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Everything from the Metatron's Vibes painting class + a wonderful treasure, new episodes and the "Summer Vibes" workshop!
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About This Product:

Hello my Angels!!

Have you ever thought that your home decoration needed a bit of colors and energy, but you can't find the art that corresponds to you? Let's do it! Let's create it and make it super magical, to bring colors and healing to your home and life. The Angel Pack is the precious, energetic and inspirational gift that will take your Metatron's Vibes workshop to an even more magical level!

After recording the Metatron's Vibes workshop, and introducing my most energetic crystals, I thought that it would be amazing to provide you with a treasure to inspire you and bring you all the good vibes while you are painting. This is literally the pack that will adorn your home and soul! Once you have learnt the meditative technique of dotillism and discovered some of the most energetic and sacred geometry patterns, you will be able to reuse all these new skills and passions with your healing techniques and creations! 

The Angel pack includes: 

2 awesome Masterminds: Journey to Love and Summer Vibes to have all the keys you need to paint beautiful Mandalas and designs!

2 Original Artworks from me created especially for you on 10x10 canvases to symbolize the Union of the Sacred Feminine and Masculine Energies. (The one that is in your Metatron's Vibes + another one).

2 Oracles cards deck:
- The Mother Earth Mandala Oracle
- An oracle from one of my favorite authors and collections assorted to the spirit of the painting. 

2 Unique Crystals:
- A Magic Wand by a healer creator.
- A special crystal picked intuitively for you. It can be any kind of raw or carvings, or jewelry. I have a great connection with crystals and I love to pick the most incredible and energetic ones, and I believe I have this gift to read into a person and find the special gem that they need. Crystals or paintings often remind me of someone and they usually connect with them energetically.


Last Summer, I had the honor of participating to the best Art Exhibition in the French Riviera organized by Wendy Lauwers and the Art Rivera Tour, so I set myself the crazy challenge of creating two artworks for the event. One of them, ImagiNation, is the one from the Metatron's Vibes workshop that I recorded in the United States, and for the other one, I travelled with all my painting supplies to create a beautiful and colorful Mediterranean seascape, "Bay of Angels", with mystical characters, sunshine and glitter!! Who doesn't want an enchanting trip to France? You cannot miss this!

Disclosure: The depicted experience is not typical. Your background, education, experience, work ethic may differ. This is used as an example and your results may vary. I am indeed happy to assist you if you have any questions 🤗  Also make sure to proceed with CARE!! Before you know it, this might take you on an incredible and magical journey discovering telepathic abilities and wonderful synchronicities, thanks to the crystals and oracles that we will introduce in the trainings. I would like you to be a part of this beautiful community of angels and fairies and give you all you need to bring magic to your life. It all starts with a little bit of trust, imagiNation and stardust, a good Art Gear and before you know it you're making rainbows!

After your registration, I will need between one to three weeks to create your personalized artworks and package, find the perfect crystals, oracle and write your messages, which will give you time to start the introduction and first sessions of your Metatron's Vibes workshop. Thank you so much for your trust and patience! Love and Gratitude :)

[email protected]

I hope you will enjoy every part of it and please leave me a comment on this page with your paintings pictures!! I'd also love for you to join us on social media, on fb @PachaMamArt and Instagram

With Love,


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Angel Pack - Introduction
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Welcome to the Angel Pack and your Journey to Love
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Journey to Love
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Let Summer Last Forever!
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"Summer Vibes" Painting Class!!
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BONUS: Bay of Angels
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BONUS: Presentation of the Art Riviera Tour Exhibition
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"We Are One" Librairy
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PDF BOOK - Paris Normandie
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PDF BOOK - Trésors d'Asie
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PDF BOOK - Parcours de reconnection en territoire Maya
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Angel Pack - Episode 1
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Angel Pack - Episode 2
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Angel Pack- Episode 3
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Angel Pack - Episode 4
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Angel Pack - Episode 5
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Angel Pack - Episode 6
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Angel Pack - Episode 7
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Angel Pack - Episode 8
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Angel Pack - Episode 9
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Angel Pack - Episode 10
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Angel Pack - Episode 11
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Angel Pack - Episode 12
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Angel Pack - Episode 13
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Mandala Artist at PachaMamArt
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PachaMamArt is a brand inspired by the wonders of the Earth, created with the purpose of offering an art that transforms the energy of your home by bringing magic and beauty. My artwork is the continuation of fabulous travels, encounters and journey around the world. It honors the spirit, knowledge and traditions of ancient civilizations like the Celtics or Incas, while bringing dynamism and vibrance into the contemporary scene with the use of metallic colors, cultural symbols, crystals, sacred geometry and natural patterns to fulfill the eyes and the soul. Just like in life, dotillism encourages us to look at things from a higher standpoint in order to have a better picture of our experiences. Wether it is consciously or on the subliminal level, I like to consider the language of art as a powerful healing tool to develop our imagination, creativity and spirituality.
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Disclosure: The depicted experience is not typical. Your background, education, experience, work ethic may differ. This is used as an example and your results may vary. I am happy to assist you if you have any questions 🤗