SeeTheLines Mexico - Travel Sketching in Puerto Vallarta

Fully Immersed Urban Sketching a One-Point Perspective in Puerto Vallarta.


Do you love to travel and sketch?
Are you stuck and struggling to get into that pure sketching flow and have fun in the process?

If you answered 'Yes', we have a lot in common and I understand.
Ten years ago when I was an architecture student I had an inner calling to master the ability to sketch...
It wasn't until I made it my mission to come home from studying abroad in Spain with the newfound abilities.
This led me travel the world and after experiencing 20 countries I am excited to invite you to travel sketch along with me.

In this 2-hour course, you will discover the methods to enhance your vision to see like an architect
to translate what you see into amazing sketches.

You'll be fully immersed in my thought process as you join me in real-time sketching in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

The take away from this 5-phase course you'll have learned to implement the following:
       1. One-point Perspective and Proportion:  Measuring your scene on-location with accuracy
       2. Pencil: Extract the visual framework with multiple layers of lines
       3. Pen: Apply 'Selective Admiration' to create depth
       4. Watercolor: Building a foundation by grouping elements
       5. Watercolor: Bringing it all to life with sky, trees, shade and shadow.

(Bonus Value: Essential Tools List For The Traveling Artist) - A downloadable PDF attachment in the first module.

Follow this simple easy-to-learn rhythmic process of sketching on-location and you'll be inspired to travel the world and create your own legacy of sketches.

Happy Sketching!

This course is open for all ages and skill level. The methods practiced will help the beginner grow and understand the mindset of the sketch artist.
And to the expert, you will be shown new ways to see your scene.

Introduction on Mastering Perspective and Proportions
Mastering the framework to prepare a sketch is the fundamental step to harness our own voice in sketching. Before jetting off to Mexico we break down the visual techniques to tackle this scene with...
Phase 01: Pencil The Visual Framework Extracted Through Layers of Lines
Through a process of elimination, You become the 'Master Puzzle Maker' by extracting the lines of the scene
Phase 02: Ink - Selective Admiration To Create Depth
Layers, Depth, and Focused Details are Delineated
Phase 03: Watercolor - Building A Foundation By Grouping Elements
We "chunk" color elements one by one in order to most effectively create a clean sketch.
Phase 04: Watercolor ~ Bringing It All To Life ~ Sky, Trees, Shade & Shadow
The last steps to enrich your sketch to life. Still keeping true to selective admiration we highlight aspects to tell a story.

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Created by:
Alán Ramiro

Sold by: SeeTheLines

Contact owner:  [email protected]

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Expert Architecture Illustrator


With 10 years experience working in architecture and a lifetime obsession in sketching, Alán has combined the two to create a holistic approach to representing vision, as lines.

Travel sketching particularly is something that has developed since his break-through studying abroad in Spain. When push came to shove, no money left, Alán hit the streets of Barcelona and shared his sketches with tourists and locals alike. That was the catalyst that led him to 'SeeTheLines'. By creating an experience for people, in turn a connection and a memory to savor, sketching became a means to access the universal language of admiration for creation.  

After having traveled to 20 countries, it is with utmost joy and passion that, Alán is now in the position to create immersive experiences to join him on his travel sketching journeys. You will  see the lines and begin to harness your own unique vision of creating a legacy of sketches. 

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Customer Feedbacks
I really enjoyed this course by Seethelines! I would highly recommend anyone seeking to start or improve their travel/urban sketching, to take part in the course. Alán is not only shares expert knowledge of sketching and watercolour but also inspires to enjoy the whole process from start to finish. It was a great experience following and trying out the process for myself. I'm already a fan of his work but looking out for any more courses by Alán!
Joshua Takaoka 2 months ago
Wow, I really enjoyed this class! Alan breaks the material down into steps simple enough for a beginner, but there is plenty of content for an intermediate watercolorist as well. His tips on perspective were especially useful. The scene we painted was quite complex. It included plants and trees, buildings, water and boats. It was fun to paint and very informative. Thanks, Alan! I look forward to enrolling in more of your classes!
Shannon Silver 26 days ago