Master your mind- Seven Steps to Joy. A Masterclass Experience for Women to Release Stress:

Balance your mind and body through emotional release meditations. Flashwrite to integrate the processes. Use these techniques in a moments time to create your happiest state of being.

Do you appear to have everything under control, yet on the inside, something feels off?

How'd you like to transform your state of being with a 7-Step Process to Nourish yourself from the inside out in a creative space for women?

Friday, December 18th
1-3 pm
Recorded replays available if you miss the live session.
*BONUS: emotional awareness technique
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Saturday, January 16th 1-3 pm

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This Masterclass Workshop incorporates yogic lifestyle skills and active mediations for you to have more energy and time to experience an inner happy glow. Use the light within you to share as love with others.

Do you ever feel like you're going through the motions of life, partly in a fog? Is your internal voice in a state of overwhelm?

If so, the 7-Step Process that I created, for you  is based on my very own life's experiences, I used to feel so overwhelmed with the juggle. You know, as an active mom of 4, I was constantly working to create connection with family, health. business, fitness, and travel.

One day I pulled over to the side of the road in tears with two young kids in the backseat. I was feeling so sad and lost, and didn't know how to get a grip. Finally, I held the wheel and did my best to move on.

A handful of years later, I went numb. No emotions left to cry, or truly glow?

Where did the carefree me go??

Over the past few decades, I slowly introduced yogic lifestyle skills into my daily routines to relax and recharge?

I'm super excited to teach you some of my favorite heart-sensed tools that'll guide you too, to navigate stress in your everyday living:

Build momentum each day with:

  • Active meditations to override an old belief that's holding you back from your true self 
  • Open up authentic keys for communication success 
  • Increase focus and vitality through ritual experiences
  • Enhance the way you relate to others by relaying a clear message
  • Transform energy for conscious connections 
  • Gain personal growth development  
  • Apply breathwork skills for inner calm

How'd you like to access a "peace of mind" as you transition from one task to the next?

Meditate to get centered in a moment's time? If you're like most of the dynamic women that I know, you're constantly bouncing from one emotion to another and you sometimes forget to nurture yourself in the process?

*Bring yourself, you're welcome to have a yoga mat or seat cushion to sit on floor, be at a desk, chair or couch..

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Ignite the action bliss clarity spiritual toolbox
Bridge the emotional rollercoaster gap with mindset balance meditations.
Energy in motion to elevate your emotions
Build momentum in life by awakening the dormant energy that lives inside of you, waiting for your attention
It's time to PIVOT with awareness control
Vibrate with nature to notice the universal connection

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Price: $43.00
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Created by:
Marla Sacks

Sold by: Marla Sacks

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Marla is a yogic lifestyles, meditation awareness specialist. She guides women and teens on how to boost energy, focus and self-esteem through conscious connections.


Marla Sacks is a yoga teacher trainer, and meditation awareness specialist. As a mother of 4 (now young adult) children, she knows what it’s like to feel stressed as a multifaceted woman.. She shares the same spiritual rituals and health routines that continue to boost her immune system and relationships with love.

Her online and in-person classes/workshops and mastermind courses are for spiritual seekers, yoga enthusiasts, teachers/students, therapists, creatives, health and wellness professionals, energy healers, women and teens. 

She offers yogic lifestyles skills on how to relax muscle tension from everyday life, be it from the current state of news, weather changes and or mental health or physical challenges from surgery, cancer or autoimmune disorders. 

She’s traveled and studied with many renowned masters from around the world. Marla offers her own signature touch mindset processes for emotional balance with her Action Bliss Clarity Method.

Some of Marla's trainings include:

  • Mindfulness-Bases-Stress-Reduction (MBSR),
  • Angel Yoga for children,
  •  Inner *Chakra©/ Reiki / Sat Nam© (in truth) ancient arts healer
  • *Kundalini (energy meditations) Practitioner,
  • Authentic Relationships, 
  • Communications, 
  • Psych-K® facilitator (override your negative beliefs with balances for new goals), 
  • Yoga therapeutics. 

She incorporates mantra, movement, *3-minute meditations, and flashwriting into her classes. 

Marla's presence is gentle: 

Nature lover.

  • Conscious Connections Course, 
  • Love, Potions, Prosper Mastermind, 
  • Teen yoga, the science of breath 
  • Navigate your emotions

"Compassion is a gift from the heart."

500 E RYT-Registered Yoga.

*Kundalini  (awakens dormant energy within the body)
*Chakra (vortex of energy healing centers) healing sessions
*3-minute start "reset for people who don"t want to "meditate"
*Psych-K®, facilitator (override your negative beliefs with balances for new goals)
Creative writer

Conscious Connections Course
Love Potions Prosper Mastermind
Mindset processes to balance emotions
Action Bliss Clarity Method
Teen yoga, learn the science of breath and how to meditate

Some of Marla’s past work experiences: 
Art associate for an international gallery
Bringing stairway lifts, residential elevators, and wheelchair lifts, to consumers, rehab hospitals, and architects: for making homes and public buildings accessible in alignment with the Americans with Disabilities Act. 
Designing one of a kind jewelry strands of semi-precious stones with a personal touch of style.  

Gift business for yogis.