Journey to Love

Mandala Art Painting Workshop in the Dotillism Technique

« Journey to Love » is a fun, relaxing and energizing Mandala Painting workshop to create a colorful mandala in the meditative technique of dotillism. We will guide you step-by-step to choose your symbols and colors, painting a unique artwork, while reflecting on conscious topics and opening your inspiration channels to the language of Art. You will even get to learn some words in Quechua and a vegetarian surprise to nurture body and soul at the end. Get your Art gear and grocery list ready, don’t forget the wine and to invite your Valentine!! Thank you Theresa for creating this video with me, and to you for joining the Mandaladventure. Have a wonderful Love Day everyOne!!

This painting workshop will teach you YEARS of inspiration and technique in a full session of 1h31 minutes (that will actually take you about 4 hours as you will be painting at the same time), so you can paint mandalas again and discover a lifetime passion. Please note that the depicted experience is not typical. Your background, educatio, experience, work ethic may differ. This is used as an example and not a guarantee of success. Individuals do not track the typicality of its student's experiences. Your results may vary as each of us paints at their own pace and takes their inspiration from different sources. I am happy to help you if you have any question during the process.
If you don’t have your supplies yet, please make sure to watch the introduction sessions of Art'O'Clock with the detailed list. Also, I would love to see your paintings, please post your pictures and a review on this page if you can!

This course includes:


Welcome On Board
Decoding Geometry
Practice and background
Design and outline


BONUS for a painting session with your KIDS: 
Color Coding: Unicorn the Matrix


1h31 WORKSHOP: "Journey to Love"

Welcome on Board
Introduction to Mandala painting, concepts and supplies list
"We are all a piece of the puzzle"
Introduction to the concept of energy waves and healing: Everything has a meaning
Decoding Geometry
How to "sense" the meaning of a symbol? Open your eyes and follow the signs
Practice and Background
First session of painting, practice and envision your background
Design and Outline
How to create your design step by step and start painting your outline.
Color Coding: Unicorn the Matrix
Introduction to another type of inspiration through crystals and natural colors
Journey to Love
Mandala Art Painting Workshop

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PachaMamArt is a brand inspired by the wonders of the Earth, created with the purpose of offering an art that transforms the energy of your home by bringing magic and beauty. My artwork is the continuation of fabulous travels, encounters and journey around the world. It honors the spirit, knowledge and traditions of ancient civilizations like the Celtics or Incas, while bringing dynamism and vibrance into the contemporary scene with the use of metallic colors, cultural symbols, crystals, sacred geometry and natural patterns to fulfill the eyes and the soul. Just like in life, dotillism encourages us to look at things from a higher standpoint in order to have a better picture of our experiences. Wether it is consciously or on the subliminal level, I like to consider the language of art as a powerful healing tool to develop our imagination, creativity and spirituality.