Your True Potential Energy Technique

A tool to help you balance your energy everyday and be aligned with your intentions.

Are you tired of being disappointed, worried, angry, fearful, or powerless?  Is your energy  low, your quality of life is not where you want it to be? 
That was me with Money, as a business owner, I have worried for years if I will have enough clients, will I be able to pay the bills, What will happen if I do not make the amount we need this month. Every day, every month these words would be in my head. 
Until I was introduced to The Balance Procedure. This simple tool has changed my scarcity voice in my head to being at peace with abundance in my life. I am having an amazing year despite Covid. I can honestly say that I am so much happier that I can now live in the knowing of there is always enough.
 I will teach you how to use The Balance Procedure in your life on a daily basis. This simple very powerful tool, gives you access to a positive, enthusiastic, passionate life. They are universal symbol cards that give you the power to turn negative emotions into positive ones. I am honored that I am now a certified practitioner to teach you how to use The Balance Procedure effectively in your life. 
So take the plunge and join me in having a life, that you now control those voices in your head and have the life experiences that you want. 

"Heather is an awesome instructor on The Balance Procedure.  If you like to have emotional and physical balance, this is for you.  It gives you a relaxed state of mind knowing you are balanced and therefore gives you power to heal, transform and make your life better.  I love it and am grateful to Heather for the introduction and training"
Patti L    Florida

"Heather is warm, compassionate, a good listener and generous with her clients.  I recently received my first Balance Procedure session with Heather, which included the book and cards.  Heather asked the right questions to help me cut through the haze of overwhelm, too many things needing my attention, to focus and direct my thoughts and actions towards what is most needed.  The Balance cards and Procedure are remarkably simple and highly effective.  It has become my make-sure-I-do-this, beginning of my day, routine.  I find that I am now naturally feeling lighter, brighter, moving forward deliberately and easily.  
I am able to use a card to quickly rebalance, strengthen, ground, center, if/when there is an imbalance.  
Thank You, Heather. "
South Carolina

Understand what The Balance Procedure is
Here you will learn " What is The Balance Procedure"
How to effectively use The Balance Procedure
We will have a private Zoom Meeting so I can show you how to use The Balance Procedure effectively.
7 Easy Steps to Happiness and Magic in your life
This E Book has more training on how to restore balance and happiness in all areas of your life while you are mastering The Balance Procedure.

Access to this Mastermind

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