The Mindfulness Art 21-day Project: a creative way to practice mindfulness & train your creativity!

In this 21 day program, each daily video is under 20 minutes! Everyone can practice these fun creative exercise to calm your mind, self-reflect, overcoming perfectionism, & train your creative muscles to sharpen your innovative thinking.
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About This Product:

The Mindfulness Art 21-Day Project is perfect for you
if you're looking for a more fun way to practice mindfulness & how to
reflect on life through the art of doodling.

Who is this course for?

  • It is for women with overly active & creative minds.
  • It is for the ones who are constantly trying to be "perfect".
  • It is for the ones who are tired of feeling overwhelmed, stressed & secretly anxious. 
  • It is for the ones who are ready to make a change in her life to live in the beautiful state.

What would you gain from this course?

Self-awareness, self-acceptance & self-care!
When we become more mindful of our thoughts & beliefs, we free ourselves from expectations that others or ourselves have put upon us for years, and our own need to be "perfect"...

You will get these life skills + learn how to doodle! ;)

You Do Not need any previous art skills or training for this course. 

It is super beginner-friendly.
All you need is an open heart, an open mind & the interest to learn something new!

What supplies do you need for this course?

You won't believe it!
Because we created this course in a way that everyone would be able to practice it anywhere!

All you need is a device to access the webinar site, a stable internet, 20 minutes a day 
and some office supplies: such as a pen/pencil/marker, a notebook or papers!

And of course, an open mind & the willingness to learn something new! :)

Not sure if this is course is for you?

You can get your money back anytime after the first 7 days!

As long as you show us your receipt, and the proof of you participated in your practice every day for the first 7 days, (by posting your doodles with your daily reflections on our private Facebook Group for the first 7 days); and if after experience it fully for the first week, you still think it's not for you,
just email us: [email protected]
and we will refund you with no questions asked! :)

Because that is how much we believe this course will help you in 7 days, 
also because we are a company of integrity, so if our creative healing method really isn't your thing, we'd rather you have your money back so you can invest in something else that can help you on your personal growth journey! :D

This course is currently on sale for a limited time for only $99,
don't miss your chance to try before the price gone back up! 

Creator's Note:

When I journeyed deeper into my self-development journey, I started trying meditation.
But somehow I became the expert of falling asleep during the practice more than anything;
and on the days that I succeeded in staying awake, my monkey mind would never stay quiet. 
(It is a monkey driving a race car while eating a banana while doing a circus trick, & giving a TEDx talk all at the same time lol)
It wasn't until a few months later, I found my way back to making art on a more consistent basis, 
I started being able to tap into a different state of mind to practice meditation.
"This is gold." I thought.
So I started experimenting with various creative expressions to make it practical for self-healing, combining with a limiting belief I am working on to speed up my growth.

I understand now meditation is really just an activity that  can help you access the flow state, 
so I am passionate about sharing my creative healing method with others who also want to keep their personal development practice fresh & more fluid.

I designed this course at the beginning of the quarantine, wanting to come up with a program that can help people who seek growth & want to achieve inner peace; (especially for single Moms like me, having kids at home 24/7), feeling stressed & overwhelmed. 

I wanted a course so easy that everyone can learn virtually and not needing to buy extra materials!
And so the idea of using the art of doodling to reflect & destress was born! :D

In this 21 day program, each daily video is just under 20 minutes!
You will learn how to use this skill to calm your mind, self-reflect, overcoming perfectionism,
& train your creative muscles to sharpen your innovative thinking.

This is a powerful practice to put beliefs into action in 20 minutes a day, and if you can create doodles from the nothingness, and see your own progress from that, what couldn't you do next? :)
This is step One into unlocking your Creator Power.

BONUS: Once you enrolled in this program, you will then be invited to join our Facebook community, where we will share inspiration, support & life wisdom with one another, so we may all live a creative life full of joy.

Check out our Website to see some examples & learn more about our Creative Healing Method! :)

Program Details

Day 1- Mindfulness vines
Available Now
Day 2- Triangles of life
Available Now
Day 3- DEFINE to gain Clarity.
Available Now
Day 4- Embrace & appreciate the messy middle
Available Now
Day 5- Break out of the boxes
Available Now
Day 6- The illusion of perfection
Available Now
Day 7- Compound your knowledge
Available Now
Day 8- Our patterns in everyday life.
Available Now
Day 9- Art is all around us
Available Now
Day 10- Simplify what we see & think
Available Now
Day 11- Relax into the flow
Available Now
Day 12- Back to the basic
Available Now
Day 13- More Awareness to everything around us.
Available Now
Day 14- Expansion & Reconnect to the nature
Available Now
Day 15- Fall in love with the present moments
Available Now
Day 16- Joy to the everyday life
Available Now
Day 17- Blooming beauty around us
Available Now
Day 18- Summer love
Available Now
Day 19- See the beauty in the most ordinary things around us
Available Now
Day 20- Design the best composition for you
Available Now
Day 21- Life is a trip and you get to design how you want it!
Available Now

What Do People Think About This Program?

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Mina Teng

Mina is a Creative Healing Coach, a woman who found her inner peace after a toxic marriage & the suicide of her partner by self-healing through her creative healing method, which combines mindset shifts, releasing emotions & self-love practices
See Full Biography >
Mina is a Mother of 2 wild wonderful beings.

She became a widow in 2018, lost her partner to trauma, mental illness & suicide. After her toxic marriage ended, she went on a journey to find herself & invested in her personal growth. For her & her children, she was determined to find the keys to lasting Happiness-- Self Love & Progress.

Today, her life is far from perfect, as a solo parent, many days she is trying her best to achieve a balance in her life: juggling her career, her life mission, the never-ending battle to keep the house tidy lol, spending quality time with her beloved family & friends AND her own self-love routines.

But it is a beautifully messy life that she never got to enjoy before, through everything she has learned she now feels home in her body, feels peaceful & happy most of the time.

And that is why she is passionate about teaching mindsets about mental health awareness & she is a self-love advocate.

She appreciates all that she went through to regain her personal freedom & find that divine love within herself. This is the gift she wants to share with every woman.

She is a photographer
Mina started out as a Mom-tographer in 2014, to capture precious moments of her children's childhood.
Later, she started taking more workshops & courses to become a professional photographer and started capturing portraits for Military families to help them preserve their treasured memories.
She also designed special event photograph experiences for Navy functions in Japan.
But Mina soon realized her love in helping woman see their own authentic beauty.

She is an Artist
Mina has been doodling and has always been interested in designs, crafts, decors, and all sorts of things that make life beautiful.
She studied advertisement at Shih Hsin University for a year and Graphic Design at LuXun Academy of Arts for 2 years, she dropped out of college to move to the States and became a stay-at-home Mom for a decade.
She then creates art through cooking, and other crafts, like t-shirt design via online platforms.
Mina believes Arts allows us a safe space to express who we truly are.

She is also an Alchemical Co-creator
Mina became a Reiki Master in January of 2021.
During her Reiki training, she realized she has been a natural healer during her healing journey and how she can efficiently add more magic into her Creative Healing Methods.
She believes we are all naturally magical, especially when we become more aligned and connected with our true self & the higher source of Nature.

She has combined everything she learned throughout her life journey, from Eastern Philosophy & wisdom, Reiki, Photography to overcoming her own limiting beliefs & healing from her trauma to help other women see their own worth & appreciate their own natural beauty.

visit to learn more about her passion & mission in life,
See Short Biography >

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