Teens are reducing stress in record time: Starts Tuesday October 27

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Prepare the next generation on a path of compassion for every day success! Youth will learn how to navigate stress during uncertain times.
5-Step TEEN Focus for Success
October 27,
November 3, 10, 17, 24
4:00pm-5:15pm EST
Five LIVE (or recorded) workshop sessions
Limited Space with Rolling Admissions, as additional start dates will be added.
Your purchase includes FIVE GROUP SESSIONS. 
Tweens meetup for a virtual online live 75-minute session with Marla Sacks, yogic lifestyles teacher trainer and her daughter, Amanda Sacks, yoga therapist and Licensed Master of Social Work (LMSW). 
The student's have the option to experience action steps in real-time, and or to watch the recorded replays. It'll be a safe space. Only the facilitator's lessons will be recorded. Each session is designed for tweens (11-14ish).
Does your tween practice, watch, or play a sport? Dance, read, write, paint, explore nature, or love any other form of the arts? Have a favorite hobby? Maybe he or she plays video games, or lands on social media… Yoga is the perfect counterbalance to any activity. 
Tweens learn how to calm reactive emotions with proven tools that work to:
  • Build character strength 
  • Use awareness mindset skills for brain focus 
  • Better handle gossip 
  • Release negative thoughts more easily

The online 5-Step TEEN Focus for Success platform introduces:
  • Body movement and focus meditations 
  • Cognitive coping skills to combat anxiety or overwhelm
  • Ways to be a peacemaker in community with family/ peers/ teachers/ adults 
  • Self-love, respect and body acceptance

OPEN to ALL Level students. NO prior Yoga experience required. 
*Yoga/ Meditation Facilitator: Marla weaves storytelling into her workshop style classes. Every student gets exactly what is meant to be, as a personal experience. 
*Social Skills Leader: Amanda (LMSW) shares Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques to manage everyday life situations with more ease. 
Amanda found yoga as a young teen, during a time when she was surrounded by gossip, becoming a teacher by the age of 16. She applied the ancient wisdom of yoga to help her understand herself and her peers. She now melds her role as a therapist and yoga teacher, guiding youth to find courage and compassion.
Optional: purchase a mat, blocks or a strap. (or use a tie. books and a towel). Have a cushion, pillow, and or blanket handy. 
*NOTE: The content in these sessions are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, and do not constitute medical, psychotherapy treatment or other professional advice.

Tue, Oct 27 2020
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Tue, Nov 3 2020
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Tue, Nov 10 2020
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Wed, Nov 18 2020
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Wed, Nov 25 2020
Be a friend: trust yourself
Use movement to create positive energy with peer relations and self-love
Marla Sacks
  • Marla is a yogic lifestyles, meditation awareness specialist. She guides women and teens on how to boost energy, focus and self-esteem through conscious connections.

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