Do's and Don'ts - 8 SURE-FIRE TIPS for faster healing after your husband's infidelity

These are the top 8 least talked about yet most effective ways to immediately take control of your situation. If you want to learn everything from managing triggers to expressing your needs, then this course is your VIP ticket to creating a new you.
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About This Product:


This course is a great resource for you to use as you try to understand how to move forward after your husband's betrayal.  You will be given the exact list of items that you should and should not be doing, with an explanation for why each is critical to your healing.  

*  You will learn about the actions you are taking - (searching through your husband's accounts, checking up on the affair partner) - that are preventing you from feeling better.  
*  You will learn about the negative thoughts you are having - (thoughts that include words such as "I should have", "if only I", "maybe if I") - that are reinforcing negative beliefs about yourself.  
*  You will even learn about how your own feelings about what has happened - ("I'm not good enough", "I meant nothing to him") - are causing you to become depressed and angry.
I will break this down for you so you will see very clearly how staying stuck in your betrayal is keeping you stuck in life.  Isn't it time to step out of this betrayal story and begin to see the possibilities that are waiting for you on the other side?  I hope you can hear this through your pain - there is another side of this and another version of you just waiting to emerge from the ashes.  You have an opportunity right now to take this event in your life, this tragedy, and use it to transform your life into something better. 


I believe that behind every tragedy is an opportunity for growth.  But growth only comes 
from change.  So, if you are ready, and I mean really ready, to take some uncomfortable actions, to look deep within yourself, and to start envisioning a new world for yourself, then don't wait another minute.  This course is exactly what you need.


This is a knowledge-based course for you to use on your healing journey.  Inside you will find:
· 90 minutes of relevant, useful, understandable content
· 10 sessions of recorded video, averaging about 9 minutes each for easy, convenient viewing
· Action steps that you can use immediately to start feeling better 


I write about this new version of me but who am I?  My name is Beth, and I was you.  Looking back on my own personal healing journey, I now understand why it took me so long to get out of my pain and into my healing, because I did almost all of the things I shouldn't have been doing and almost none of the things that I should have been doing.   There's a great line that says:  YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW.

That line perfectly sums up my journey.  If I had known, and properly implemented just a few of these 8 things, I would have started my healing journey the day after my husband confessed.  Right after one good night of crying.  But I didn't know what I didn't know so I kept doing things that I thought were helping me heal because it felt good to do them.  For about a minute and a half.  Then the pain would come right back.  Do these sound familiar to you?
  • I would yell at my husband for 30 minutes non-stop and feel powerful... and then feel terrible and sick to my stomach.  
  • I would search through his phone in the middle of the night instead of sleeping and I felt in control... until the sun came up and I could barely make the school lunches for my daughters.  
  • I would repeat my husband's story over and over again to a trusted friend, reliving each detail... only to end up in tears, sitting on the floor in my closet. 
You see, I had no idea that those exact things that felt kind of good in the moment, were actually suffocating me and trapping me within a toxic world.
When a betrayed wife is trapped in this toxic world, it is referred to as a Trauma Cycle because there seems to be no way out.  Like the hamster running endlessly on the wheel, never getting anywhere, you risk getting stuck in that cycle for months, years, and even decades.  The calendar just keeps on moving.  In my case I lost 24 months of my life's calendar being stuck in my trauma cycle.  But it doesn't have to be that way for you.  I am here to tell you that if you follow just some of these revelations that helped me in my early healing days, then you can save days/months/years of yours.

There is a world you have not been exposed to, yet.  
There is a world you do not know exists, yet. 
A world, even when someone like me tells you it does exist, you can't really believe it, yet.  
That's OK.  Be a little skeptical.  You don't know who to trust right now.  You don't trust your husband and you probably don't even trust yourself because of all the gaslighting done to you.  So, for now, just continue reading, and let me tell you from my heart, about my "today" world and then you can decide if you want to take a chance and trust me.


You see, I have created my new, post-betrayal world from scratch.  Based on everything I have gone through and learned, I now decide who gets to live with me, interact with me, dine with me, laugh with me, and even love me (and yes, I picked my husband - for the second time in my life).  I decide who I am going to be every morning when I wake up.  I decide who will know my innermost thoughts.  I decide where I am going to put my attention every minute of every day.  I also have a smaller circle of people around me now because I only allow people who support my growth into my world.  Did I create this world overnight?  No.  Is my world perfect?  No.  But it’s beyond better than my old world.  All of those decisions I listed are real.  They are mine. They have been created by me and each one comes from a place of healing, confidence, and knowing my worth.  None of those decisions came out of a place of fear or insecurity like in my old world where all I could focus on was the betrayal.  I live in the best version of myself and my husband lives in the best version of himself and together we have created something really precious.  Something neither of us ever thought could exist but we are living it everyday.  Are we still growing?  Of course!  Do we still run into obstacles?  Uh, yeh!  We’re not robots!  We are two people who, because of one of us, demanded nothing but the best from both of us, and together we take care of each of us.  And that’s what we work with every day.  



What are some of the Must Do's and Never Do's after finding out about your husband's affair?  In this course you'll learn exactly what they are and why you should start, or maybe even stop, doing each one.

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Welcome And Introduction
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Normalizing Your Trauma Symptoms
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Decide The Best Living Arrangement For Your Situation
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Take Care Of Your Physical Self Too
Available Now
Stop Talking To Your Husband About The Past
Available Now
How To Stop Playing The Blame Game
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Learn Why It Is Imperative To Get Out Of Detective Mode
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How To Deal With The Affair Partner(s)
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Why Disclosure Statements Are A Necessary Part Of Your Healing Journey
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Learn How To Live By Creating Outcomes, Not Just Goals
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What Do People Think About This Program?


Eric Zuzack
Nov 16, 2021
Dawn Borzon
Dec 28, 2021
Jessica Scott
Oct 25, 2021
This course was really great to learn about the things I was doing that were stopping me from feeling better. I really feel like I can move forward after watching this one. Thank you!!
Raine J
Oct 30, 2021
Learning healthy thinking and healthy healing will be a big journey and mindset, but necessary to find ourselves again. 
Sonja Alonso
Oct 04, 2022
Beth Fischer

Betrayal Trauma Specialist
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I specialize in helping people heal from the trauma of infidelities and other betrayals.    
- I will work with the betrayed wife, who is feeling angry and confused after discovering her husband's affair.  She wants clarity and knowledge about her present situation, she needs support to feel better, begin to heal, and gain her confidence and self-esteem back, and she needs to know the concrete signs to look for while making her ultimate decision of whether to leave or stay in the marriage.
- I often work with the unfaithful husband who is ready and shows signs that he wants to reconcile and save his family.  He needs to gain some very personal insight into why he chose the behaviors he did, and he wants to learn how to help his wife move forward.  Together with me, he will learn step by step how to not only heal his own wounds, but to help him understand and implement the tools he needs to help his wife and children heal. 
- I also work the children, helping them process and heal from their trauma.  The children will receive the tools to not internalize what has happened between their parents, so they can become confident, self-assured, caring people, who will grow and have healthy adult relationships, breaking the familial cycle of infidelity.
- Bonus courses on Marriage, Parenting, and Family Fun to be released soon!
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