Pain to Power - A FULL COURSE that clearly shows you the path forward after infidelity

Betrayal trauma is brutal. It is unexpected and done by someone you love and trust. This is a powerful, jam-packed course that tells you everything you need to know about how to move forward. INCLUDES BONUS VIDEO: The Biology Of A Cheater's Mind.
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About This Product:


You’re in pain and it feels like no matter what you do, that anger and ache inside of you just keeps growing and growing.  When was your last fight with your husband?  When was the last time you slept just 6 hours straight (without sleeping pills or a shot of whiskey)?  Have you been able to make any boundaries at all and actually enforce them?   

Isn't it time to begin the healing process so you can let go of these negative emotions that are holding you back?  Whether you’ve decided to stay with your husband or you’ve got your attorney on speed dial makes no difference right now.  Right now it’s all about you, your health and your healing.  

In this course you’ll learn how to manage your triggers while identifying your blind spots that may be preventing you from moving forward.  You’ll learn a great tool you can use to tell if you can ever trust your husband, or anyone else in your life, again while also learning the key words to listen for the next time you are speaking with anyone who has betrayed you.  And finally, you will learn life-long skills that will keep you in a calmer state no matter what is going on around you.

The question really is this:  Do you want to waste one more day in pain?  I hope not because there is another side.  There is a powerful woman within you, just waiting for the right guidance so you can cross over into healing and create a future life that you've always dreamed of.


This is a knowledge-based course for you to use on your healing journey and inside you will find:  
  • Almost 3 hours of relevant, useful, understandable content
  • 10 sessions of recorded videos, averaging about 15 minutes each for easy, convenient viewing
  • Action steps that you can use immediately to start to feel better
  • BONUS VIDEO:  TRIGGER WARNING - Topic is descriptive into the unfaithful husband's mindset as the affair ends.


Hello and welcome.  Thank you for your interest in my course.  My name is Beth.  I was a teacher, a principal, I have a Master’s degree in counseling, I’m NLP certified, and I was a business owner for over a decade.  But you know what?  None of that really matters right now.  Right now the role I’m most proud of is this:
 I healed from the trauma of my husband’s infidelities.
I remember that fateful night in vivid detail.  It was late October, chilly outside, the kids were in bed, and my husband had yet another late night meeting.  When he walked in the door I had this strange feeling when he looked at me.  I still went over and kissed his cheek but I started shaking inside and my whole body went cold.  It was as if I was leaving my body and watching a movie play before my eyes.  My husband then sat down and told me a story.  A horrific story.  A story that you are probably familiar with.  A story that has forever changed my life.

Starting that night and continuing for the next 2 years, I struggled because of that story.  I struggled with so much pain and anger.  I couldn't sleep and I didn't want to leave my house.  My emotions were all over the place with the exception of the positive ones because I had no positive emotions.  I had no happy moments at all.  Even the things I used to enjoy doing became uninteresting.  I was so overwhelmed with grief and anger that some days I didn't even want to get out of bed.  My mind raced every waking minute with horrible, revengeful thoughts and then there were the x-rated movies of my husband with women playing in my head. I became forgetful and hypervigilant and even earned an imaginary degree in undercover work.  My children were obviously affected by all of this but I couldn't even see that.  To add fuel to the fire, my husband didn't tell me the complete "story" that one October night.  No.  He made the choice to trickle his entire story out to me slowly, over time.  Death by millions of paper cuts slicing me for over 2 years.  Torture beyond the original torture.  But one day, after another piece of new information from him, everything changed.  I picked myself up from the floor, went back to my computer, and started searching for advice from  - you probably guessed it - Google and Instagram.  I didn't know what I was really looking for but I was desperate and knew I couldn't go on anymore.  And when I logged in, the first post I saw was a meme I had never seen before.  A meme that snapped me out of my fog.

So what was this magical meme?  What did some random picture, with 5 random words on it, say to cause me to flip?  Well, it was this: 

Wow.  That hit me hard.  I decided that waiting for someone (my husband) or something (the universe) to save me from my private prison was going to literally destroy me.  I decided that after two years, and too many "I swear that's everything Beth", I was finally ready to take responsibility for my own healing.  To make a change in me.

