Taming Your Monkey Mind - 10 minute meditation for a stress free and joyful life - 6 module program

Can’t shut of your brain? Busy dad or mom who is stressed and would love to have work/life balance, without expensive therapy? Here's a Simple 10 meditation program into having a stress free and joyful life in just 10 minutes a day.
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About This Product:

“If you’ve been struggling with STRESS and ANXIETY and can’t stop the constant chatter in your mind”,  or tired of not getting enough SLEEP?  I’ve got good news for you... There is a way to control your thoughts and get control of your stress and anxiety.   Have you tried Therapy?  Have you read books?   Still no success?  Let me tell you something  IT’S NOT YOU!   Modern therapy is geared to take a long time and cost you a lot of money and time.  Reading books is very time-consuming and the more you read, the more confusing it can become.  

So how do you relieve stress and anxiety, and improve your sleep without spending hours and hours not to mention thousands of dollars on a therapist, or resorting to other destructive habits like drinking and drugs? (remember I said earlier, I’ve been where you are, I’ve done that, I’ve got the t-shirt)

Well, that’s what this course is all about. Learning how to relieve your stress and anxiety by practicing my 10 meditation each day, will create new neural pathways in your brain, allowing you to gain better control of your emotions and even predict and prevent situations that trigger stress and anxiety.  You see just like going to the gym or learning a new skill, it’s not about how long you practice, or sit and meditate like a monk for hours, it’s about repetitiveness and consistency.   Take for example working out.  It used to be you had to go to the gym 5 days a week for 90 mins at a time to get results. Now with resistance training and HIIT programs, you can get a full workout in 10-15 mins, and with better results.  The same goes for learning an instrument.  If you practice guitar 10 mins a day for a month, you will learn more and get better faster than paying for weekly hour-long guitar lessons. Let’s face it, TIME is our most valuable commodity, and this program will take less time a day than checking your emails or Instagram, catching up on the latest sports scores, watching the news, making a todo list, folding clothes, unloading the dishwasher, or watering the plants.  I mean who can’t find  10 extra mins?


Risk-free. 100% money-back guarantee if not satisfied with results.
Start the new year off with a bang and fulfill your New Years' resolutions.

Program Details

Taming Your Monkey Mind: Welcome Video
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Session 1 Part 1 - The Secret to Taming your Monkey Mind
Available Now
Session 1 Part 2 - The Secret to Taming your Monkey Mind
Available Now

Session 2 Part 1 - The Gift of Gratitude
Available Now
Session 2 Part 2 - The Gift of Gratitude
Available Now
Session 2 Part 3 - The Gift of Gratitude
Available Now

Session 3 Part 1 - The Art of Compassion
Available Now
Session 3 Part 2 - The Art of Compassion
Available Now

Session 4 Part 1 - Finding Forgiveness & The Art of Acceptance and Surrender
Available Now
Session 4 Part 2 - Finding Forgiveness & The Art of Acceptance and Surrender
Available Now

Session 5 Part 1 - Dreams: The Future You, Now!
Available Now
Session 5 Part 2 - Dreams: The Future You, Now!
Available Now

Session 6 Part 1 - The 10 min Meditation: Plus How to Personalize Your Practice!
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Session 6 Part 2 - The 10 min Meditation: Plus How to Personalize Your Practice!
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What Do People Think About This Program?


Lindsay Andreotti
Jan 04, 2022
If you are a beginner or seasoned meditation master, this course is for you!  It incorporates several aspects of what it takes to quiet the mind and reach higher states of excellence and peace. Kent is such a great leader for this program, especially because he can speak from very personal experience.  The material is solid, backed by a lot of references, and even Kent himself makes himself available to participants on the subject!  Loved this entire process and the content shared.

