You M.A.T.R. (intro) - How to think your way out of impossible situations as a struggling veteran

A self-paced introduction workshop created by a veteran for those veterans who want to get ahead of any future life-crisis, and for those who are struggling right now. Rapidly improve your life, leave darkness behind, & be your own hero.
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About This Product:

Veterans lose their team, lose their tools, lose their way, and lose themselves after serving...but it doesn't have to be that way...

Get ahead in life with clarity, direction, fewer unplanned challenges and more meaningful relationships with the ones you trust the most.

Based on personal experiences, tons of research, and aviation best practices, this easy to-to-learn methodology created by a veteran for struggling veterans is designed in a relatable way to help identify 1) personal opportunities for a better life, 2) how get ahead of  impending life struggles and prevent them before they happen...AND...when times are exceptionally dark, 3) learn how to interrupt and stop a sequence of events before your life struggle turns into crisis that could lead to a self-inflicted tragedy.

My name is Chris Roness.  I’m sharing some lessons I’ve learned during the last 26 years in the military as a combat helicopter pilot and veteran.  I’ve experienced a lot of adversity but I’m better for having experienced it all; tons of victories and struggles to include achieving impossible goals and coping with death of friends, family, and even a child.

I’ve experienced the fog of war and lost brothers and sisters in arms to both combat AND suicide…but I have also been blessed enough to help save some from death and help some to save themselves.  Now I've taken what I learned and created this course for you because you matter.  Sure, maybe you could probably keep doing what you're doing and figure it out on your own, but why waste that kind of time when you can avoid the pitfalls and spend that time doing the things you enjoy instead of having to constantly react to what life throws at you?

 22 veteran suicides a day is a number that we’ve now heard for years, and yet we keep hearing this number…”22”.  Why has that number not gone down?  There are several incredible programs and organizations trying to solve this problem, but in my experience, these are mostly designed to help others to recognize when someone is in need…there is nothing in place beyond some phone numbers to call for the moment when a hurting person acts on their final decision.   

It's time to take a different approach...a proactive of mentorship and growth that focuses on what each individual person really needs. 
It's time to start tracking a different number...the number of those who have found a way to overcome their challenges to live their best life.

Let's be honest.  At some point in life, everyone dies...but not everyone truly lives.  Be one of the people that makeup the new number...the hundreds of overcomers whose loved ones can celebrate our lives while we're still living it, and max performing it!

Due to a series of significant events in my life and the lives of those I care about, I was driven to analyze veteran suicide through the lenses I was trained to use in the military.   Reams of studies and reports are consistent in that the most common “go to” methods to act on in that decisive moment are predominately quick acting and leave little to no time for others to respond to during the exact moments someone who’s hurting chooses to act on that final decision. 

This fact is where I had my “aha moment”; there is not really one single “thing” to empower that struggling vet or person to make a predetermined positive decision during their darkest, emotionally charged, moments.  Only they can stop the action, but they do not know how, nor do they want to at that moment.  This is the gap…the “why we fail”.  That person needs to be able to “interrupt” their own emotional thoughts…a way to stop the clock without breaking the clock…but there isn’t one.   Plus, those challenges, whatever they may be, didn't start at that moment...they started weeks or months, maybe even years prior to that moment.   Now is your chance to get ahead of it!

Those left in the wake of these losses struggle with trying to make sense of it all, mourning for the future....and that's the rub.  There should have and could have been a future for every one of those service-members and veterans who just couldn't find the way to cope and chose not to cope any longer.

To bridge this gap, I developed a self-guided a system of thinking to help anyone privately navigate through their lifestyle to find, fix, or prepare opportunities for growth and mitigate potential struggles BEFORE they happen, and providing a survival construct for that unexpected crisis that cannot be avoided.   My FREE self-guided workshop designed for our service-members and veterans, which can apply to anyone, encompasses three main themes:
 1) The five lifeguards you need in your life and how to find them - Identify five trusted agents and tether yourself to them and tether them to each other. (e.g. good friends, mentors, role models, family, etc.).
2) The cone of life - A simple aviation themed methodology on how to “get awesome and stay awesome” while preparing for a life crisis that seems unmanageable BEFORE it happens while building a life full of purpose. -  Reduce opportunities for crisis to occur in life through five simple steps - plan, prep, brief, step, action, debrief.
3) M.A.T.R; - A simple memory tool based on an individualized action plan to save your own life when (not if) that dark moment comes for you during an overwhelming crisis.  Build preplanned emergency actions to select from for when that crisis occurs and commit them to memory along with this acronym M.A.T.R; Maintain Control, Analyze the situation, Take Immediate action, Refer to your plan.
Through this short intro course, you will gain basic tools you've never had before, and won't find anywhere else designed to specifically get you out of the darkest moment when you are in it.

