Communicate With Your Departed Loved Ones, Like a Psychic, in Less Than One Hour!

Find the closure & connection you are seeking. Learn to communicate with your deceased loved ones in less than an hour - even if you don't think you're psychic!

When we lose someone we love, whether it was our significant other, a parent, a sibling, a grandparent, a dear friend, or a pet - our lives change suddenly and we come face to face with a spiritual phenomenon that many don’t feel comfortable talking about. 

Losing a loved one is a right of passage, but there is no manual for our grief. Religious texts and spiritual beliefs may offer some guidance, but they can also confuse us, or offer little consolation in our process.  

The aftermath of our loss is most often a lonely and prolonged experience. We move through many emotional challenges as we pick up the pieces of our life and try to move forward.  One thing is certain, there is no "going back to the way it was". 

You might reach out to psychics and channelers, hoping to make contact and find closure - but could feel doubtful or are unable to trust the guidance you receive. Others get trapped in cycles of grief and are unable to process their loss and remain frozen in the past. 

What I have found is when you make 'direct contact' for yourself, it speeds up your healing process and helps us in ways that surprise us.

I created this fast-paced course for you to make direct contact with your loved ones so you don’t have to rely on an outside source. Now you can find the answers, connections, confirmations, and healing you are seeking.

The practices I share in this course are based on my 20 years of channeling experience helping others connect to their departed loved ones. 

Back in 2003, when my father and spiritual teacher died weeks apart it blew open doors of perception I didn’t know existed. I’ve been communing with the departed and assisting others in their grieving process ever since. 

I’ve seen time and again, how making contact with the other side aids us in our healing process and awakens new possibilities for our life that provide new meaning and offer hope.

You will learn the exact process I've used to help thousands of souls find the closure and healing they needed to live their life fully. You do not need any experience to do this.

I look forward to assisting you on your healing journey!

In this module, you will learn the 8 Essential Steps to follow to prepare your body, mind, soul, (and your physical space) for making contact so it is a safe and healing experience for you.
The 8 Essential Steps to Get Started
Learn the exact steps to take to make connecting with your departed love one an easy, safe, and healing experience.
Download the Guidebook
This 23 page guidebook walks you through the exercises in this course. It's something you can refer to again and again to make contact with your departed loved ones.
In this module, I share the 11 most common ways the dead communicate with the living based on my experience of speaking with thousands of departed souls. Some ways they speak might surprise you!
The 11 Most Common Ways Spirits Communicate with Us
Learn the ways departed souls communicate so you can be prepared and stop doubting your experiences.
In this module, I guide you step-by-step in a meditative process so you can make direct contact. You can repeat this step, again and again, to build your listening skills and make contact with all of your deceased loved ones!
It's time to make contact!
Watch this short video to prepare yourself
In this 30 minute audio you will be guided on making contact.
Video Version to Make Contact
Listen to this 30 minute guided meditation to make contact with your departed loved one. Make sure you have listened to and completed the other modules before proceeding.
Not all souls that pass over are free or out of pain. Often we find souls needing our help and assistance. In this module, I share with you what I've learned from countless sessions of assisting trapped souls to ascend to a higher vibration and release negative karmic ties.
Questions Answered on Trapped Souls & Deposessions
In this module I answer some common questions around trapped souls and spirit posessions. Please email me with any further questions you have and share your experience with me.

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