Grounded Little Minds: Social Emotional Wellbeing Lessons for Children and Parents

Grounded Little Minds is a platform for children to finally be able to learn how to boost their emotional intelligence and grow their social-emotional wellbeing.

Are you ready to create a better world for your children?
Then you're in the right place...
With Grounded Little Minds, I’ve created a platform for children to finally be able to learn how to boost their emotional intelligence and grow their social-emotional wellbeing.

Parents are welcome to join their children in this learning!
Over the last couple of years I’ve taught thousands of children how to develop their most important superpower - emotional literacy!

In this online course, I teach your children these essential qualities through a mixture of verbal, visual, kinaesthetic and intra-personal approaches to learning. Each of these teachings is grounded in evidence based mindfulness techniques that help children understand their thoughts and feelings.

Many parents often say to me, “I wish I'd had this growing up!” 
So, I decided to make this a family adventure! Parents can choose to learn with their children.

The ideal age is 7-11, however, if parents are watching with their children, no age is too young! It's all about planting seeds. The mindfulness activity in each lesson can be done with ease from around age 6, with a parent or carer's assistance.


Amanda Ashy, Mindfulness Expert & Teacher

Introduction to Grounded Little Minds
Discover helpful mindfulness terms and exercises that will be referred to throughout the seven lessons in Grounded Little Minds.
Lesson 1: The Brain and the Mind
What's the difference between our brain and our mind? Discover the four specific parts of the brain that we work with when practicing mindfulness.
Lesson 2: The Breath
The greatest gift we can give to our children is awareness of their breath. Learn why our breath is so important in mindfulness and ways we can use it to help us feel calm.
Lesson 3: How to Create a Calm Corner, part 1
Learn how our five senses can help to manage our big emotions. Also, in this lesson, we create two sensory items to add to your own calm corner to help you feel calmer, happier and stronger!
Lesson 4: How to Create a Calm Corner, part 2
How to steady yourself when you've had a wobble or 'flipped your lid'. Also, in this lesson, we create two more sensory items to add to your own calm corner to help you feel calmer, happier and str...
Lesson 5: Understanding Our Feelings
Our feelings are like clouds in the sky, always coming and going. Sometimes, we need to help our feelings move along, but first we must always notice that they're present.
Lesson 6: Gratitude and our Feelings
Our thoughts and feelings are connected, so when we practice gratitude, it helps us create positive thoughts, which can help us feel better. Gratitude also helps us notice the good in life which ca...
Lesson 7: Positive Affirmations
We can make a choice to make a change when things don't feel good for us. Positive affirmations is just one of the tools we can use to do that!

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Holistic Nutritionist & Mindfulness Expert working with families and children.


Amanda is a clinical nutritionist, mindfulness teacher, and yoga instructor for children & families. She has worked with children clinically for nearly a decade in nutrition and mental health, incorporating wellbeing protocols to help modify behaviour and help children and families discover how to be calmer, happier and stronger. Amanda teaches social-emotional well-being in school system and works as a consultant supporting schools to develop their wellbeing curriculum.