The 2020 Version of The Rock Star Parenting Guide

Strategies designed to help you parent your kids successfully through the roller coaster of 2020 and beyond

If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that we need to be resilient- and our kids do too!!!  If you want to have the peace of mind that comes from KNOWING your kids are prepared to handle ANYTHING the future throws at them, this class is for you.

Discover How To Develop And Maintain Good Relationships With Your Kids and Know Your Family Is OK...
 No Matter What Is Happening In The World... Without Your Own Feelings Of Overwhelm Frightening Your Kids Even More

In this on demand masterclass we'll cover how to calm your own fears about the uncertain future and help you prepare your kids to face it with confidence too.

You can use these strategies to have peace of mind that your kids are prepared for the future.  I even show you a step by step blueprint for implementing the 6 strategies I share that your kids won't say no to trying!

In fact, here's just a sample of what we'll cover on this incredible on demand masterclass event:

* 6 tactical strategies that you need to give your kids the ability to successfully cope with uncertainty so you can guide them with confidence through this pandemic and beyond
* A step by step blueprint for implementing these strategies in your family whether you are a single parent or co-parent, and no matter how many kids you have, giving you the peace of mind that your kids are safe and secure
* Resources to assist you in telling if your kid is navigating this time well vs if they need some extra help,  even if all they tell you is they are 'fine'. This allows you to support your kids in the way they need it the most

... and much, MUCH More!

Don't miss this breakthrough on demand masterclass that will specifically show you how to effectively parent your kids through this time of uncertainty EVEN IF you are feeling overwhelmed yourself.

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Dr. Lee Burdge

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Dr. Lee Burdge is a Chiropractor, Educator, Author, and Mom (although not necessarily in that order!)


Dr. Lee Burdge grew up in Florida and still prefers the beach to the mountains, and the sun to the rain. In her adult life, she traveled all over the Caribbean, but hasn’t yet been to Hawaii, although exploring the islands of the Pacific are definitely on her bucket list.  Dr. Lee was often one of the few women in her classes throughout her college career. She was even told by a college counselor that maybe she should focus on a more traditional career path and having a family. That simply increased her resolve to fulfill her dream to become a doctor and start her own practice. After accomplishing that goal, she was faced with a pivotal moment when she chose to step away from her chiropractic practice to become a stay-at-home mom. Looking back, Dr. Lee knows it is a decision she would make all over again and was one of the great blessings of her life! 
Dr. Lee also loves binging her favorite medical dramas while walking on the treadmill.  She was very late to the Grey’s Anatomy party, but after walking the equivalent of 26 marathons this past year (thanks Fitbit!), she is all caught up. She recently purchased a Peloton Bike and has discovered a new love for cycling also! She  loves football and her favorite players are her two boys!  They both played all the way through high school and her oldest son went on to play at the college level.  Her daughter also wanted to play football, but in the end, decided basketball and DECA were a better fit.

Dr. Lee is currently basking in the empty nester phase of life! She enjoys deep, fulfilling relationships with all three of her adult kids, and knows that every parent deserves to have that too!

Dr. Lee Burdge is focused on helping parents create the happy, connected family they always dreamed of having.  She inspires others to ROCK THE PARENTING GIG by equipping them with hands on strategies and user friendly tools that work.  Visit to see her library of resources that help parents do just that...

And coming this summer, Dr. Lee is publishing her first book, Becoming a Rock Star Parent.  Watch for it on Amazon in both an eBook and paperback format.

Parenting is about losing yourself in the HUSTLE. Finding yourself in the JOURNEY. And embracing who you BECOME.  Let's ROCK this parenting gig together...