Weight Loss Survival Guide for Mompreneurs Struggling To Lose Weight

My Proven Method To Lose Weight Without Feeling Guilty For Spending Time On You When You Should Be Spending It With Your Kids Or Working On Your Business
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About This Product:

Here's The Perfect Solution If You Want to Live a Healthy Life Free of Guilt and Shame 

(Even If You Think Losing Weight Is Hard and Takes Too Much Time)

This Exclusive Video Course Reveals the Secrets of How You Could Lose Weight Quickly and Keep It Off Right Now (In Today's World)!

This course is designed for you, the busy mompreneur. Break through the guilt and shame of trying to squeeze weight loss into your schedule. 

Discover the 5 steps you can begin using today that could boost your weight loss... Without sacrificing time with your kids or business.
In this course, you'll learn exactly what you could use to work toward achieving the body you've been dreaming of.
These strategies could help you stop wasting time searching for the next best diet
I even show you how you could use these strategies without leaving your home!
In fact, here's what you'll find in Mompreneur's 5 Steps to Weight Loss Success:

  • The shortcut to lose weight - Quickly!
  • Avoid living with guilt and shame and begin to lose weight
  •  Rapidly lose weight quickly and keep it off... even if you've tried before and failed
  • Uncover the real secrets to live life as a fit mompreneur without compromising time with your kids or your business
  •  STOP stressing about weight loss - Once-and-for-all!
  • and much, MUCH More!
Don't miss this breakthrough Weight Loss course that will finally show you how you could lose weight from the comfort of your home - without sacrificing time with your kids. 

  • If you are struggling to see consistent weight loss
  • If you are tired of your pants continually getting more snug
  • If you want to be able to spend quality time with your kids without running out of energy or breath
  • If you want to be able to have more focus when working on your business
  • If you're not sure what you should be eating
  • If you're not sure which exercises are the best
  • If you need a blueprint for losing weight
The strategies in this course are the exact strategies I used to finally lose 124 pounds in 15 months while raising kids and growing my business.  These proven strategies could help you too. 
If you are tired of living in shame and guilt - and are ready to hit the "give up" button - Click the link below to begin seeing consistent weight loss on the scale. 

*I am not a medical professional; all information provided is for educational purposes only. Please consult your medical professional before making changes to your diet, exercise routine, medical regimen, lifestyle, and/or mental health care.

Program Details

Build Your Weight Loss Village
Available Now

The Perfect Exercise Plan
Available on Day 2

Perfect Meal Plan for Weight Loss
Available on Day 3

Goals that Really Work
Available on Day 4

Plan for Obstacles
Available on Day 5

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Jessica Silhavy

I'm Jessica, dedicated business-life strategist, and enthusiastic weight loss strategist. I'm on a mission to help mompreneurs live healthy lifestyles with healthy kids and healthy businesses.
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I empower mompreneurs to lose weight and live the life they desire while raising kids, growing their business, and spending quality time with their husbands.
After spending my entire life using the excuse, "I'm big boned," I came to the horrible realization that I was in the extremely obese category.  I knew I had to change my habits so that I could be healthier for my family and my business.
Through my weight loss journey of losing 130 pounds my knowledge on how to lose weight grew and I developed a passion for helping others.     
I am a full-time mom, spouse, and business owner.  I know what it's like to have busy schedule; the last thing I need is something else taking my time away from my family.  That is why I went on a mission to research, explore and utilize many of the weight loss tools and programs available.  What I discovered was that either they a) took up too much of my already non-existent time or b) they involved ingesting some foreign pill, drink, shake or food item.  
Neither of these were good for me if I wanted to lose weight and still uphold my values, priorities and beliefs.  
After all my research and exploration I slowly pieced together a weight loss plan that would work with me and my life rather than against it.  I figured out the best way to lose weight from the convenience of my own home (or gym involved), eating what I loved, eating when I needed to, saving my body from potentially harmful substances, and living along with my values, beliefs, and priorities.
I changed my life and now I help other mompreneurs change theirs.  I help overweight and obese mompreneurs reach their weight loss goals and gain confidence while they create a fit, healthy, energized lifestyle for themselves and their families.
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