Art of Relationships for Peak Performance Journey

In this creative 4-week journey you will create a map of your relationships, identify obstacles and move forward in a more cohesive way. You will create visual representation of the aspects that motivate you in the unseen ways.
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About This Product:

The next 4 weeks  could be your breakthrough as it comes to your relationship to everything in your life!

Your 6 main relationships are: Self, Time, Money, Health, Others and Spirit.

Now is YOUR time to create a roadmap to confidently engage with all aspects of your life and take advantage of the natural cycles in nature by using the energy of the moon to help move you towards your better self!

This is a very unique time as the Moon is entering the Aries at 29 degrees. 29° symbolizes a culmination, a crisis or a reward before the end of a phase. Last preparations before the transformation, end of an era.

Symbolically it is a last moment before the moon moves into the next sign of Taurus and the last moment for you to set intentions and begin the work of transforming your relationships.

If you are still reading this, you know that there is more to life than meets the eye and you are ready to look at your relationships from a different perspective.

This is a massive opportunity for you to begin rewriting your own story!

In this 4 week program we will go through 4 phases together.

In Phase 1 - you will begin this journey consciously, identify your dynamics and move forward

In Phase 2  - you will decide which relationships you need to focus on and what you want to do about it

In Phase 3 - during full moon, you will seal your intentions and release the outcome to the Higher Power

In Phase 4 - you will take responsibility for all your creations, let go of attachments to a specific outcome and forgive yourself and others in order to clear the way forward


There will be 4 creative projects that you will complete on your own time and you can decide on their complexity.

We will have 4 live zoom calls where everyone will share their progress and questions.

You will have access to a digital portal with guiding exercises and the recordings of the calls.


At the end you will have a clear map of your major relationships in life and an action plan on how to improve them in order to lead you to your next level and have you access your Flow State more often.


So click the link below to sign up today!


I can't wait to go on this journey with you!



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