How to Overcome Rock Bottom and Re-Gain Balance! Tools & Structure for the Overwhelmed High Achiever

In this self-paced course you will learn the tools to maintain and develop your high-achievers mindset so that you can conquer your current status quo to re-gain balance in your life.

Have you ever felt like this?
... the list of obligations, the number of tasks, the amount of meetings & calls... all that is giving you the feeling of simply being overwhelmed? Do you feel stuck and you simply don't even know anymore where to even begin to get control over your situation and life in general?

Well... since you are here, chances are you know how this feels!?

My mindset got me stuck in a place with several businesses and not in control over the situation any more.

Through a long and rocky journey with self help books, practical implementation and testing of new ways to cope with the stress at hand, working with a coach on my side and learning to deal with my most limiting beliefs I discovered the use of the tools that now represents this course.

It took me around 1,5 years of struggle until I came to the right decision that solved all problems I had within 2 weeks.

Learn in this course how you can save yourself precious lifetime and avoid doing the same mistakes as I have in the past.

In this self-paced course with 3 modules and a total of 11 sessions you will learn how to implement strategies into your life that will invite clarity and altogether result in a more vibrant state.

All videos are between 2 and 11 minutes length.
Next to the videos you will have downloads that serve you as clarity tools to gain a better perspective in progress and your status quo.

In this course we will discover what is needed for you right now to make small incremental steps towards a more balanced life as a high-achiever.

Take back control over your situation right now!

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In this first module I will walk you through some fundamental ideas about this course, what to expect from doing this course, and also letting you in on my journey and story how this course came about.
Welcome & Hello fellow High Achiever (M1S1) - 3:33 minutes
Are you feeling the tipping point of loosing control or loosing the overview? Or even worse, can you sense that you are already at rock Bottom? Let's figure this out!
About this course & My story (M1S2) - 10:43 minutes
How this course came about and some background information on my journey from pro sports athlete to serial entrepreneur to Life Coach.
How to use this course (M1S3) - 2:31 minutes
Some outlining of this course and the concept off linear progress vs real progress
Finding your starting place + DOWNLOAD (M2S1) - 5:14 minutes
In order to get clarity about the best possible steps to create the change you want it is crucial to not only know your desired outcome but also establishing where exactly it is that you are curren...
The Wheel Of Life (M2S2) - 4:02 minutes
How to see your results of the wheel of life, how to think of progress and how this relates to your overall state.
Your Energy is made up of... (M2S3) - 3:39 minutes
Your energy is the baseline for whatever you do in life! The amount of energy available to each one of us is individual, and so is what you can do to maintain a good level of energy.
Sources of energy and what you can do RIGHT NOW (M2S4) - 9:23 minutes
Some of the best options for you to maintain good energy and stay healthy are freely available to all of us at any given moment!
Less Noise = More clarity (M2S5) - 10:04 minutes
Make time for SILENCE. Meditation has many benefits that are scientifically proven, and no one ever said something bad came from starting a meditation journey.
The Diary Benefit (M2S6) - 4:08 minutes
Why is writing down your thoughts in a diary as an ongoing process so valuable? Find out in this session why I believe to keep track of your thoughts, concerns, wishes & dreams, etc... is so valuable.
THIS IS A BIG ONE - Asking for HELP! (M2S7) - 5:24 minutes
The potentially most valuable session of this course! It is often our ego that is in the way of making real progress. Get out of your way and safe yourself real lifetime!
Summary (M3S1) - 7:12 minutes
A quick summary to the key takeaways of this course!

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I have lived the (dream - ) life of a professional athlete, developed a mentality and drive to approach new ideas pro-actively, and through the various companies that I have set up over the course of the last 2 decades, I understand the challenges that come from combining an ambitious mindset with harmonious relationships, and the desire to experience personal growth.

My personal drive and need to set up new project on a frequent base was also the starting point for me to get into the personal development space, and ultimately after working 10+ years as a personal trainer and master instructor also start working as Life Coach, or rather "Peak Performance Coach".

I am a Robbins-Madanes Trained and certified coach and offering my learnings through a course such as "How to overcome Rock-Bottom & Re-Gain Balance. Tools & Strategies for the High Achiever" is my effort to pass on in a condensed form what took me years to define and develop.

More information about my work as a coach can be found here on my website.

- Sascha Müller #ThisDrivesMe