Stop Smoking With This Powerful 7 day Hypnosis Programme!

Tired of smoking? Tried other methods like cold turkey/tablets, only to start again? What if I told you the power to stop lies within your subconscious mind, and in just 7 days you can learn how you could stop smoking, practically in your sleep!
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About This Product:

Well with this powerful hypnosis programme you can do just that, with little effort or additional time needed!

I smoked from around 12, feeling like I needed to have an edge at school. Finally, giving up with hypnosis at 28, after spending years trying every other method, cold turkey, tablets, patches and books! Whilst I managed to stop for a period of time I was always pulled back in and that lead me to ask the question WHY? Why after months of not smoking would I start again, when consciously I didn't want to? This is when I came across hypnosis and the power of our subconscious minds, which runs 95% of our daily actions.. who knew?!! 

I was so impressed with the results, which eventually lead me to retrain and move out of an industry (Finance) I'd spent 20 years climbing the ladder in. I am passionate about helping people break free from smoking, and having spent time working 1:1 with clients, getting amazing results, I have now developed a highly successful, low effort framework, that can now be implemented in the comfort of your own home!

In this simple and powerful 7 day hypnosis programme (includes bonus section, see below), the goal is to "Stop smoking in 7 days",  in this process you will also come to understand your mind and how it operates. This helps to amplify and accelerate the desired outcome. Understanding is power, when we understand in hypnosis, it really is the most phenomenal power!

Everything in this programme is designed to maximise your success, whilst at the same time reducing your effort, with much of the work being done while you lie back, relax and listen to the hypnosis tracks. However, as with all change some effort is involved. To commit fully to this programme it doesn't take up much time with the hypnosis tracks, because the main part of the programme is being listened to whilst you're going to sleep. The daily videos (amplify and accelerate the change) are all less than 10 minutes to watch (except introduction day). /the time to implement the suggestions will vary, but again will not require much additional time, if any on some days.

Below I have outlined what we will cover; each of them fulfilling the same outcome to Stop Smoking:

*Demystify what hypnosis is and how it works including answering FAQ
*Understand how you got your mind to believe it loved smoking (it didn't!) and how we will get it to believe it loves not smoking (It does!)
*Practical simple steps you can take which can help manage potential physical withdrawal symptoms (you may/may not have)
 *Simple strategies for preparing for this transition, which include pattern interrupts and new rituals
*Health risks, with a spot light on Carbon monoxide - I do not delve deep into health risks (we are all aware of these) however I wanted to discuss this chemical as its impact made a lasting impression on me and I believe it will you.
* 2 hypnosis tracks (main part of the programme) designed to dissolve old programmes and build new ones "to love being a non smoker"

Bonus Section includes:
*Motivation to exercise (hypnosis track) to assist you in focussing on healthy new habits. Often people who give up smoking complain about putting on weight, this was not my experience as I re-focussed on fitness so I stopping smoking and got my best body, win win!
*Optimise Health Hypnosis - our bodies are incredible natural healing machines, however this hypnosis could help your body back into balance
*Reduce Stress with this relaxing track designed to create anchors of peace and calmness within the mind and body
*28 Day Gratitude Challenge -  gratitude is a simple, easy and powerful practice to elevate your emotions which raises your vibration and attracts more good experiences into your reality, This practice is a game changer if you integrate this as a consistent daily practice
*25% off any future programmes I release (this is my first online course, therefore you are my first students so I'd like to thank you for this)
*5% of sales will be donated to Charity Water, helping 785m people get access to clean sustainable water sources, 100% donations to the work

IMPORTANT NOTE: You do need to have a true desire to stop and a commitment to follow the programme. This programme isn't for you if you don't really want to stop but are doing it to please someone else as you will likely reject and/or override the new programming.

REFUND POLICY: In the unlikely event you are not fully satisfied with the programme, and do not feel it's value for money, you can email me at [email protected] and request a full refund within 30 days of the purchase date. Refunds after 30 days will be subject to my discretion. Purchases in December will have a start date of 1/1/2022.

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: If you suffer from EPILEPSY or PSYCHOSIS please consult your doctor before using any hypnosis programme.  General Hypnotherapy Standards Council Reg: 8144. Rapid Transformational Therapy Licence 716995

LEGAL/MEDICAL DISCLOSURE: "The training is intended for informational and educational purposes, it is not intended to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis , and/or treatment. Please consult your medical professional before making changes to your diet, exercise routine, medical regimen, lifestyle, and/or mental health care"

Program Details

Introduction To The Programme
Available Now
How To Use The Programme
Available Now
Understanding Hypnosis And How It Works
Available Now
Preparation For The Programme
Available Now
Introduction Technique
Available Now
Instant Relaxation
Available Now
Rebuilding Powerful Subconscious Paths To Love Being A Non Smoker! (Hypnosis Track)
Available Now

Understanding The Rules Of The Mind
Available Now
Support Any Physical Symptoms
Available Now
New Rituals & Pattern Interrupt
Available Now
Health Risks - The More Uncommon Discussed Chemical!
Available Now
Old Self To New Self
Available Now

Introduction To The Final Hypnosis Track
Available Now
I Am Now A Happy Healthy Non Smoker, Free Forever! (Hypnosis Track)
Available Now

Final Pep Talk!
Available Now
Optimising Health For The Body (Hypnosis Track)
Available Now
Motivation To Exercise (Hypnosis Track)
Available Now
Reduce And Manage Stress (Hypnosis Track)
Available Now
28 Day Gratitude Challenge (This Will Revolutionise Your Life)
Available Now

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Disclosure: "The depicted experience is not typical. Your background, education, experience, work ethic may differ. This is used as an example and not a guarantee of success. Individuals do not track the typicality of its student's experiences. Your results may vary." individuals respond in their own unique way to tools such as hypnosis, as with most tools in life, therefore success cannot be guaranteed.