Deep Listen with Empathy: Grow Your Ability to Understand Beyond Words

Learn and develop the set of skills that will unlock your innate empathy and help it grow. You will learn more about listening, how to focus your whole being, understand people beyond words, and get so much clarity they can't explain how you do it.

At the end of this program, you will have become a great listener, with amazing empathy.
You will be so great, people will tell you there is something different (good) with you - they can not explain.

Learn and develop the set of skills that will unlock your innate empathy and help it grow.
As a part of this program, you will learn more about listening, how to focus your whole being, understand people
beyond their words
and get so much clarity that people can't explain how you do it.

Empathetic Listening is a Master Life Skill.
Once you have it, it's yours to use for the rest of your life with your family, friends, colleagues, employees, even your boss, and in your community. 
You should know that once you start developing the muscle of Empathy, you won't want to go back. 

In this program we will focus on: 

1. Understanding Empathy
2. Applying Empathy in Listening
3. Exploring Deep Listening with Empathy
4. Practical exercises and assignments to do with the people around you.

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Introduction - How To Get The Maximum Out of This Program
This program outlines a path for you to walk. And it's not going to walk it for you. Follow the points in this session and you will get the most out of it, so you can become a great listener faster.
The Wrong Way to Listen - which leads to meaningless arguments and sorrow
In this session, you will see examples of how listening can sometimes foster arguments and conflict. What are the traps to avoid and how to keep away from them.
(re)Discover Empathy
There is infinite debate about what Empathy really is. Unfortunately, a lot of people really think of sympathy when they say empathy. And that one confusion brings havoc. So, if empathy, the way we...
Human Needs & Emotions - Explained
There is a lot to handle when emotions get too intense. But are we really getting the grasp of the bigger picture? Here is how emotions and needs work together. They are the Key To Empathy and Empa...
Listening with Empathy - Become a Great Listener
Listening is probably the most important function of a relationship. without it, there would be none. When you add Empathy to the mix, the magic really starts to happen. Listen to people as they ha...
Empathetic Listening - Practical Applications
You already got all the notions, all the steps, and tested in shallow waters. Now, it's time to practice, but where. We will walk through a few examples. You will get specific assignments to go pra...
Deep Listening with Empathy - Understanding Beyond Words
Here we make the impossible possible. You learn about deep listening & understanding the people you interact with. Deep listening is about understanding what the other person needs and wants, even ...
The Purpose of Deep Listening and Getting Clarity
How and when to use deep listening, empathy, compassion, and kindness. Here we go through the more profound and philosophical questions and debates about using this new powerful skill.
The Next Steps. Are You Ready for an Adventure?

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Cristian Moldovan

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Business Relationships Coach, Podcast Host and Trainer. Worked with Top International Organizations.


We have a big problem. 

We all want inspiring relationships and expecting them to just work. 

We have designed a step by step process to help you excel the troublesome times so you can enjoy long-lasting great relationships.

My name is Cristian Moldovan and for the past 14 years, I've been working with top international executive teams to help them break the glass ceiling when it comes to getting the results desired.
Organizations like Hilton, Orange, BNI, JCI, WOSM, etc.

The #1 problem every team we worked with encountered was recurrent conflicts over the same or similar challenges.

Therefore, our goal is to take the ongoing innovation and continuous improvement mentality businesses have for their products and services, to the human interaction to constantly raise the, not the peak, but the baseline of performance.

In all this time, I developed frameworks that make it easy for business leaders to shift the environment from destructive inner competitiveness to a culture of support, service, and kindness, so all members of the team enjoy their work, are motivated to perform, and overdeliver.

The concepts and tools we use in our frameworks revolve around high-end communication, empathy-based relationships,  family-like spirit, and higher goals.

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- Conflict Resolution Secrets: Navigate Conflicts Towards Stronger and Powerful Relationships
- Sell with Empathy Secrets: Get Clients Without Being Sleazy

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- Out of Conflict Coaching Program: From endless debate to inspiring results.
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- Master Compassionate Communication: Ace the Language and Skills to Connect at a Profound Level and  Make Yourself Easily Understood in Any Environment.