Make Inspiring Card Decks For Impact & Influence

Self-Paced Course to Capture Your Wisdom and Make An Impact with Card Decks

This masterclass is a fun and easy process to capture your own brand of wisdom and place it into a simple card deck to share with clients, customers, friends, associates, team members, group members, fellow hobbyists, etc.  The possibilities are truly endless. Come join in the fun and don't let the wisdom you have gained from life get away from you. Capture it today!

Welcome to the course and the community of card deck creators. We are so happy you are here.
Welcome to this safe space to discover what you were meant to share with the world.
Let Us Begin
Let's brainstorm possibilities
Let's Capture It!
Let's gather your wisdom with this process.
What surprised you over the last 24 hours?
Time to Funnel
What will be the one thing
Creating The Content
Now we know the theme, let's create the content
Time to Begin Designing
How will your deck look? What will be its impact?
Creation Sample Session
Designing - Part 1
Designing - Part 2
Designing - Part 3
Finalizing & Printing
Find out tips and get your deck to come to life!
Some Final Points to Consider
Some tips and items to think about as we prepare to culminate this project and process.

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Price: $97.00
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Created by:
Karen Carlson

Sold by: Be Well And Renew

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As a creative entrepreneur I love helping others find ways to be happy and healthy in the skin they are in!


As a relaxation expert for over 20 years, I have created services and resources to help others find what works for them. Through these experiences, I have learned a lot and love sharing that to help others.  We can only learn more, never less. Let's take a journey to create something amazing and share it with your close circle or with the world.  My wish is always for you to BE WELL