Balance Your Body + Hormones

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Get ready to transform your body and up level your mind. With this program you will discover how to balance the 7  hormones that most affect women. We focus on best foods to reset each of the hormones. You can reduce + say goodbye to weight gain in the belly, mood swings, sugar cravings, hot flashes, fogginess bloating, and so many more effects that these hormones have on your body.

This program is for you if you are in perimenopause, menopause, Hashimotos, low thyroid, have hormone imbalance or you are just ready for a science backed hormone reset and energy boost.

It is time to feel:
  • Alive instead of lethargic
  • Energetic instead of tired
  • Sexy instead of embarrassed
  • Grateful instead of resentful
  • Calm instead of anxious
  • Graceful instead of angry
  • Clarity instead of foggy
  • Hopeful instead of disheartened
  • Joyful instead of frustrated
Beginning THURSDAY October 22, 2020 our first live session will take place.

You are just 4 weeks away from resetting your body + mind to feel energized, confident, and sexy in your own skin.
✔️Learn about the 7️ most important hormones that women need to keep in balance. 
✔️Discover what you can do to reboot + stabilize. 
✔️ 7 Days for pre hormone reset preparation
✔️ Focus 3 days nutritionally on each hormone
✔️ Re introduce 3 favorite food for 9 days
✔️Gain clarity + connection with your body using grace. 
✔️Practice mindfulness using 3️ tools.
✔️Reduce 2-6 inches on your waist + hips, and shed 10-15lbs

Remove Brain Barriers To Success: Change your mind to change your body. 
Develop A New Relationship With Yourself: Ditch destructive inner dialogue for self love

Eliminate Confusion: A clear and easy-to-follow strategy
Total Clarity Without Counting Calories: every 3 days a new meal structure focusing on different foods that affect the hormones that we target during those 3 days.

Target Training For Stubborn Spots: belly, arms, booty, and legs
Intensity Instead Of Overwhelm: Accomplish your workout in less than 20 minutes a day

I am combining all of the the very best tools I have studied + learned + experienced with my clients over the last 25 years as a fitness expert in the industry. Not only has this worked for them, it has also worked for me. I have continued to fine tune and add to this program so I can deliver you the absolute best results. It has been a continued focus on my journey to serve and teach women how to live their best healthy and fit lifestyle. 
✅ Reignite your cells
✅ Reboot your metabolism
✅ Recharge your mind
✅ Realign your soul
✅ Reset the efficiency of your hormones
✅ Repair and grow new hormone receptors
✅ Reverse hormone resistance

Balance Your Body + Hormones LIVE:

  • 4-week live program to reset your body and re ignite your hormones
  • Weekly LIVE coaching calls
  • A clear, step-by-step system to follow
  • Expert nutrition and fitness education that will serve you for life 
  • Freedom from grueling workouts and other ineffective gimmicks + diet methods. 
  • Tools to take action using exactly what you need to put your health first, feel fit, be confident and live with clarity

  • You will receive one one-hour or two 30-minute coaching calls to use during our 4 weeks together to further your success in this program ($400)
  • A private exclusive Facebook group of like-minded women committed to change and an extended ongoing membership for six months ($562 value)
  • Daily videos for movement and mindset cultivation ($397 value)
  • Downloadable menu plans, shopping lists, and food tracking logs ($297 value)
  • "Morning Motivation" Video to use daily as you begin your day to cultivate the right mindset, fill your body with gratitude, and visualize your life.  ($197) 

Total value of bonuses $1,853

Space is LIMITED: Reserve your spot now at this price $497 in the Founders Club rate,  however now through Tuesday October 20, 2020 the price is $397. Seats are limited as we are going to keep this session at a more personal level of 10-15 people.

Available Now!
Day 1 - Measurements, programming,
Day 8 Hormone 1: Focus, Nutrition programming, yoga sequence
Day 11 - Hormone 2: Focus, Nutrition programming, Yoga Sequencing
Day 14 - Hormone 3: Mindset Focus, Nutrition programming, Yoga Sequencing
Day 17 - Hormone 4: Mindset Focus, Nutrition programming, Yoga Sequencing
Day 20 - Hormone 5: Mindset Focus, Nutrition programming, Yoga Sequencing
Day 23 Hormone 6: Mindset: Focus, Nutrition programming, Yoga Sequencing
Day 26 - Hormone 7: Mindset Focus, Nutrition programming, Yoga Sequencing
Day 29 - Integration: Food 1 - Mindset Focus, Nutrition programming, Yoga Sequencing
Day 32 - Integration: Food 2 - Mindset Focus, Nutrition programming, Yoga Sequencing
Day 35 - Integration: Food 3 - Mindset Focus, Nutrition programming, Yoga Sequencing
Day 38 - Balance Your Body CELEBRATION!!
Day 1 LIVE Intro + Measurements
Laura Mak Quist
  • Hormone*Health*Mindset*Coach - Laura has masters degree in Exer Science to help women live WISELY FIERCE. She's an Int'l Yoga Instructor, Master Trainer, & shares 25 years of experience. Her passion & joy for healthy living is utterly contagious.

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