Living Empowered:...Rome Tour and Empowerment Workshop January 15th - 22nd 2023

Being empowered is a state of mind encompassing all aspects of who you are; your relationships, your accomplishments, and your hopes and dreams. Take this fabulous workshop and enjoy a magical week in Rome.
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Living your life like a "chore list", isn't living your life... it's existing. Get into the drivers seat by knowing you, living your truth and walking in the sunshine that comes from you. Rome Tour and Empowerment workshop
Rome Tour and Empowerment workshop
Spend a magical week in rome:

Spend one day at the Vatican
Discover the Vatican on a tour of Sistine Chapel, and the Vatican Museums.
 Navigate the vast complex of rooms, artwork, and history with a guide, who brings the ancient collection to life. Skip all the entrance lines to explore halls such as the Gallery of the Maps and Raphael’s Rooms; step inside the Sistine Chapel to admire ‘The Creation of Adam’ by Michelangelo. 

The Coliseum.. The Next day
Skip the entrance line at the Colosseum so you won’t waste any time getting inside to marvel at this Roman icon. On this walking tour of Ancient Rome, you’ll explore the amphitheater’s first and second levels with a guide, who entertains you with tales of gruesome gladiator battles. Then visit the Roman Forum to see its ancient ruins like the Temple of Julius Caesar.

Pompeii is another day
With so many amazing sites around Italy to visit, it can be difficult to decide how to 
spend your time. With this Pompeii, Amalfi Coast, and Positano small-group day trip you can mark three sites off your list that are so incredible and awe-inspiring that they are also UNESCO World Heritage sites. Travelling in a comfortable, air-conditioned coach, you will be led by a dedicated and enthusiastic tour guide to discover the wonders of these beautiful sites.
Living Empowered:...Rome Tour and Empowerment Workshop for three days

After, You have been stretched and fulfilled at the workshop.
Your beautiful week will end with a fantastic trip to the Tuscany Countryside Day Trip from Rome including 3-Course Lunch & Wine Tasting
Take a Tuscany tour from Rome and see the best of the captivating Val d’Orcia region, near Siena. With a local guide at your side, discover countryside where historic hilltowns perch on sun-drenched hills and Tuscan farms dot the landscape. Visit the wine towns of Montepulciano and Montalcino, and enjoy free time to explore Pienza, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Wine tasting and lunch at a farm is included. 
* Visit Val d'Orcia in Tuscany on a day trip from Rome 
* Relax with a locally produced 3-course lunch on a Tuscan farm 
* Sample regional wines, including the famous Brunello di Montepulciano 
* Spend time at leisure in Pienza, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Our Hotel for this Tour

The Rome Hello takes things seriously!

They have chosen to be a non-profit social enterprise. This means that we use ALL our profits to take part in initiatives aimed at making our world better, for us and for future generations.

We believe in change! Want to join us?

We take protection of the environment to heart. We buy biodegradable shampoos and soaps that come in recycled and recyclable containers, with EU Ecolabel certificates. Unused soap is collected and reprocessed in collaboration with Clean The World Foundation, to then be used for humanitarian purposes.

The RomeHello makes ethical choices that also help support a sustainable economy.

We are carrying out a small revolution in our way of doing business, which we hope will become ever greater. The Rome Hello is in fact the only hostel in the city that is a non-profit social enterprise. Our management is ethical and sustainable, and supports humanitarian and environmental initiatives.

All the profits from our activities go to support non-profit organizations and NGOs, to finance projects dedicated to the most vulnerable people and to safeguard the planet.

Your teacher: Elizabeth Tallman:

After graduating from the University of New Hampshire as a trained concert flutist with a minor in Business Administration, Elizabeth Tallman spent several years working in corporate settings. Following a solo flute concert in New York City, Elizabeth’s life experiences guided her to explore metaphysical and spiritual teachings, and she studied with Shamans in Stonehenge, Machu Picchu, Peru and Ecuador. 

Elizabeth’s vast and varied life experiences have guided her towards a path of healing, transformation, discovery, and the ongoing pursuit of deeper spiritual connection and meaning. This journey of personal growth revealed to Elizabeth her life’s calling: helping others to heal from current and past traumas and facilitating their awakenings to infinite possibility in life. Her work has had a profound and deep impact on her understanding of the vital connection between the earth and the human mind, body, and spirit – a connection that also extends between humans and all living things.

Working with earth elements, Elizabeth guides people in the process of spiritual transformation. She travels throughout the US with her crystal and mineral business, Shaman’s Dream, and also does intuitive readings and healing sessions nationally. Her personal goal is to train others in the awakening and enhancement of their own gifts.

Elizabeth invites you to come and enjoy the exploration of your life in a creative and supportive environment; discover your inner talents and gifts in order to increase the deep inner happiness, personal empowerment, contentment, and joy in your life.

Some of what the workshop will cover is:
Living Empowered: Like There is a Choice


Evening Session:
Topic 1: Finding the Diamonds

Topic 2: Who are you? Part 1 


Morning Session:
Topic 1: Who are you? Part 2

Topic 2: Archetypes & Aspects of the self
Are you the light or the shadow?

Lunch Break

Afternoon Session:
Topic 1: Carrying an albatross

Topic 2: Is your inner child still crying?

Topic 3: OWAT - Oh What About That

Topic 4: Burning away the dross (impurities)


Morning Session:
Topic 1: I’m Here

Topic 2: What fills your cup?

Topic 3: What’s in your toolbox?

Lunch Break 

Afternoon Session:
Topic 4: Value & Appreciation 

Topic 5: Skill Sets & Abilities 

Topic 6: 4 Mutuals

Topic 7: I Am Magnificent and Powerful

Program Details

Finding The Diamonds
Available Now
WHO ARE YOU... part 1
Available Now
Available Now
Archetypes and aspects of self... Which Goddess are you?
Available Now
Carrying an albatross.
Available Now
Is your inner child still Crying?
Available Now
Available Now
Burning away the Dross ... Refining your essence
Available Now
I AM ... here!
Available Now
What fills your Cup?
Available Now
What's in your toolbox?
Available Now
Value and Appreciation
Available Now
Skillsets and abilities
Available Now
The 4 mutuals
Available Now
I Am Magnificent and Powerful
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