Reach for your purpose by taking your own monkey mind!!!
Julie Brendel
Dec 22, 2021
WOW... Finally "A Place in one Space".
Its like if all the "Greats" had a Summit and shared all their best thoughts and they all live here.
Thanks Kent can't wait for more to come...
Keesh Macasaquit
Dec 21, 2021
What an amazing meditation course
Laura Combs
Jan 04, 2022
Excellent Course! A well prepared course introducing meditation and gratitude. Enjoyed the instruction and inspiration to continue practicing my meditation ! Thank you Kent Weed . 
Crissy Igna
Dec 22, 2021
This is awesome! Lesson 1  alone you will meditate so your journey begins. And yes, many thoughts will surely come your way when you start meditating. But all you have to do is let them go and return to meditating.
Jude Prest
Feb 03, 2022
This is a fantastic course! Laid out simply and concise. With each lesson that i watch and repeat (and repeat...), it feels like this one, like the one before had been designed exactly and specifically for me. I've tried meditating for years and could never shut down my brain. This course has made that so much easier for me, and I'm already seeing positive effects!
jason goldberg
Jan 14, 2022
This was a fantastic course! I especially loved Sessions 4 and 5 - they really resonated for me and I loved the heart meditation in Session 2!  

It was also so great that Kent took the time to answer the questions that he intuitively knew were going to come up when we start meditating for the first time which was so helpful and made it feel like I had a real meditation coach guiding me - not just through the practice but also through any struggles I may have had getting comfortable with the practice.

Thank you so much for this course Kent!
Alex Weber
Jan 20, 2022
This program is incredible!! Kent's enthusiasm and genuine joy for teaching this is contagious, and he makes it so relatable to use in our lives right away. I've wanted to have meditation and gratitude more in my life -- and calm my monkey mind! - and this course has helped me SO much! Can't recommend enough! It also gave me tools for self-forgiveness, manifesting, and being more aligned with my beliefs. THANK YOU, KENT!
Kent Weed

A Master Certified trainer with Mindvalley, I am an Inspirational Speaker and Coach. I teach mindfulness and love to help people learn to meditate, overcome obstacles, and live extraordinary lives.
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Over the last 25 years, I have been a successful TV Director, Executive Producer, and President of a very successful Production company, plus a husband and proud Father to 3 totally awesome kids. Busy did not begin to describe my life. As successful as I was in my career, my family life and overall health suffered. Although I exercised, I drank too much, ate unhealthily, and suffered from chronic lower back pain and severe food allergies. Eleven years ago, I suffered a torn and detached retina in my left eye that left me to lay face down for weeks at a time. As I lay face-down on my make shift massage table, I figured if ever there was a time to try relaxing, now was it. I needed something to keep me interested and focused. I found it in Oprah & Deepak Chopra’s 21 day meditation. It was the perfect blend of an inspired message from Oprah followed by Deepak’s words of wisdom and a 15 min meditation. This began my journey to discovery, health, joy, peace and balance! After just one month, I noticed a difference. I was calmer, less stressed and my back pain was better. Over the last 10 years, I’ve studied many different types of meditations from many famous authors. I’ve read dozens of books, and done multiple courses, attending multiple webinars and events on mindfulness and meditation. Four years ago, I became a Master Certified Trainer with, teaching people how to meditate, overcome obstacles, and live extraordinary lives. Last year, during Covid lockdown, I hosted a podcast called Ninja Talks to help people deal with all types of issues including, fear, anxiety, stress, loneliness, diet & nutrition, and biohacks for health. Today, I am calmer, I am healthier than I’ve ever been, I am happier and I am able to handle stress better. Simply put, I am a better person as a result of my meditation practice, and I am committed to helping people meditate and overcome obstacles and live the life of their dreams.

And now I want to share what I’ve learned with you, so you don’t have to spend as much time and money as I did figuring out what really works, or worse... suffer the same fate as so many others who continue to struggle with managing their stress or anxiety.  What took me a decade of learning, is now a shortcut for you to achieve success and find balance in life. 
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Disclosure: Meditation is a practice that has been shown to create amazing results. Due to your background, education, experience, work ethic, or mental state, your results may vary