How to succeed with Dyslexic-Ability. Are you a parent, teacher or Adult Dyslexic? Let me show you my tips, tricks and secrets of a lifetime of succeeding as a Dyslexic. Amanda J Harrison The Dyslexic Adventure Pilot

Finding The Answer To Dyslexic Disability - How Every Parent Or Teacher Of Dyslexic Children Struggling With The Learning Disability Can Succeed With Dyslexia
Let me show you my tips, tricks and secrets of a lifetime of succeeding as a Dyslexic. 
Amanda J Harrison The Dyslexic Adventure Pilot

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Welcome to Dyslexic-Ability
Welcome to Dyslexic-Ability by the Dyslexic Pilot, Amanda J Harrison to show you or your child how to succeed with Dyslexia.
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Succeed with S.P.E.L.L Formula
Succeed with S.P.E.L.L Formula Dyslexic's learn in different ways, that is the Dyslexic-Ability S.P.E.L.L Formula. Let me show you and your child how to learn, for LIFE not just for school.
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S.W.A.R.M Dyslexic-Ability
Using my S.W.A.R.M method to help with all the Spelling/ Writing /Arts /Reading /Maths
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E.X.A.M.S Time for Exams with Dyslexic-Ability
With Dyslexic-Ability E.X.A.M.S Time for Exams, I will give you lots of Secrets, Tips and tricks for exams.
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X Factor Alphabet Origins
X Factor Alphabet Origins Learning to understand luggage and the Origins will help you understand why spelling is not the only thing in life. Time to have a bit of fun with Language.
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Incentive With the Crick System
Incentive With the Crick System Dyslexics tend to be very hard on themselves, with the world telling us we are no good. So this is the time to really go into the Dyslexic-Ability, where kindness i...
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Confidence and Mindset with Dyslexic-Ability
Confidence and Mindset with Dyslexic-Ability is of course the key to every success being Dyslexic you have to watch that the Gremlins are brushed away.

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The Dyslexic Pilot shows you how to succeed with Dyslexic-Ability


Told she would only be good for stacking shelves; Amanda J Harrison has succeeded to be a Commercial and Adventure Pilot with a BA Hons degree. All with her own unique Dyslexic-Ability.