Metatron's Vibes

Hello friends and Welcome to this new painting tutorial to create the Metatron's Cube design surrounded by transformational and healing energies, Enjoy!

Have you always dreamt of painting something magical and incredible yet thought you don't have "a gift" for this? Maybe you already are an artist or enthusiastic but would like to discover a new technique that is precious, unique and meditative? Would you like to learn a creative activity to balance your emotions and discover a new way to channel and alchemize them into a Master Peace. If you answered YES to one of these questions, I got you Babe!

In this workshop, you will learn how to paint a very powerful design inspired by ancient symbols, sacred geometry, chakras colors and crystal healing, to decorate your home with an energetic talisman able to shift the weather!  Step by step, you will be guided to master the dotillism painting technique and to create a design until it naturally becomes a true healing and inspiring process <3 You will not only paint a beautiful and colorful mandala, but unlock, clear, open your creative channel to manifest and open up to the magical synchronicities.

The first module of this series, "Art'O'Clock", is an introduction that you can also find on my other workshop (Journey to Love) to get familiar with the art supplies, concept of dotililism and practice through easy descriptions and themes, so you can feel comfortable with all the techniques and vocabulary and be ready to create a fabulous design!

The second module, "Metatron's Vibes", is an extensive 7 sessions class to create the Metatron's cube and get inspired by amazing books, influencers or resources around you. I also added in the bonus section a few insights on how to create a sigil and how to develop your interpretation skills when you look at an artwork, recognize the subliminal message from Nature or international cultures, and have fun creating your own manifestation symbols.  

The third module contains two of my travel books from Peru from the most incredible expeditions above the Nazca lines and in the Amazonian Rainforest!

YOUR GIFT: You trusted me to be your Art teacher, and I am so happy and grateful!! I trust that you will become an incredible artist during this adventure! This is just the beginning of a worldwide mission to spread rainbows and holistic healing between our communities. Sooooooo, I will be painting for you a Mandala Art of 10x10", to remember these moments!! I will create it especially for you so you will receive an email from me when your painting is ready to ship to your home :) 

Disclosure: The depicted experience is not typical. Your background, education, experience, work ethic may differ. This is used as an example and your results may vary. I am happy to assist you if you have any questions 🤗

Introduction Module to the Dotillism Painting Technique, Mandalas, Symbolism and Energy Healing
Available Now!
Welcome to Mandalaland!!
Welcome to my World - Part 2
Mother Earth Mandala Oracle
ART'O'CLOCK: Welcome on Board
Introduction to Mandala painting, concepts and supplies list
ART'O'CLOCK: Connectedness
"We are all a piece of the puzzle"
ART'O'CLOCK: Radionics
Introduction to the concept of energy waves and healing: Everything has a meaning
ART'O'CLOCK: Decoding Geometry
How to "sense" the meaning of a symbol? Open your eyes and follow the signs
ART'O'CLOCK: Practice and Background
First session of painting, practice and envision your background
ART'O'CLOCK: Design and Outlines
How to create your design step by step and start painting your outline.
ART'O'CLOCK: Color Coding - Flower of Faith
How to use Nature and read shapes for inspiration
BONUS: Natural Awakening
A few insights on the painting process and concepts of Spiritual Awakening. If the Dark Night of the Soul, Hero Archetypes, Rites of Passage, Sacred Geometry, Shields and Portals sound rad to you, ...
Visit my Home Gallery!
A special tour of my OM collections!
An Incredible Section where you will learn to draw and paint the Metatron's Cube, Flower of Life and Energetic Symbols, and discover my muses and inspiration!
Welcome to my World!
A presentation of Metatron's Vibes and the Angel Pack if you would like to get your Cards and Crystals before intiating the class.
Metatron Vibes - Episode 1
Let's paint the world in colors and dive into the Universe. One step at a time, trying to live in the moment and make this life a beautiful present!
Metatron Vibes - Episode 2
Love talks, Sacral and Heart Chakras Healing, Flower of Life, Rose Gold and Prose. Enjoy!!
Metatron Vibes - Episode 3
Hello hello from the Garden of Angels!
Available Now!
A conversation about the trainings I was following along with the creation of this workshop, as this is not only about just painting but the entire holistic process of creating and making this life...
Metatron Vibes - Episode 4
Creating 2 different designs around the same concept, interesting artventure!
Metatron Vibes - Episode 5
In this session, we will be talking about crystal communication, gateways activation, remote viewing, telepathy, all this from a Mandala and my Samsung Galaxy. Caution: Only do this in the presence...
BONUS: How to create a Sigil
A Sigil is a symbol that is associated with an intention. For example: I want more JOY in my life, like a graphic designer would do to convey the image, message and energy of a brand with a logo.
Metatron Vibes - Episode 6
Exploring oracle cards and working with the symbols like an equation, with the keepers of a universal gateway. It was a little bit like an Avengers movie filming this workshop and creating the pain...
BONUS: Metatron Vibes - Reflections
Reflections on the process: How painting opens your creative channels
Metatron Vibes - Episode 7
The Season's finality! Revealing the paintings and the benefits of this journey filled with incredible encounters and synchronicities through love, light and colors.
BONUS: Ready for Launching
Getting ready to introduce the paintings to an international exhibition!
Metatron Vibes - Season Finality!!
Before shipping the Artworks, new addition to the collection and introduction to the Angel Pack!!
In each one of my Masterminds, I include my travel books around the world to share with you the wonders of Nature that inspired me to start the painting journey! The one about the Nazca Line is absolutely exclusive to this group!! Thank you so much for being here !!!
PDF BOOK - A Year In London!
Photo book from my 20's with the British!! Good Times Always!
PDF BOOK: In the Middle of Now Here
Discovering Peru, Paracas, Ica and the Nazca Lines!!
PDF BOOK - The Amazonian Rainforest
Experience the trip of a lifetime

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PachaMamArt is a brand inspired by the wonders of the Earth, created with the purpose of offering an art that transforms the energy of your home by bringing magic and beauty. My artwork is the continuation of fabulous travels, encounters and journey around the world. It honors the spirit, knowledge and traditions of ancient civilizations like the Celtics or Incas, while bringing dynamism and vibrance into the contemporary scene with the use of metallic colors, cultural symbols, crystals, sacred geometry and natural patterns to fulfill the eyes and the soul. Just like in life, dotillism encourages us to look at things from a higher standpoint in order to have a better picture of our experiences. Wether it is consciously or on the subliminal level, I like to consider the language of art as a powerful healing tool to develop our imagination, creativity and spirituality.
Disclosure: The depicted experience is not typical. Your background, education, experience, work ethic may differ. This is used as an example and your results may vary. I am happy to assist you if you have any questions 🤗
Disclosure: The depicted experience is not typical. Your background, education, experience, work ethic may differ. This is used as an example and your results may vary. I am happy to assist you if you have any questions 🤗