When the Mind, Body, and Soul come together

Are you on a personal journey to find the real you but you feel LOST, Stuck, and Confused?
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About This Product:

When the  Mind, Body, and Soul come together

Start learning to break through barriers that are holding you back! 

Are you on a personal journey to find the REAL you, but you feel lost, stuck, and just confused on what to do or where to start?
Do you consistently struggle with where you're at in your life?

NOW, is the time to realize no one is coming to save you so you must start looking out for yourself and taking care of that amazing person!

STOP trying to find happiness outside of yourself in other people, places, or things (that only lasts a little while)
STOP beating yourself up over things you can't control or the things you don't know (it lowers your self-esteem and trust in yourself)
STOP wishing you were someone else (you are special, unique, and have all that you need inside of yourself)
STOP comparing yourself to others (you only see what they want you to see, plus you can design a life you love living)

YOU ARE YOU               
YOU ARE UNIQUE                 
YOU HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED INSIDE OF YOU that allows you to start creating a life you absolutely LOVE
Get to know that beautiful UNIQUE person again and reconnect to yourself in a best friend kind of way and know that you are magnificent with a divine purpose to fulfill

Come with me on a journey to learn the secrets that have changed my life

Let us face it, with where our society is right now and them telling us how we should be living is in the past! We have to tap into our heart space and explore us and what we truly desire so we can start living intentionally about who we are and how we want our life to look like!

If you are still reading this, then you know this rings true!
You know there is more to life than what you are doing
You know that you are a beautiful incredible creature deep down inside, ya just need a bit of help figuring it out!

How do I know all of this?
It's because I have been there myself! I totally understand how this feels which led me down a path of destruction and looking for what I was lacking everywhere but within myself. I didn't know how to navigate myself or my life which almost led me to my grave. At that point, I made the decision to fight like hell and not give up. To change my life's direction and start stepping into this power I knew I had! That is why I am here to make an impact and serve YOU because you can relate to what I am saying.

When you commit to When the Mind, Body, & Soul Come together you'll Unlock my life-changing blueprint for getting in touch with who you are, what you stand for, and start seeing the opportunities that are all around you! But in order for that to happen, YOU MUST do the work! And take actions each and every day to start unleashing that powerful human you are.

Module 1: If you don't believe your thinking has kept you stuck in the same place year after year, then let me ask you this. How many opportunities have you let pass you by because you didn't feel worthy of it? Or maybe you were scared?

You know in your heart there is more waiting for you, but you play small because you're afraid of what others will think of you? Or maybe it's a scary journey for you to take, which I get. I didn't want to deal with the problems and situations either, but I tell you what... It was hard, but it was soooo WORTH Every second!

After Module 1- You will start shifting your thoughts to empower yourself and start designing the life you envision for yourself!

Module 2: You will understand how the Universal Laws are at play each and every day whether you realize it or not, so why not be intentional with the thoughts you are thinking and the actions you take every day?
Everyone wants to create the life of their dreams... but the sad truth is, most people don't know where to start or how to implement what is learned into their life.

After Module 2: You will understand that and also how to implement the laws into your daily routine!

Module 3: Getting to know your energy wheels which are your Chakras.

Nowadays, we are so focused on quick fixes, but they really don't fix anything it just masks the issue, so let us explore and be patient as we learn about our chakras and how to heal and balance them with easy to do everyday things.

After Module 3: You will start practicing and implementing easy activities every day to align and balance the chakras.

Listen, I know life is tough, but we have to realize the shit we go through happens for a reason and that reason is to make us stronger, better, and improved. It is building us into the person we want to be. We just need to navigate those times better.

When you enroll today you get:

Exclusive access to

Mind, Body, Soul Connection: A Soulful Community for Light Warriors

Lifetime access to When the Mind, Body, and Soul Come together

Workbooks- so you can continue on your journey to improve your life and grow

Chakra Healing Guide for each chakra and cheat sheets

1 Coaching Session (30 minutes)

Email Support


BONUSES which include:

Visualization exercise

Sound Bath Healing Meditation

Links to 2 breathing meditations, 2 meditations, 2 sound healing meditations

 Yoga poses for each of the Chakras

1 full Chakra Balance Meditation

Crystal E-book- How to Cleanse your Crystals

Crystal E-Book- How to Work with Crystals


You get a 30 day 100% money-back guarantee. If you're not satisfied with your purchase, I will refund your money with no questions asked.

Don't let yourself down and be sitting in the same spot year after year when you know you have magic inside of you! Those who wait around and just think everything will just work itself out will stay stuck in the same place. TRUST ME- I was ONE OF THOSE!

Get READY get EXCITED!!!! To adapt, learn, grow, and start loving the real raw authentic you that awaits your arrival back to self. Let us step into the reality in which we create and start building a life that you honestly can say, you LOVE!

This opportunity won't change your life, but the actions you take will

SO IT IS TIME! It's time to take the right action and start connecting with your soul to build the life you've always envisioned.

This is possible for you!

I'll see YOU inside....

