Storytelling Mastery

How to start and grow you business through stories. Get noticed, turn prospects into paying clients and grow your business and income. Become a master storyteller and get more people to say yes to you and your offers. Master your Presentation.

Get noticed, turn prospects into paying clients and grow your business and income.

Become a master storyteller and get more people to say yes to you and your offers. 

If you are tired of not getting enough customers or you struggle to turn prospects into paying clients, then this course is for you. Imagine you are able to sell your course on autopilot, because you have a video in place with the right story that sells for you over and over again. 

In this 7-week course you will learn how to apply the story formula. We will identify the stories that work for different occasions. And you will get the tools and training to present your story with poise, passion and perfection. 

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The Foundation - Why Stories Are Crucial For Your Success
Course Overview and Foundation
Use A Story To Enhance Your Message or Sales
We Learn Through Stories. Discover how a story can anchor in your teachings.
The Hero's Journey
The Story Formula you must have if you want to increase conversions.
The Story-Teach-Tool Framework
You will learn how to find unlimited stories for your presentations. I will teach you the framework on how you can use stories to anchor in your teachings.
Vocal Variety
Learn the secrets on how to make your presentation stand out
Available Now!
How To Present
Learn how to present your story so people will be mesmerized and engaged.
Fri, Jan 22 2021
Putting It Together
Learn how to use your stories for different occasions. With your cheat sheet you will never forget what to do next.

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Sabine Kvenberg

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With over 36 years of experience being a performer, coach and business owner, Sabine has helped her clients to reach their desired outcome. She is a master at accomplishing even the loftiest goals and teaching others to do the same.


Sabine Kvenberg - Owner and CEO of M&S Studio of the Performing Arts and Founder of Confidence Coaching

With over 36 years of experience being a performer, coach, and business owner, Sabine has helped thousands of students and clients to improve their communication and performance skills to reach their desired outcome.

Sabine is a certified Distinguished Toastmaster and has received many communication and leadership awards from Toastmasters International. 

As a Communication and Confidence Coach, she helps Entrepreneurs overcome the fear of doing Lives on Social Media and teaching them how to feel more confident doing Videos and Zoom presentations. 

Sabine developed a unique framework that produces results. The tools and techniques she teaches improve performance and presentation skills. 

She is helping her clients to craft a signature talk that will turn prospects into paying clients. 

If you want to see, fast results make sure you apply for Sabine’s VIP Coaching program.