How To Manage Prolapse In 90-Days Even If You Have Grade 4 Cystocele

Prolapse Natural Healing® ™ is an alternative method for managing prolapse naturally to stop bladder leaks, reduce pain, to feel normal.

Prolapse Natural Healing® presents How To Manage Prolapse In 90-Days Even If You Have Grade 4 Cystocele. Taught online through a series of videos to help people manage pelvic organ prolapse (POP) symptoms and stop bladder leaks. Many women may be able to stop bladder leaks in 90-days, recover from painful pelvic floor pressure, and learn how to manage POP while exercising. 

In this course Monique explains the causes of pelvic organ prolapse, how to stop bladder leaks, and how to restore natural posture in your hips, back, and shoulders.  Providing you with step-by-step video guides explaining each technique used to relax postural muscles, gain awareness of your posture, and manage a daily bodywork routine. In addition, there are session workbooks for you to print out with reminders and checklist for your reference. 

The sessions are intentionally designed to provide you with small weekly techniques to learn and practice for the conditioning of low back muscles and hip muscles as you move into a more natural posture.  Over the duration of this course, you will be given information that you might not have heard before, as well as challenging you physically. It is not meant to be a comprehensive, exhaustive guide to all things prolapse and posture, but rather an education on the method I use to manage prolapse symptoms caused by poor posture. I stress that you should always get an assessment from your medical practitioner and follow their advice before commencing the exercises outlined in this course.

A few words from Monique... 


Prolapse isn't sexy... Prolapse is uncomfortable. A private matter with real emotional consequences. What changed for me was learning that I wasn't alone in my condition and recovery was possible without surgery. In addition, I suffered a lot of trauma with prolapse such as embarrassing bladder leaks and unbearable vaginal bulges. These daily situations created a lot of uncertainty for me until I learned the causes of prolapse and how to reverse the condition. Results are not typical, are not guarantees, and the client’s results may vary.

Prolapse Natural Healing® does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a replacement form of treatment for physical, mental or medical problems by your doctor either directly or indirectly. Prolapse Natural Healing's intention is to offer a variety of information and tools to help the reader in their quest for spiritual growth, emotional and physical well-being. This course is for educational purposes only. Please consult a reputable medical professional prior to making any diet, exercise, and/or lifestyle changes."

Getting Started
Getting started requires a few items and some consideration. In this session I will walk you through the bodywork equipment list, Session Time Requirements and Course Materials so that you get the ...
Session 1: Manage Prolapse Naturally
Managing prolapse naturally is not an illusion and preventing prolapse from getting worse is not out of the question, either. In this session you will learn what causes prolapse and how to manage y...
Session 2: Seated Posture Explained
We begin this session with Intentional breathing while in the seated position. This technique is practiced every time you sit down to train back muscles to support your posture while sitting for lo...
Session 3: Standing Posture
When balance is naturally restored in your hips and shoulders you will feel normal and move with confidence. Prolapse management is specialized self-care for pelvic organ prolapse. In this session ...
Session 4: Lower Body Myofascial Release
Lower Body Myofascial Release offers you support when hip and back muscles are to tight. This technique can help you to reduce muscle tension that is most often related to sciatica and postural wor...
Session 5: Upper Body Myofascial Release
Upper Body Myofascial Release taught in this session was designed to help you recover from hip and low back pain so you can continue your prolapse care. This powerful technique is perfect for sciat...
Session 6: Prolapse Trauma™ Explained
Prolapse Trauma™ is the emotional and physical trauma caused by severe prolapse symptoms. This is the Pain, Pressure, Fear cycle you've been dealing with every day. In this session we discuss ways ...
Session 7: Closing The Gap Between Mind & Body
Closing the gap between the Mind & Body is the willingness to feel the stress your body creates as a result of having to deal with prolapse. In this session I will teach you a method I use to coach...
Session 8: Managing Prolapse Trauma™
Painful memories experienced over and over can cause a traumatic response keeping us trapped and unable to care for ourselves. In this session you will be encouraged to manage Prolapse Trauma™ so t...
Session 9: Beginner's Bodywork Routine
Exercise routines can help to improve your flexibility and mobility to keep your posture aligned as you age. In this session you learn a beginner's bodywork routine to continue supporting your post...
Session 10: Intermediate Bodywork Routine
Managing prolapse is a lifestyle change you can be proud of and you need to celebrate. In this session you learn an Intermediate Bodywork routine to continue supporting your posture as the next ste...
Session 11: Advanced Bodywork Routine
In this session we are going to discuss how you can take everything you have learned to apply it to your favorite activities and workout with weights.
Session 12: Complimentary Live Session with Monique
The best feeling in this world is being able to stand tall, walk with confidence, and truly feel amazing from the inside out, from top to bottom, and in any situation.

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Monique watched for years as her bladder leaks worsened until coughing caused her to empty her bladder two-feet from a woman's restroom. Today she teaches others to improve their symptoms, stop bladder leaks, and much more.


The journey I started  over seven years ago was heartbreaking and damaging. Before prolapse, I was a healthy, fit, single mother of two, motorcycle riding, fun lady. All that changed when I experienced my worst bladder accident while traveling to an out of state mastermind coaching retreat.

The experienced crushed me with feelings of shame and embarrassment. Prolapse Naturally Healing® is my life's work. Every tear, fist throwing in the air, and screaming moments are here in one place. I can't believe I am sharing my journey with you. But I have to... I have to start a movement to prevent bladder leaks from ruining your life. 

Prolapse Naturally Healing® is an authentic recording of my struggle of embarrassing bladder leaks, emotional sexual dysfunction I call "Prolapse Trauma™ ", and is packed with natural alternative techniques to stopping bladder leaks.

Join me in a modern self-help recovery program designed to be helpful, meaningful, and fun as we learn the secrets of our bodies.  Breathing techniques  to ignite inner healing. Myofascial Release techniques you can consider to adapt into you daily life, and so much more.  Are you ready to restore beautiful balance for ever.

Prolapse Natural Healing's intention is to offer a variety of information and tools to help the reader in their quest for spiritual growth, emotional and physical well-being. This course is for educational purposes only. Please consult a reputable medical professional prior to making any diet, exercise, and/or lifestyle changes.

Thank you,

Monique Sanders,
New Mexico, USA Licensed Massage Therapist #9274.