Love Where Are You: Attract The Love You Desire

Tired of attracting and wasting time with the wrong people? Are you believing there are no good men left? Time to gain the wisdom to recognize what love is and where to find it.
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About This Product:

Inside this course, "Love Where Are You: Attract The Love You Desire," we'll explain the best reason for creating a list in identifying what your ideal partner looks like and how to use it to attract them.
Share insights that will allow you to create a healthy relationship. Know that love does exist; you are significant and deserve love. You'll know how to find it within you and then attract it to you.
You will know the answer to the question, "Why do I keep attracting the wrong people."
Here are a few samples of what this incredible course on "love" will present:
·      What is Love and how to find it. It is not in some far-off wonderland. It is staring right at us, but we are not                    aware 
·      Significance of Creating A-List to attract the person you truly desire, and it is not for the reason that most                  share
·      30 Day Commitment to Self-Love because when you love yourself, you become attractive
·      Awareness vs. Attachment allows you to remove the old ways of thinking that caused your current attractions 
And much, MUCH More!
Don't miss this breakthrough course on "love" that will finally show you how to attract your dream partner.
STOP the relationship rollercoaster now! It is time to get off the ride. The days of watching other people live in a happy and successful relationship end the moment you start the course.
Relationships are not supposed to be complicated. Unfortunately for most people, they continue to get their information from those that have never experienced a committed relationship. So they are receiving second-hand insight.
When you purchase any of my materials, you get a first-hand experience from a person with the same person for 32 years.
A few obstacles we had to deal with:
·      Family members were going to disown her for dating a black man (she was Japanese)
·      She wasn't able to have children, so we tried different medical options, and they found
·      Cancer that she fought for 17 years
·      Lost her to that cancer seven years ago
Honestly, I would not have our relationship play out any other way with all of the challenges we had to overcome. The lessons learned through this particular path were incredible. She was my best friend, life teacher, business partner, my world. We did everything together and were inseparable. 
The gift of our relationship is why I am dedicating the rest of my life to helping people love themselves, find and create a loving relationship with the right partner. When the relationship with yourself is healthy, and you have someone to share it with, you will feel that you are living life at its ultimate level.
So STOP whatever thoughts, old programming, and beliefs have kept you from finding that ideal partner or creating issues in your current relationship. The things shared in this course can help you in either situation. What works in relationships work; it doesn't matter if it is new or seasoned.
It is time to enjoy the rest of your life journey. Grab the course now, and I will see you on the inside.
BONUS: Communication is key to making sure all relationships will meet their full potential. With that in mind, we have included the "STAR" system. It breaks down the four personalities and allows you to see "why you and others do what you do" and "think the way you think." The company that created this system is no longer in existence, so this system can not be bought or located anywhere else. The true meaning of PRICELESS!!!

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Introduction To Love Where Are You
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Introduction To Module 1
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What is Love
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Awareness vs Attachment 1 of 3
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Awareness vs Attachment 2 of 3
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Awareness vs Attachment 3 of 3
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30 Day Commitment To Self Love 1 of 3
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30 Day Commitment To Self Love 2 of 3
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30 Day Commitment To Self Love 3 of 3
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Welcome Module 2
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Dating: A Different Perspective
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The Relationship Iceberg
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Needs Vs Want in Relationships
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Communication In Relationships 1 of 3
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Communication In Relationships 2 of 3
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Communication In Relationships 3 of 3
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Creating A Safe Place
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Welcome Module 3
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Red Flags Deal Breakers
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The #1 Problem In Relationships
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Creating A List
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Why Do I Keep Attracting The Wrong Person
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Finding A Good Man
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Making Him Jealous
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How To Get Over A Break-Up
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Thanks For Your Purchase
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