Script Your Brand: 3 Simple Steps to Personal Brand Yourself with Clarity and Confidence!

If you KNOW you have a gift to share, but the idea of a "personal brand" overwhelms you, this course walks you through how to build your brand step-by-by from someone who built the most influential brand in pharmacy from ground zero!
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About This Product:

There are people 

less qualified than you

 dominating your space

and becoming

the expert at your passion.

THAT is a fact…and unless you have

a system in place

to create your own personal brand,

they will continue to win

while you keep trying to figure it out.

In this course, you will learn how to:

-Build your personal brand in 3-simple steps

-Discover your purpose

-Align your passion + unique skills

-Become the go-to expert in your career

...and get paid for it!

 I know this works because I did it myself: 

from getting rejected to pharmacy school... creating a globally recognized brand

as The Most Influential Pharmacist in my profession, leveraging this

to create multiple businesses and income streams.

I have coached many others out of their confusion and overwhelm into their brand of purpose and life-fulfilling work--and I want to guide YOU to create your brand, too!

This course walks you through

HOW to do it step-by-step

so that you can flip your script from confusion... clarity and confidence.

If you are here,

you are EXACTLY where you are supposed to be:

welcome to your course!

Program Details

Welcome: Meet Your Guide!
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Course Outline & Objectives
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Module 1.1 //Breakthrough What's Been Holding You Back
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Module 1.2 //Breakthrough QUESTIONS!
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Module 2.1 //Your WHY is Your How
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Module 2.2 //Your WHY QUESTIONS!
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Module 3.1 //Step 1 to Script Your Brand: POP It!
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Module 3.2 //Step 1 QUESTIONS!
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Module 4.1 //Step 2 to Script Your Brand: LOCK It!
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Module 4.2 //Step 2: LOCK It QUESTIONS!
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Module 5.1 //Step 3 to Script Your Brand: DROP It!
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Module 5.2 //Step 3: DROP It QUESTIONS!
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Module 6.1 //Scale Your Influence to 10X Your Brand Success
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Module 6.2 //Scale Your Influence QUESTIONS!
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Module 7 //Course Summary + Next Steps!
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