Your Brilliance On Full Display: It's Time To Shine!

You have so much greatness on the inside of you. It's time to let it all out! Unmask your full potential, the world needs it right now!
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About This Product:

You have to develop your own personal relationship with God, this is the way you start learning who He has created you to be. This is how you begin to learn how you were created to function. It's so important that you know this because it will determine how you go through life. You have to get your true identity from God. The world and other people do not know who you really are. Only God knows this.

This course has been created to help you want to really know who you are. To help you recognize in whose image and likeness you are created from. To help encourage you use the Word of God as a mirror and get your image from it. To help build your understanding of what God has to say to you, about you. You have gotten this far, but there is MORE! There is more of you to discover and God wants to help you unmask the REAL YOU! Let Him show you!

This course, Image, How Do You See Yourself? is the second of twelve in the WSS Discipleship Series. It’s important that you continue to grow and develop in the things of God. There is so much more in you that needs to come forth. It's time for your brilliance to shine. He wants to express Himself through you, but you first have to understand who you are. Then you will be so excited for Him to use you in mighty ways. You are more than you think you are!

Don't allow distractions to derail your growth and development. You cannot get stuck here; you have to keep discovering. I desire to help you keep moving forward and be accountable. This series will come along side of you to help you become who you are to become. God needs your full-in participation. Does He have your, yes?

Let's Journey Together! It's Time For Your Next Level!

During This Course you will:

* Learn to value what God says about you more than what the world says or others say. 
* Discuss who should be the One telling you who you really are. 
* Understand why the enemy wants you to stay with an old or wrong image of yourself.

* Build your faith to function as God has said you are to function. 
* Start seeing yourself differently and start daring to be bold in your actions.
* Be excited to take uncomfortable actions to step out of your comfort zone.
* Be encouraged to operate in who God has called you to be.
* Get PDF Worksheets for each Section to do assignments and keep track of your thoughts and progress.
* Get the WSS Discipleship Series Mini Book that accompanies the course; along with a notebook.


Start Your Course Today! The Real You is waiting to come forth!

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Course Introduction
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Worksheets Overview & Foundational Scripture
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The Right Image Is Important - What's Your Mental Picture?
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Distorted Thinking - This Way! Wait, That Way?
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A Kingdom Viewpoint - A Higher Perspective
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Jannett Morrow

Jannett Morrow is a visionary leader with a passion for helping people see who they are created to be.
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She enjoys helping people understand and develop their potential and fulfill their purpose. She does this through writing motivational books, hosting empowering workshops and conferences, making connections for business expos and more. 

She has an extensive background in the Social   Service industry and a degree in Psychology from SIUE and a graduate of the Joseph Business School. 

She is dedicated to making a difference and creating blessings in the lives of many. 

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