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Join the virtual, lesson group to take part in a variety of stories and activities of the farm. Coach Vickie Maris interprets the leadership and life lessons taught by the llamas, Connemara pony and other animals of the farm. At least one new lesson is booked each month. Short videos of the llamas and other animals of Dawn of Promise Farm are added here in the learning portal on a regular basis. Lessons are geared for aspiring leaders from older teenagers through adults.

The activities and interaction within the group often transfer easily to lessons in leadership, team dynamics, encouragement, accountability, caregiving and more.

Coach Vickie has been training horses for over 45 years and llamas for over a decade. She specializes in natural horsemanship communication methods which she uses in her work with her Connemara pony, Chirico. These techniques also work well with the llamas.

She teaches a very interesting session in the executive education classroom on leadership lessons and concepts in team dynamics which stem from lessons learned on the farm from the livestock. This monthly membership area is your place for gaining access to the fun teaching style of Coach Vickie and her unique, 4-footed "teacher's helpers."

Sun, Nov 29 2020
Meet Llovely Llana the Llama
Meet Llovely Llana the Llama
Vickie Maris
  • Vickie Maris, MS Ed, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt - author, speaker, digital marketer and idea coach helping you prepare your business for future disruption. She is host of Agile Digital Business podcast. Her books are available in digital, paperback and audiobook formats in Amazon, Audible and Ingram Spark. She is award-winning for team leadership and online learning experience design. Vickie's courses and group coaching sessions have helped 1000s of people learn new skills, earn certifications, make connections, and continue a path of lifelong learning. You can join those ranks when you enroll in one of programs in the Mastermind Marketplace. Vickie is a fanatic about making learning experiences interesting, and about keeping course content and design simple and direct. She will help you map out a design for your digital content that will assist you in positively impacting your customers and students in their learning journey. You can learn more from Vickie when you subscribe to her free podcast, Agile Digital Business (formerly Online Course Connections).

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