You will discover:
  • How to build a group of your closest confidants and connect them in a way you've never seen
  • How to prepare for anything life can throw at you and even how to respond for those unplanned surprises
  • A simple memory tool to help you conquer darkness when enduring the hardest challenges life can bring
  • BONUS printable flyer/wallet card to help you remember what you learned and to jog your memory during the darkest times.
  • BONUS printable list of resources to help you with your current struggles and to help you reach for help during your darkest times.

You will also learn:
  • A way to reach out for help during the darkest of times while still saving face
  • PTSD techniques resources that you probably don't know about 
  • Some cool aviation techniques that apply to life, and are still used by pilots today

When you enroll today, you can immediately begin laying the foundation for finding a new purpose, a new way of thinking, and getting your life back on track while gaining an understanding that will assist you as you live your new life while improving your well- being in the long run!

For veterans this course is FREE, because you matter and you need these tools in your life right now.

Enroll today, try the course and if you are not happy for any reason, just stop right there, but if I leave you inspired and motivated, and you want to learn more after this, then I challenge you to get awesome and take the full challenge workshop. 

You have ZERO RISK, nothing to lose, and everything to gain, so enroll today!

The training is intended for informational and educational purposes, it is not intended to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, and/or treatment. Please consult your medical professional before making changes to your diet, exercise routine, medical regimen, lifestyle, and/or mental health care. 

For this course, you’re only going to get out of it what you put into it: It won’t cure PTSD, but it does address contributing factors, & It  addresses bad habits, but won't fix addictions if self-medicating.

If you are in an incredibly dark place right now, please do not delay to call the crisis hotline right now: 1-800-273-8255 (veterans press 1) or TE at 838255, OR TEXT/Dial 988.  You matter, call now!  

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Teresa Moore
May 11, 2022
Excellent!  we would like to support you.   email at
Rick Gehrke
Mar 24, 2022
Kat Miravalles
Jun 01, 2022
It’s comforting to see how mental health is being addressed and becoming a priority within all services.  I love how personal the video presented.  Love this! Thank you!
Diego Bribiesca
Aug 12, 2022
 I want to commend you for the free intro and the very well structured explanation of your methodology. I'm an Afghanistan vet , from an elite team, so we came back so exceptionally messed up...The entire 3rd ID , for that matter that even Obama gave us 2 years of mourning, fortunately I can look back at those 2 suicidal moments and ask who was that? and yet when money becomes available I will purchase your course, not just that I will recommended to others in my Facebook page, great job, thank you for the effort and God bless you and family

John Browning
May 08, 2023
Michael Dixon
May 28, 2023
Justin Shults
Jun 13, 2023
The free introductory course is PACKED with information! It’s important to take the time for a deeper dive to really see how Chris’ You M.A.T.R concept is scalable to help you compartmentalize stressors in digestible chunks! I love being able to revisit past modules to review concepts!
Chris Roness

Chris "Switch Roness, Colonel(Retired), is a decorated US Air Force pilot and 27 year combat veteran. He is the Founder/CEO of Chris Roness Enterprises, LLC.
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Chris "Switch Roness, Colonel(Retired), is a 27 year veteran of the USAF and is Founder/CEO of Chris Roness Enterprises, LLC. He most recently supported Special Operations as the Director of Strategic Requirements, Programs and Resources at the United States Special Operations Command Pacific (SOCPAC) in Camp H.M. Smith, Hawaii, responsible for Special Operations employment for the Indo-Pacific theater.
Chris has served at the Joint Staff and is a graduated Squadron Commander with distinguished service and leadership in Special Forces, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, Nuclear Operations, Nuclear Security, Combat Search and Rescue; and Defense Support to Civil Authorities. 
As a strategist, he has conducted leading edge research and advised key U.S. leaders on emerging trends in strategy. 
Chris is a decorated USAF pilot, who has flown in combat operations world-wide. His acumen includes human performance, mindfulness, economics, technology, finance, and banking. He has earned two Masters degrees and is dedicating his life to serving our veterans through his premier human performance and mindfulness system called "You M.A.T.R;"
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