Risk Takers It is in Your DNA Double Your Being a Risk Taker and Instantly Leave a Legacy

The companies and individuals, [who learn to focus their time and energy on the 5%ers (entrepreneurs, risk-takers, early adopters, business owners)], will financially, spiritually, and psychologically immensely benefit from this focus.

Do you remember moments in your life when you’ve been shunned for standing out or doing something crazy?  

Maybe these same people told you to “be realistic” or you should “get your head out of the clouds” or “quit dreaming”.
When you keep hearing things like this over and over again with people trying to change you, there finally comes a point where you think maybe they’re right?  
Most people seem happy enough following the rules and doing what’s expected. 
Why can’t you do that?
Well, there’s something you need to know…
There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you…
In fact, you are part of an extremely exclusive club you’ve probably never heard. 
This group has existed since the beginning of mankind and yet no one has identified it until now.  The only way to tell… is by the way they make choices.


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How can I best leverage being a 5?
This is a 30 day online challenge change your 5 life class. Taught by Ken Coleman personally. Limited Number of People 75 minute weekly training sessions on how to truly become the 5 you were ...
Benefit Most in Life and Business by Focusing on the 5
A – How do I work less and make more money? B – How to create more value in my personal life with 5's. C – Learning where your focus goes, your energy flows.
How do I surround myself with successful 5's?
A – How do I improve my strategy for finding more 5's? B - How do I greet a 5 and make the most impact on them? C - Once I find fives, how do I keep their attention?
How do I best leverage being a 5?
A – Writing a 5 book to leave your legacy and how to publish it. B – How to Start your weekly short videos to be posted on your sites. C – Plan of action for this Leverage 5 program.

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