Mindful Communication 3 - Action

Interpersonal Communication Means Long-Term Healthy Relationships

We now move into real action. Because these are advanced skills, you will need to practice and experience them.

If you can, watch the videos with a trusted friend and practice with one another you will see and feel the power of the skill. It works.

If you can't watch with a friend make sure you join our online community and find a practice buddy online or someone living close to you.

Practising and experiencing the skills is an important part of the learning if you are to achieve the 4th stage of learning becoming unconscious and competent.

These skills take your self-awareness to incredible levels.

Story Listening part 1 - The Magic of Metaphors
How metaphors and language reveal inner struggles or joy.
Story Listening part 2 - Types of Story
The type of story a person tells you gives you clues as to what is going on for them at the moment.
Story Listening part 2a - Types of Story Summary
Story Listening part 3 - Levels of Story
People also tell stories at various levels depending on how much trust has been established within the relationship.
Story Listening part 4 - The Counter Story Part 1
This is the story that pops into your mind that blocks good communication
Story Listening Part 4a - The Counter Story Part 2
Your story is the Counter Story
Direct Expression of Feelings Part 1 - The HOT Button
Ever been confronted by an angry person and unsure how to deal with the situation?
Direct Expression Emotions Part 2 - emotions are contagious
Emotions can spread like a cold, (or COVID 19) and you can be "infected” by them too.
Direct Expression of Feelings Part 3 - How we express our feelings
We express our emotional state through the words we use, tone of voice, body language or facial expressions.
Direct Expression of feeling Part 4 - Acting Out – Acting In
Acting In or Acting Out is a coping strategy when anxious or in a conflict situation.
Dealing with Criticism
These three skills show you how to effectively deal with criticism.
Story Polarity Listening
Listening for the balance in the speaker's life
Life Commandment Listening
Life Commandments, also known as limiting beliefs form in our early years.

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Communication has is my passion and has led me to discover my true meaning and life's purpose.


 Alan Cox Bio - Instructor Mindful Communication 
Your car won't start. It's frustrating, and you're late for a meeting. 
So, you call your mechanic. “Can you fix my car this afternoon? I have a full day of appointments tomorrow, and I need it.”  
What is your mechanic going to say? That's right. “What's wrong with it?” 
Before he can fix it, he has to know what is broken. 
That is the same as interpersonal communication. 90% of people think they’re good listeners. The trouble is... 
We Don't Know What We Don't Know. 

 The Mindful Communication Course explores what and why interpersonal communication breaks down and them, with The Art of Transformative Listening, we give you the skills to prevent relationship breakdown and create deeper more meaningful connections with people in your circle 
Where it all began 
40+ years in the television and corporate video industry 
The only part of school I liked and was good at was in English and precise. This was a skill that would develop into a career and business editing television commercials, documentaries and corporate videos. 
In the 90s I was invited to attend a course in ‘Deep Structure Listening’ by psychologist Dr John Savage. John gave me a gift that changed my life. 
It wasn’t an overnight flash of inspiration that inspired me but rather a slow dawning and gradual understanding as I read about interpersonal communication. 
When it came to videos and TV commercials, I knew what worked. Now I wanted to know why they worked.