How to Succeed in Higher Education- Work and Education Life Balance

Ultimate guide to success in college and grad school! Great gift to give someone that is venturing into a new educational path, to maximize their outcome.

Master efficient multi-tasking! Whether you desire to graduate at the top of your class or just be at the absolute top of your game, this class is for you. I graduated first in my class from The Culinary Institute of America, the best culinary school in the country. 
While maintaining all of my responsibilities of being a "stay-at-home" mom, I developed skills to make the most of my time in school and at home. Ten years before that I graduated with Honors from Bachelor's degree and MBA programs while working full time and taking on no debt.
In this course I will give you practical tips to being successful and retaining as much information as possible. I will help you make sure to make the best use of your time in and out of school. 
This class will be beneficial for young adults in high school, college, grad school and even in a virtual learning environment. I can't wait to help you push yourself to the top with quick hits of inspiration!
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Determining Your Path.
Part 1 in this Mastermind to give you the tools and mindset shift to crush your educational goals no matter what you have going on.
Being Prepared for Everything.
In part 2 of this Mastermind I will help you form a tangible plan to get prepared for success!
Getting it all Done.
This session will give you tips to get everything that you need to do done during your education when you have a lot on your plate.
This session discusses the importance of focus and some ways to increase your ability to focus.
Going Above and Beyond.
This session is built to get you to the top of your game.
Secrets to successful, personal, genuine networking.
Do Not Stop Until You Have Crossed the Finish Line.
Last quick hit of inspiration in this course to get you to the top!

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Graduate of The Culinary Institute of America passionate about healthy food and families.


Food is life and the quality of food that we put in our bodies dictates everything thereafter. I plan to open a café with an open teaching kitchen in the future. For now I am focused on learning as much as I can and sharing that information while raising my kids and enjoying my family. I hope to help others create healthy and happy homes.