The Virtual Assistant Masterclass - Easily hire, setup and expand.

Learn How To Use And Hire A Virtual Assistant. Plus The Latest Life/Tech Hacks. Multiply Your Output By Outsourcing Your Work. All In Step By Step Details, With Full Resources And Links.

Hire a Virtual Assistant, Learn the latest life/tech hacks, expand your output by outsourcing your work. All taught step by step, with detailed links.

Learn what you can do with your new superpowers.
Session 1: Lean your superpowers - What can you ask?
Learn all the areas your Virtual Assistant (VA) can help you, and discover how much you can now get done in a week.
Session 2: "Give me power!" How to get an assistant?
Step-by-step details on how to find the ideal assistant, pricing and payment arrangements, and "test driving".
Session 3: "Unleash your power' - Get started and thrive
Practical detailed steps on how to get started, communications, files, and complete outsourcing roadmap. (includes all the needed files!)
Session 4: "Power Tools" - major hacks and resources
The extra power tools that will give you an edge. Complete link list and how to use them.
Session 5: "Multiply your power" Expand the team
Outsource mastery chapter: Hire more people beyond your assistant. Get anything done by professionals around the world - but asking only one person.

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Augusto Garcia

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Augusto is a Product Designer, and Bot/Conversation Designer in NYC. He led the product design team for over 10ys at LivePerson (LPSN), after selling his agency in Brazil. Passionate for travel, building products and grilling