How To Be Agile and Wise with Your Business or Enterprise?

Get Your Ultimate Business Philosophy Ready for this Digital Decade and Beyond!

Master more than 25 years of business mastermind philosophy in only three days!
No fluff, no fillers. Just pure wisdom for your long-term success.
With this Mastermind Success Intensive you quickly learn the basic principles of
3 Levels of an Agile Business Wisdom Vision to be ready for
the Digital Decade 2020-2030 and beyond!

*Disclaimer: " Your results are dependent upon your experience and will vary based on effort, education, business model, and market forces sometimes beyond our control. Please note that this Mastermind course is not offering a direct business opportunity, a get-rich-quick scheme or any guaranteed money-making opportunity. Those kind of claims are outside the reach of this Mastermind Intensive. What this course does do though, is that it teaches you principles, skills and insights drawn from the hard-learned real life experiences of its creator. There are no guarantees of earnings. Maurits van Sambeek does not currently have documentation to show the average returns or results of its clients other than personal notes from them that for privacy and discretionary reasons cannot be disclosed. Integrity is a business virtue. Your results may vary. Implementing what you learn will be your responsibility. If you have any questions or concerns though please reach out to us."

Get Your Ultimate Business Philosophy ready for this Digital Decade and Beyond!

Yes, in this 3 day Mastermind Success Intensive YOU are in the Hot-Seat to create your Ultimate Agile Business Wisdom Vision.
Normally people would pay tens of thousands of dollars to learn these materials in a year long mastermind.
Some even pay up to $100K to learn it all during a VIP-Day.

But you can get it all in a 3-day intensive course now, without paying those amounts or having to travel to far-away locations.
And it’s not just a one-time event…

Yes, this is for you if you are a leader who wants to have…
·         Greater Awareness of what’s really going on in the world (instead of being usurped by fake news or fluff media)…
·         Deeper Insight in the Wisdom that’s needed for this digital decade (and beyond)…
·         Higher levels of Enthusiasm about easily handling rapid change…

Yes, why this works so well is because you get a Threefold Integral Business Philosophy in One Clear Executive Order.

Ø  This means that already while learning the parts, you can immediately and automatically apply it to the Whole System of Your Business.
Ø  This works wonders because on the one hand it’s Principle-based, meaning that you can repeat the process again and again with the clear methods as given in the course and learning more each and every time…
Ø  And at the same time it allows for optimal Agility and timely Innovation, meaning that you can easily adapt to changes and come up with fresh beneficial ideas any time.

Yes, this unique one-of-a-kind Mastermind Success Intensive guarantees you receive Infinite Inspiration time & again when you make wise of its contents!

Yes, what you get is real specialized philosophical Mastermind training specifically tailored for top-level leaders, so you can make wise use of it and be revered for your leadership forever!
The training consists of three parts:

1)       Understanding the Real Order of Reality; (Mindset Magic!)
2)       Creating a Comprehensive Capital Vision; (Skillsets Skyrocketed!) 
3)       How to be Future-Proof Forever! (Toolsets Top-Levelled!)

With walk-through videos, repeatable worksheets and an integral playbook you get everything you need to really integrate what you learn about these three parts.

Yes, in the comfortable Hot-Seat of this private 3 day Inspirational Mastermind Intensive you get…

·         Powerful tools, tips & techniques to consistently create a congruent Vision that evolves with you and your business;
·         A deep philosophical understanding of visionary business leadership;
·         Vast confidence in your abilities to deal with the fast-changing demands on your leadership in this digital decade;
·         High potential and rich perspectives that could always keep you successfully ahead of the masses;
·         …and so much more that you organically begin to explore!

And the most beautiful part?

This Mastermind will save you tons of time (in comparison with long-lasting programs) that can be put to other use to grow your business. Because this Mastermind Intensive downloads in your brain in 3 days what took the creator almost 3 decades to learn and gather and experiment with...leaving out all the error and mistakes and side-tracks.
Yes, FOCUS! So YOU get the absolute best

It’s like a gift that keeps on giving. Invest now and start your intensive at your convenience before it’s too late. 
(The Decade has already begun… Yes, NOW is the time!)

Get Your Ultimate Business Philosophy ready now for this Digital Decade and Beyond! 

Say “Yes, I am ready for Success and want to create my Ultimate Future-Proof 

Agile Business Wisdom Vision”!


Session Day 1: Understanding The Real Order of Reality
Available Day 1
In this first session you learn to understand the real order of reality for accurate Agile Business Vision assessment.
Slides plus Audio of Session 1
Available Day 1
Worksheet 1
Available Day 1
Session Day 2: Creating A Comprehensive Capital Vision
Available Day 2
In this Session you learn about the Five Forms of Capital that are crucial for Agile Innovation and long term Business Development.
Slides plus Audio of Session 2
Available Day 2
Worksheet 2
Available Day 2
Session Day 3: How To Be Future-Proof Forever
Available Day 3
The Golden Combination of the best Future-Proof Methodologies for productive results fast!
Slides plus Audio of Session 3
Available Day 3
Worksheet 3
Available Day 3
BONUS: Thought Expedition
Available Day 3
BONUS: Integral Playbook
Available Day 4
This is your Integral Playbook from the entire Mastermind Success Intensive!
BONUS: Capital Business Growth Resources
Available Day 6
This list with Capital Business Growth Resources will benefit you for the rest of your life!

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Maurits van Sambeek, MA.

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Business Mastermind Philosopher with a background in perennial philosophy and well-versed experience in contemporary Thought Leadership modalities.


Maurits van Sambeek, MA. helps people reach extraordinary new results fast.
With the clarity of how to use philosophical principles that always work wonders in everyday life, he offers personal mastermind coaching sessions plus simple worksheets that uncover deeper layers of wisdom each and every time you make use of them.
This unique combination helps you grasp complex concepts fast, come up with bright new ideas for immediate use, and see pathways to profitable application light up in front of you.
With this greater Awareness and Self-Mastery insights, real productive Agile Business Wisdom becomes your  natural new flow.