Heal Your Dog's Digestive Problems Holistically

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Discover How To Have A Happy Healthy Dog For A Long Time and Know What To Feed That Won't Cause Digestive Upset... Without Spending A Lot Of Money On Veterinary Bills

In this workshop we'll cover how to heal your dog's digestive problems.

You can use these techniques to have a happy healthy dog for a long time, know what to feed that won't cause digestive upset, and even stop worrying!

 I show you why a healthy gut leads to a healthy dog!

In fact, here's just a sample of what we'll cover on this incredible workshop event:

* Choose foods and supplements to heal your dog's digestive problems (keep your dog healthy for a long long time).
* How to understand the pet food label (always know exactly what you are feeding your dog).
* How to recognize early signs of disease (save a lot of money and heartache by preventing serious damage).
* Why the health of the microbiome determines your dog's overall health (create an environment that supports a healthy microbiome).

... and much, MUCH More!

Don't miss this breakthrough workshop that will finally show you how to keep your dog healthy for a long long time.

You will get:
  •  FREE eBook download Pet Nutrition Doctor Guide to Best Foods and Supplements for Your Dog  
  • PDF tools to keep. Information on pet food ingredients and tools to help you determine what your dog needs most and what you can do to have the most impact on your dog's health. 
  • 4 Sessions to learn at your pace
  • Session 1 will help you get clear about your dog's current condition. You will learn what a species appropriate diet is and how to recognize it. 
  • Session 2 I will share a little more of my story and how I came to understand the power of food to heal or create illness. You will learn how food is information for your dogs digestive system and how to send the right messages.
  • Session 3 discusses the diseases of the digestive tract so you understand what is going on and how it is related to other conditions in the digestive tract. I will introduce the gut microbiome and why it is so important.
  • Session 4 brings it all together. You learn the importance of a healthy and diverse gut microbiome and how to help your dog have this. And I share my approach to healing all of my patients no matter how they present. 

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What are you currently feeding? Species appropriate diet (Home Study)
Food is Information
Food is Information. What message do you want to send?
“When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use; when diet is correct, medicine is of no need" In this session you will learn how food is information and what your dog's food is telling his or her body.
Diseases of the Digestive Tract
In this you will learn how the digestive system works and where it can break down.
Heal Your Dog's Digestive Problems Holistically - How to Use Food and Supplements to Heal
In this session we will get specific about what you can do today to start your dog's healing process.
Evelyn Kass
  • Dr. Evelyn: Integrative Holistic Veterinarian using food as medicine; featured in Reader’s Digest, guest on Your Vital Pet and Holistic Actions for Animals, is an expert on Dream Dog CBD and on the advisory boards of Animal Essentials and Ion*Biome.

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