Weekender Crash Course for Entrepreneurs - Overcome Obstacles of Selling Hemp-Derived CBD Products

Entrepreneurial Tips and Techniques to Successfully Launch an Online Legal Hemp-Derived CBD Business

Discover How to Launch Your Online Hemp-Derived CBD Business and Make Money Without Wasting Time Trying to Sell the Same Old Way as Everybody Else

In this mini course I'll cover the steps to turn your interest into income.

You can use these techniques to get a CBD compliant website, launch your online business, and even make money in a competitive industry!

Heck, I even show you how to sell directly to your ideal customers without using a broker cutting into your profit!

In fact, here's just a sample of what I'll cover in this incredible mini course:
  • The EASIEST way to start your business in a highly regulated industry so you can abide by FDA guidelines and avoid your business getting fined or shut-down.
  • How to find a reputable, dependable supplier ... a very important decision that will affect not only the quality of your products, but the satisfaction of your customers, and the reputation of your brand.
  • Understand the rules behind marketing hemp-derived CBD products so that you can stand out and differentiate your brand from the rest and maintain profit margins in a highly competitive market.
  • Steps to assemble your business which enables you to destroy the #1 “big elephant” reason for what’s stopping you from getting started.

    ... and much, MUCH More!

    Don't miss this breakthrough mini course that will finally show you how to overcome legal, financial, and shipping obstacles when selling hemp-derived CBD products online with just a laptop, a website, and a reputable supplier!

Do you worry about the challenges facing the CBD industry when starting your online business? Well, in this mini-course I’ll outline some ways to tackle these.
Plan - Welcome
Congratulations, you have just taken a step toward success in building an online business.
Plan - Building Your Business
If you decide to sell CBD products you’ll face a complicated industry with complex legal and marketing challenges.
Plan - Not a Normal Year
2020 has not been a normal year for starting any type of business. With the COVID crisis, the days of starting a brick and mortar retail business are relatively on hold.
Assemble - Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship
On this journey to entrepreneurship, the first thing to determine is why you want to start a business. If you don’t have a strong enough “why” you’re less likely to endure the tough challenges when...
Assemble - The Product
What is hemp-derived CBD and is it legal?
Assemble - Your Customers
Who buys CBD and why?
Assemble - Your Business Plan
Some may think that a business plan is not necessary for an online business. I say, not true. An online internet business is just like any business – it requires a solid plan
Launch - Choosing Name, Structure, and Banking
Choose the right business name, domain name and business structure for your online business.
Launch - Your Website and a Reputable Supplier
As an online retailer, your website is an extremely important part of your customers’ journey.
Launch - Why Marketing and the Rules are Important
You must understand the rules behind marketing hemp-derived CBD products so that you can align your business with statewide laws and regulations.
Selling CBD online can be challenging but it is highly rewarding. Equipped with the right knowledge, your online store will be met with huge success.

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Kim Lewis Howard

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I help entrepreneurs make money.


If you desire to overcome obstacles of selling CBD oil and other CBD-infused products online, find a reputable supplier to help build a prestigious and indestructible brand, and educate your customers on the potential benefits of hemp products then I can definitely help you.

I am a specialist in teaching you how to be your own boss! 

Some of my accomplishments include:
  • I started, managed and sold a successful independent insurance agency. With the profits I opened a self-directed trading account that allowed me to “retire” by the age of 37.

  • Wrote instructional manuals, articles, and training guides for the UNC Center for Public Television while completing Graduate School at East Carolina University.

  • Created the 3H Business Strategy Framework to assist various stakeholders define and overcome obstacles to growth.

  • Obtained a certificate of completion for the Oxford Blockchain Strategy Programme at the Said Business School, University of Oxford which helped me apply Blockchain principles to the supply chain for CBD.

I have also overcome numerous business setbacks that have given me the knowledge and wisdom to see the “train wreck” before it happens.

I can definitely help you overcome obstacles of selling CBD oil and other CBD-infused products online, help you find a reputable supplier to build a prestigious and indestructible brand, and help you educate your customers on the potential benefits of hemp products