Introduction to U.S. and Canada Antimicrobial Product Registration

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SGEC, LLC was specifically formed in 2011 to address the needs of companies, who seek to market, sell, or distribute antimicrobial products in the United States and Canada.
The Environmental Protection Agency and Health Canada are responsible for regulating antimicrobials in the United States and Canada, respectively and have the responsibility to ensure that registrants like you are compliant with U.S. and Canadian environmental guidelines and regulations.

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Introduction to U.S. Product Regulatory
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U.S. Product Data
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Health Canada Antimicrobial Registration
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U.S. and Health Canada Registration and Renewal
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Simplified Registration Options
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Disclosure: While this class provides information for navigating the U.S. and Canada antimicrobial registration process, it was presented for informational purposes only and in no way takes the place of the guidance provided by a professional consultant and does not guarantee that your antimicrobial product will be registered in the United States and/or Canada.