Created by:
Mysti Rainwater

Sold by: Center for Progressive Therapies

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I'm a practicing psychotherapist who teaches licensed clinicians to use the Enneagram of Personality in a clinical setting.


Ms. Rainwater is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Coach & Consultant of Progressive Psychology an is a certified teacher of the Enneagram of Personality and Myers Briggs Type Indicator.  She has been providing psychotherapy, training, coaching and consulting wellness services for over 25 years to individuals, couples and small groups.  Ms. Rainwater earned a Bachelor’s degree in Human Communication with minor emphasis in Psychology and Sociology from Arizona State University and a Master’s degree from Northern Arizona University with an emphasis in Community Counseling.  She owns and operates a group psychotherapy practice in the Ahwatukee area of Phoenix, Arizona, and is the founder of Center for Progressive Therapies, an integrative, collaborative teaching setting where clients and practitioners can learn the Progressive Psychology model, discovering how to integrate alternative therapies with traditional therapies .  Her passion is introducing the use the Enneagram of Personality to clinicians- to be used personally and professionally, in conjunction with the treatment modality in which they were trained.