Talking Food, Inspiring Health: How Coaches Can Master Their Nutrition Message

5 Steps to feel confident in your nutrition knowledge and to deliver clear nutrition messages that change your clients' lives.

So many people struggle with eating healthy. All of the food information clutter confuses the main points we need to know to enjoy good food for optimal health. This class teaches health coaches, trainers and wellness professionals how to feel confident in their nutrition knowledge and be able to deliver clear and concise nutrition messages that change their clients' lives. We'll share the 5 steps you need to deliver impactful nutrition messages.

Overview of the Master Your Nutrition Message course.
Step 1: Be Science-based
Giving science-based nutrition advice is important for your credibility and to utilize what we've learned from research. With so many diet styles out there, learn how to evaluate sources and dietar...
Step 2: Be Simple
Learn how to use simple messages that are relatable for your audience so they have achievable action steps they can run with.
Step 3: Part 1 (Recap)
A quick summary of what we've learned so far.
Step 3 Part 2: Be Specific to your Audience
Tailor your nutrition messages to your specific audience. One size doesn't fit all - it fits nobody! Utilize tools that refine what your specific audience needs for their success.
Step 4: Be Sensitive to the Environment
What we eat is greatly influenced by the world around us. How can we evaluate how the environmental cues are encouraging or discouraging healthy eating.
Step 5: Be Focused on the the Bigger Why
We make decisions based on Emotions a lot of the time. How can we align our goals of healthy eating to a bigger emotional purpose that can drive behaviors. How do we make healthy eating a JOY.
A look back at what we've learned and where we go from here.

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Nicole Turner-Ravana

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Bringing nutrition communications to life - Talking Food, Inspiring Health


 Nicole Turner-Ravana always had a passion for food and wellness, which lead her to start her own business with a goal to inspire public education about nutrition through accurate nutrition messages. She started SNC in 2007 to help people have access to reliable, science-based nutrition information and assist companies and organizations in promoting nutrition responsibly while ensuring regulatory compliance for products and messages.
Nicole has
- a BS in Nutrition from Pepperdine University
- a MS in Nutrition Communications from Tufts University’s Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy.
- a certificate in Marketing from Cornell University.
- a certificate in Social Media from HootSuite.
- over a 15 years of nutrition experience with the food industry and public health groups, ranging from large international clients to local community projects.