There was so much information out there though that I became overwhelmed, but out of sheer determination, and a willingness to do "whatever it takes", I persevered.  After 1 year into my search for healing, I finally had my first decent day.  I didn't know it was my first decent day because the realization came the day after.  The day after is when it dawned on me - "Wait a minute.  I didn't cry yesterday.  My husband and I didn't fight yesterday.  When I went on a walk yesterday I was actually able to set some goals.  And during that movie we watched last night, the one with the sex scene, I got through it without biting my husband's head off."  So it was the day after when I knew I was on to something and I stayed on that path like a warrior, and that path got clearer and wider and more beautiful as time went on.  That path is what I want to share with you in this course and in my other courses.  You can continue on the Instagram/Google path, where more than likely nothing will change, or you can join me - someone who has survived the journey.  Someone who is married to a man who has survived his journey.  And someone who has two beautiful daughters who have survived their journeys.


Please don’t waste any more time in pain when there is a path forward.  You can get out of pain and have a life again.  If you allow me to, I will walk with you to the path, show you how to take your first step on the path, and be by your side walking that path, for as long as you want me to.   

Program Details

Introduction and Welcome
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Gain control over your triggers and emotions for instant relief when you're triggered.
Available Now
Learn how to use your betrayal story to make you stronger and more confident!
Available Now
Become aware of what you are doing and not doing that may be preventing you from feeling better.
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Learn what stage your marriage is in now to clearly see what your options for moving forward are.
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Become acutely aware of the difference between excuses and reasons.
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Learn the one secret to knowing exactly who/how/when to trust and who/how/when to forgive.
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Become aware of exactly what you want your future to look like and who you want in it.
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Discover why and how to establish boundaries with consequences with those around you.
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Acquire skills to calm you and keep you in a peaceful state no matter what is going on around you.
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BONUS VIDEO: The Biology Of A Cheater's Mind.
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What Do People Think About This Program?


Eric Zuzack
Nov 16, 2021
Dawn Borzon
Dec 26, 2021
This was an amazing course Beth.   Saying, doing, and feeling really hit me.  Along with me setting boundaries.  Realizing what I need to do as the betrayed woman gave me some aha moments for sure.  I was always wondering what it was I did, and how I can change the behavior.    It’s how I react and heal me and the behaviors of him will OT will not change but I will heal.   That’s the most important.  Thank you 
Jessica Scott
Oct 25, 2021
Really informative. I learned so much! 
Heather Larson
Sep 05, 2022
FINALLY! Finally, after 16 years I feel SEEN and HEARD! Finally I have a name for what has been going on in my head and life. Relieved to have some answers and direction...FINALLY. Thank you SO MUCH.
Nicole Sheppard
Sep 11, 2022
This program gives you a step by step to do (and not do) list.  An action plan that is empowering since you know what to do.  I used some of the concepts to figure out how to get over cheating in past old relationships that interrupts my present day relationships and how to deal with another kind of betrayal from my lover. Will keep for future reference if for some reason my future spouse cheats on me. I want to give it as a gift to some people I know, but first I have to help myself!
Sonja Alonso
Oct 17, 2022
Pamela Engebretson
Apr 05, 2023
Beth Fischer

Betrayal Trauma Specialist
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I specialize in helping people heal from the trauma of infidelities and other betrayals.    
- I will work with the betrayed wife, who is feeling angry and confused after discovering her husband's affair.  She wants clarity and knowledge about her present situation, she needs support to feel better, begin to heal, and gain her confidence and self-esteem back, and she needs to know the concrete signs to look for while making her ultimate decision of whether to leave or stay in the marriage.
- I often work with the unfaithful husband who is ready and shows signs that he wants to reconcile and save his family.  He needs to gain some very personal insight into why he chose the behaviors he did, and he wants to learn how to help his wife move forward.  Together with me, he will learn step by step how to not only heal his own wounds, but to help him understand and implement the tools he needs to help his wife and children heal. 
- I also work the children, helping them process and heal from their trauma.  The children will receive the tools to not internalize what has happened between their parents, so they can become confident, self-assured, caring people, who will grow and have healthy adult relationships, breaking the familial cycle of infidelity.
- Bonus courses on Marriage, Parenting, and Family Fun to be released soon!
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