Present Like a PRO - 7 Speaker Success Strategies

Learn the 7 secrets every successful speaker and online presenter already knows so you can immediately present yourself as a PRO. Get these key strategies to cut YOUR learning curve down tremendously.

Learn 7 secrets every successful speaker and online presenter already knows so you can immediately present yourself as a PRO. 

Use my 20 years of experience to cut Your learning curve down.  I will give you lessons learned and templates for success to present like a PRO right away.   You will create an account here  so you can access this class anytime,

Whether you are in a corporate job and want to grow your skills, to grow your career, or you want to share your story and help others get past the challenges you have overcome, gaining confidence in front of any audience, will help you achieve those goals!!   

Do you know speaker presence expectations? Credibility can be lost in 2 seconds.  Don’t let this happen to you. 
- Learn easy keys to presenting yourself as a confident, inspiring, and knowledgeable expert.   Know the etiquette every pro knows.

Do you get nervous in front of a camera?  Or standing in front of audiences? Do you feel like butterflies are flying all over your stomach?   
- Learn strategies to overcome that nervousness and train those butterflies to fly in formation. Whether you want to do virtual or in-person presentations you will get the keys to dealing with the fear so you can succeed.  

Are you truly audience aware?  This is a complicated aspect yet critical to prepare for. 
- Learn how to prepare so you are saying the right words and using the right tone, and pace, so they will listen, stay interested, and want more from you.

Do you have a proven formula for composing your speeches and presentations?  
- I will share the speech structure professional speakers use who make $15k for a one-hour keynote speech!  Plus let you know the different kinds of speeches, different approaches you can take, and a formula that can set you up for successful, impactful presentations. 

Do you have someone you can practice with?   Someone who will give you constructive, supportive feedback?  Once the presentation is put together, next is effective practice so you can refine it to meet any time constraints and make an impact with your message.
- This course will give you a 5 Step Feedback Formula so you can get constructive feedback that is supportive and helpful to improve your presentation.   It includes -        three emotional touchpoints that can help you make a presentation that impacts your audience to their very core.
- Plus I will give you more recommendations for finding productive practice partners.

Plus a few bonuses and templates so you can continue your journey of developing yourself as a successful speaker.  Whether webinars, facilitating meetings, and workshops, presenting educational content, you can learn the secrets to present like a Pro.  
It took me 20 years to develop these skills.  You will get these key lessons learned so you can cut YOUR  learning curve down tremendously.  YOU can be presenting like a PRO immediately after you take this course. 

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introductory price for Mastermind Marketplace, get this course for $97.   

Take advantage of this introductory price and get the strategies, tools, and templates right away.  

When you set up an account (your own email/password for MM) you will be able to start/stop and come back to the course any time.    You can re-review anytime too. 

Testimonials from Live Sessions:
- "Wow, I got so much out of this class, and I LOVE the Challenge!  Thank you Chrystina for your time, energy, and passion to help us be better presenters"   Jennifer L 2020

-  "Incredible.  Can you come back again Chrystina?  I really appreciate the templates you provide.  These I will use to help me with every speech."     Thom L 2020

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to sign up for an account in Mastermind Marketplace? 
- Creating an account will allow you to access this course anytime.  You will be prompted to create the account during the payment process to ensure appropriate connection and accessibility for you.   

Will I receive any templates I can use for my own presentations and speeches?   
- Yes, I will give you pdf templates that you can download and reuse for yourself. 

Is this a long course? 
- I have divided each strategy up into sessions so you get bit size course sections.  The sessions run from about 15 to 30 minutes each.  Instead of sitting through a long single session, you can watch each one when you are ready with quick sessions. 

S1– Welcome Video & Overview
Get an overview of the course. You will know you are in the right place to cut down your learning curve with these professional strategies.
S2-Dealing with Fear and Nervousness
Learn strategies to overcome nervousness. Whether you want to do virtual or in-person presentations, you will get the keys to dealing with that fear so you can succeed. Plus I give you something...
S3-Speaker and Stage Presence for Creditability
Whether you are presenting In-person / Virtually, knowing these keys things about speaker presence, and stage or video etiquette is critical for your creditability to anyone in the audience.
S4- How to be Audience Aware
Audience awareness is a complicated yet critical aspect of presenting like a pro. Learn how to prepare so you are saying the right words, using the right tone and pace, so they will listen, stay i...
S5- Speechcraft - How to Maximize Your Message
Do you have a proven formula for composing your presentations? Learn how to use SpeechCraft well with a formula that professional speakers use. Plus a template you can use to create your outlin...
S6- Practice, Practice, Practice
Every Professional Speaker practices. Practice is a critical strategy for success. This session gives you tips for maximizing your practice time.
S7- Constructive Feedback & Formula
Most people do not know how to give supportive and constructive feedback. Get a Feedback Formula that addresses the 3 key emotional touchpoints every audience member will is looking for, even if ...
S8- Review & Bonus - More Resources and Recommendations
Review the 7 Strategies and get more resources and recommendations so you can present like a Pro. Have questions? I will let you know how you can reach me directly.

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Chrystina Katz is The Gutsy Pivoter. Chrystina is a Professional Speaker, Author, Trainer, and Gutsy Coach – sharing strategies, solutions and practical methods for making life changes with confidence. To learn more visit


Chrystina Katz... is The Gutsy Pivoter!  Chrystina is a Professional Speaker, Author, Trainer, and Gutsy Coach – sharing strategies, solutions and practical methods for making life changes with confidence.   Having made numerous personal and professional gutsy pivots over the last several decades, Chrystina has proven strategies and tools that will help you help yourself change your life for the better.  
Chrystina works with people struggling, yet brave and adventurous enough to risk manifesting their lives forward to new possibilities.
Chrystina overcame domestic violence, advanced her career in the corporate world, achieved numerous leadership roles, and embraced teaching/mentoring others.  This Gusty Pivoter now travels across the US enthusiastically giving seminars and workshops, sharing knowledge and stories that prove guts, grit, and grace can yield unexpected rewards.    With COVID she shares virtually so everyone wins!  

You can be gutsy!  You can make your life an adventure with the right strategies from someone who has been there done that.  Plan, Pivot and Parlay your experiences for your next Gutsy Pivot!