Movement For Health: Pilates With Michele

Positive Movement Experience! Gain movement strategies to support the activities you love to do. Build confidence in your ability to support your body. Remember, if we stop progressing, we are regressing❤️

  • Using Pilates Based Movement To Raise Overall Well Being
  • Breath, Balance, Body Awareness
  • Leg Strength
  • Core Strength
  • Spinal Mobility
Connecting Mind, Body, Spirit
Creating The Best Version Of You❤️

  1. 60 Minute Principal Course
  2.  Basic Mat Class 
  3. Next Level Mat Class
  4. Daily Home Exercise
  5.  45 Minute Private Lesson Via Zoom

  • People looking to start working out safely 
  • People looking for deeper awareness of their bodies, and how  to modify exercises to ensure  a positive movement experience
  • People with Osteoporosis or Osteopenia 
  • People looking to improve their posture, core control, balance, and overall physical conditioning
  • People looking to improve their MIND, BODY CONNECTION!
  • People wanting to have fun, while working their body!

An exercise method  that focuses on: Postural Symmetry, Core Control, Spinal Mobilization, Breath, with  Mind, Body, Spirit leading the way. We focus on strengthening through the complete range of motion of all the joints, beginning small and progressing to large. The result is strong, long and lean muscles, balancing  the small and large muscles throughout the body. 

You work the whole body, from the inside out. You cannot progress without overcoming your isolated weaknesses and training them.  Often where there is a disconnect in the body we find compensations,or faulty movement patterns, which can lead to injury. We like the idea that we  are only as strong as your weakest link. 

1923 German born Joseph brought this unique method of physical and mental conditioning originally called CONTROLOGY to the US. By early 1960’s the method was sought after by George Balanchine, NY City Ballet Dancers, actors, gymnasts, and figure skaters. The name was eventually changed to Pilates, which feels appropriate,  given Joseph created this  amazing method of movement.

  • Yoga Is over 2000 years old, while Pilates is just over 80 years young
  • Pilates is  flowing movement, not generally held. Yoga tends to hold postures at or near end range. Pilates starts with a small range, progressing to large when there is enough muscle strength to support  the movement.

  • Yoga starts standing and finishes supine
  • Pilates starts supine and finishes standing. Standing with new awareness of your body
  • Pilates is centered around mental clarity. Through the precision of movement, and breath, comes a ZEST for life and better concentration.

Module 1 Intro To Me And The Pilates Method
Greetings And My Pilates Background. Set Up Of The Modules
Module 2 Pilates Principals With A Few Small Props
Tennis Ball- Footwork Strap- Breathing Awareness Dowel- Shoulder Organization, Balance, Hip Hinge 8’ Ball-Thoracic Extention Core Control And Spinal Articulation Working through the principals...
Module 3 Basic Pilates Mat Class
Bringing all the Principals together in a flowing Mat Class.
Module 4 Next Level Mat Class
Taking the Pilates work to the next level. Taking the principals and increasing the challenge, and the flow.
Daily Home exercise Tips
Balance Heel Lift Extention And Pelvic Tilt In Chair Door Knob Squat Wall/ Tabletop Push Up Seated/ Standing Hip Stretch
One More Home Exercise
Doorway Lunghe
45 Minute Private Zoom Session With Michele
Private Session To Answer Any Questions

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PMA Certified Pilates Teacher In Santa Cruz California


Completed Polestar Pilates Training in 2004
Certified by Pilates Method Alliance[ PMA]  in 2005
Teaching Pilates at a Physical Therapy/ Pilates Studio for 16 years