Start Writing Your Non-Fiction Book Now in 5 Simple Steps!

In this course, you will take the initial crucial actions necessary to start writing your non-fiction book using a simple 5-step process.
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About This Product:

Get that book out of your head and onto paper!
In this course, you will learn and apply the 5 simple steps to start writing your non-fiction book today.  You will learn:

1) techniques for clearing your mind of negative and discouraging thoughts which prevent you from taking action
2) how to organize your thoughts and ideas
3) critical pre-writing tasks
4) how to build a solid foundation for your book
5) how to create a Table of Contents
6) writing an Introduction and Dedication
7) writing your "first" chapter

You will also learn about:
1) writing software
2) writing apps
3) word count
4) non-disclosure agreements
5) quoting music lyrics
and much more!

Enroll in this course today and get your book out of your head and onto paper!
When you finish this course, you will have started writing your non-fiction book. 
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Program Details

Session 1 - A Clean Slate
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Session 2 - Erasing the Slate
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Session 3 - Pre-Writing
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Session 4 - A Solid Foundation
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Session 5 - Start Writing Your Book
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Session 6 - Bonus Tips
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Ms. Monroe is a former judge who turned her 25+ years of writing experience into Sharman's Edits - a professional editing, proofreading and book coaching business.
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