Module 1: MIND- Crushing those Limiting Beliefs thru Awareness and taking action 

Program Details

Introduction: WELCOME and Visualization
Available Now
Overview of the Course
Available Now
Mindset- Overview
Available Now
Mind: Beliefs and Awareness
Available Now

Universal Law 1-6
Part 2- Universal Laws 7-12

Module 3 Session 1- Chakras 101 + Guided Meditation Audio:)
BONUS: Crystal E-Book- How to Cleanse and work with Crystals
Available Now
Module 3- Session 2- The Root Chakra
Module 3 - Session 2- Root Chakra- CHECK IN
Available Now
Module 3 Session 3- The Sacral Chakra
Module 3 Session 3-Sacral Chakra Check-in
Available Now
Module 3: Session 4 The Solar Plexus Chakra
Module 3 Session 4- Solar Plexus Chakra Check-in
Available Now
Module 3 Session 5- The Heart Chakra
Module 3 Session 5 Heart Chakra Check-in
Available Now
Module 3 Session 6- The Throat Chakra
Module 3 Session 6- Throat Chakra Check-in
Available Now
Module 3 Session 7- The Third Eye Chakra
Module 3 Session 7- Third Eye Check-in
Available Now
Module 3 Session 8- The Crown Chakra
Module 3 Session 8- Crown Chakra Check in
Available Now
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What Do People Think About This Program?


Shannon Morrison
Oct 20, 2021
I am enjoying the simple steps in this course. I have always wanted to learn more ways to work with my chakras and how to increase the energy flow within them. I can already tell that Amanda has such a passion to help people after just finishing the first module in this course. I cannot wait to get started on the rest of this course.
Patricia Joseph
Feb 28, 2022
This is an amazing journey of self discovery ! I thought I knew who I was but after completing Amanda's course, I am blown away with what I have learned. I feel so much more whole as I understand just how powerful and healing it is to align my chakras. I feel so much more positive about my life and my purpose.  Having such a stronger awareness and connection to my chakra has opened my eyes to just how much I have overlooked in my life and the world at large.  I have been able to revisit experiences in my life and see them through a whole new lense. It's is such a relief to be able to look back without regret but a sense of growth and evolvement. I acknowledge the love and wisdom and devotion Amanda has given in birthing this programme. From start to finish I was completely hooked. It is definitely worth investing the money, time and energy as the benefits are priceless. I feel so grateful to Amanda for unlocking parts of my mind that were completely oblivious of the treasures that lie within and outside of my physical self. It so empowering and liberating to connect with one's true self. Not the version that society often projects on us. I am more than my job or social status. - Thank you Amanda for highlighting this. My chakras are like jewels that I did know that I had. There value is priceless yet how much have I belittled them as I knew not of their significance in my life. This course will provides opportunity for healing and rebirth. Each module is well documented and Amanda creatively shares her knowledge and expertise through a variety of mediums. Amanda provided great weekly sessions which helped me stay on track. This can be as a group or one to one. Amanda is very intuitive which helped me to see beyond my own limitations. Amanda has provided so many ways of healing and balancing chakras through food, yoga, colours, crystals, essential oils, meditation, music and much more. Amanda's course has enabled me to learn how to more receptive to new thinking. I realise that there is so much more to life and for that I am truly grateful. I feel more connected to myself, my family and my mission here on the planet. Thank you Amanda.  
Nancy Lee Brushett
Nov 16, 2021
By taking Amanda's course I was able to understand how the Chakra's work and learn so much more about them. Amanda is an awesome teacher and listening to her voice and watching her through the modules was an amazing experience. She over delivers in each module and is very easy to listen to. Her energy is amazing and it is great watching her excitement as she teaches. You can feel her heart and see her bright light. I would recommend this course to everyone who is interested to learn more about, Chakras, Yoga and Crystals. I am going to go over the course again because you always learn more through repetition. Thank-you Amanda! I appreciate you for what you give of yourself! 
Pamela Sparacino
Feb 19, 2022

Amanda is a Mindset Coach and Yoga professional. She works on Chakra balance through effective Yoga positions, group and individual classes, in-person or virtually. She also introduces you to essential oils. I met Amanda from being introduced to her course on

Her course has had a major impact on my life. What a transformation! It has not only changed my mind set with a better understanding on how to think more positively, but changed my perspective on how to relax and have less anxiety.

She has introduced me to yoga which has strengthened my body. If you want to have balance within your Mind and Body, I would suggest you take Amanda's course. She goes over Nutritional options and gives you the tools you need to succeed. One on One weekly training/coaching keeps you motivated and accountable. Amanda has all the knowledge and tools you need to change your life and to become the BEST you!
Amanda White

Hello :) I'm Amanda- mover & shaker, yogi, energy worker, crafter, and empowerment leader. I enjoy finding those magical moments in our everyday life and bringing those to the surface to celebrate!
See Full Biography >
She believes everyone is a powerful spiritual being that God made with love. She fills people with love and positive energy! She is full of energy, knowledge, and love to serve others at her highest capacity.
Her passion to help and serve others, and watching them succeed, is her biggest driving force. Her mission on earth is to help, serve, and empower those struggling with self-worth and a connection to self. She holds space as a believer in these people until they can do it for themselves.
Everyone desires to be happy and full of life. That is the point of life, right? Amanda is here to teach, empower, coach, and cheer you on!
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