Ultimate Dating & Love Mastery - Find Your Soulmate Now!

The most simple way to get good at dating and find your soulmate easily.
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About This Product:

By one of the top dating coaches in the U.K. - the ultimate dating course showing just how easy that modern day dating can be, even in the Swipe / COVID era. 

Are you struggling with dating? Is it getting frustrating and demoralizing? 

Do you find that:

  1. Being ghosted is a common occurrence?
  2. Attracting the wrong type is the norm?
  3. You don't know what the signals mean?
  4. You're unsure if they're interested?
  5. Unaware of how to take the next step?
  6. People don't arrange dates and become online pen-pals.
  7. No one responds to you.
  8. Your profile doesn't get noticed.
  9. Your insecurities hold you back.

Do any any of those describe you? Or is it something else that really makes you feel like you're never going to meet anyone?

If you want an end to bad dates, and are ready to attract the partner of your dreams, this is the masterclass for you!

With Expert Dating Coach - Amit Sodha

Bigger and better than previous events, this fun and interactive Mastermind will take you on an incredible journey on discovering all the secrets of making dating so easy and enjoyable, that you'd wish you'd learned about these years ago!

Here's just a brief glimpse of what you'll discover on this Mastermind.

  1. How to write the perfect profile that gets you bombarded with replies!
  2. The proper way to flirt and have banter.
  3. How to make sure you never ever get ghosted again!
  4. How to always get a follow up date, guaranteed!
  5. How to spot the wrong type immediately.
  6. How to really a stimulating conversation going that tells you all about the person.
  7. How to leave them wanting more!
  8. How to get the one that YOU WANT!
  9. How to turn your insecurities into ATTRACTION goldmines!

If you really and truly want to stop wasting time with dating and finally meet the person you would like to spend the rest of your life with, then this Mastermind for you!

Program Details

DLM 1. Introduction. Start with you. Your presentation to the world.
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DLM 2. Your presentation to the world. Your profile.
Available Now
DLM 3. Getting that date easily.
Available Now
DLM 4. What to do on your dates. Getting that second date!
Available Now
DLM 5. Following on and common questions.
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Amit Sodha

Transformational | Dating Coaching | Influencer | 1m Followers
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I'm Amit Sodha, a coach with over 28 years of experience and over 12 years of experience as a Dating Expert. I have coached people from all over the globe. In addition, I'm a Blogger, Podcast host, National Radio Presenter, 

In my personal life, I'm a 5am rising, Vegan and I live to help others. I live to coach and this is what drives me and thrives me and I'm so looking forward to helping you become the hero of your story! 
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