Regain the Ultimate You (after your stroke) through Stroke Recovery Coaching

Supercharge your stroke revitalization as you recover your fundamentals piece by piece. You will go in the trenches of stroke recovery with your coach every week!
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About This Product:

Have you been frustrated by your efforts to regain your old self? What's ahead of you as you look down the road? Are you trying to follow the advice of others and it doesn't help you? Do you worry that your life is going to be hopeless from here on? Get help putting the brakes on your negative thinking. Help is on the way!

With my Stroke Recovery Coaching program, you will turn around and put yourself on the path to success! Over the next 13 weeks, you will be reclaiming your original self with the help of me, your coach.

I am Dr. Brent Calhoun. I'm a veterinarian and had 2 ischemic strokes in 2010. I go through the trials and tribulations that you do. I have been focusing on being more successful regardless of the conditions around me. I'm pounding it out every day to learn how I can be better; just like you!

If you are unfulfilled, we will do a deep dive through your attitude, your emotional state, your physical condition, and your mental form in this program.

Have you been finding you have the wrong attitude? Are you down or depressed? Do you barely have the strength to do what you want? Are you fatigued and your short-term memory is shot? You will find where your current situation is right NOW. You will learn what you need to do to change it AND you will do it under the watchful eye of your coach.

You will learn the right attitude and you will practice it over the program. You will find out the cause of the blues and you will learn the correction. You learn how to boost your physical state and how to repair it. Lastly, you will learn the correct mental condition and how to heal it. I will closely monitor your progress and offer you insights to inspire you and improve your situation throughout the entire program!

You will get 13 weeks of "one on one" sessions with me. Your session will last 45 minutes and we will go into your situation in a way that makes a difference for YOU!

In addition, at NO additional cost, you are enrolled in 3 months of the Success Group Training. My monthly training examines one part of stroke recovery in a concentrated manner. This normally costs USD $97 a month.

Also, you get a 3-month membership in my exclusive private Facebook group, The Stroke Tribe. Normally, to be admitted to this group, you must be accepted and the cost is USD $97 a month. I am in the group almost every day. Answering your questions and commenting on your & other's journey.

You get both of these services as FREE when you join the Stroke Recovery Coach program.

The cost of the Stroke Recovery Coach program is normally USD $9,997. I am having special pricing today because you are unique! Your investment for this 3-month program is USD $6,997. Click on the button to enroll now. I look forward to making a difference in your life!

Check out more by visiting my website, & subscribing to my blog!

PLEASE KNOW THAT YOU ARE PROTECTED! - If, for ANY reason you are not satisfied within 14 days of your sessions (that is two sessions), ask for your money back and it will promptly be refunded. I want you to be 100% EXCITED that you got your money's worth!

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Brent Calhoun

I had 2 strokes, 2 days apart. I've dedicated to helping stroke thivors (survivors who thrive) & their loved ones make their life more successful!
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My name is Brent Calhoun. I had 2 strokes, 2 days apart. I've dedicated to helping stroke survivors (thivors, patients, or warriors) & their loved ones make their life more successful! I give them skills, tips, & methods to take along on their thriving journey. That is my true passion and my mission. I live in the suburban Detroit area of Michigan in the United States. It is in the Eastern Time Zone. I am a veterinarian and retired, but I know that life has much more for me! I am married & have two young adult sons. I was a part-owner & the Hospital Administrator to a large, multisite specialty & emergency practice. I love reading, walking my dog, being outside in nature, keeping healthy, and excelling in whatever I decide to be a focus.
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