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About This Product:

I know you have been meaning to do it. You've been trying for years. You want to start eating better, living better, and feeling better. 
But you're busy and can't imagine how you could possibly find the time to meal prep and exercise and incorporate any more into your life.
I get it. I've been there. I would try this new fad diet for a week or two but then revert back to my old habits of picking at my kids' leftovers or grabbing something quick from the fridge or freezer instead of making myself something that would actually nourish my body.
It took me years of searching to figure it all out. But I did, BH, and I've been living like this for over 10 years. 
And now I want to teach YOU how. 
I created an 8 module pre-recorded nutrition course you can watch at your own pace, any time you want. And once you purchase the program, you have lifetime access.
Each module contains a short video and downloadable handout.  You'll hear my voice along with a slide presentation. I find that I absorb better when I can see the information on the screen but you can just listen as you wish. 
You'll learn foundational nutritional science along with practical how-to's, so that this time, you can really do it.
This is different than any other nutrition plan or course you've taken before. In fact, before I even give you any meal suggestions and tell you what to eat, we are going to work on mindset and ramping up your motivation so you could finally stick to it and IYH see results!
You'll learn about hydration, busting cravings, and how you could improve your sleep.  I'll show you how to stack habits so that you can incorporate them into your busy lifestyle. 
And if you know me, of course there is a spiritual component to all of it, as mind, body, and spirit are all interconnected. 
“The training is intended for informational and educational purposes, it is not intended to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, and/or treatment. Please consult your medical professional before making changes to your diet, exercise routine, medical regimen, lifestyle, and/or mental health care.”

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Calorie Density
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The Plate
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SOS! Salt, Oil, Sugar
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Module 7: Protein
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Module 8: How to Make it Happen
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Food Prep Demo
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What Do People Think About This Program?


anonymous anonymous
Nov 07, 2022
I can't thank you enough for this all encompassing, extremely informative course! I learned so much and continue to try to incorporate all this knowledge to help me live life to its fullest in the healthiest way! I truly appreciate how dedicated you are,  to all of us on the journey , to discover more in really making this life changing and doable! You're the best! FYI, I still remember fondly the first week that I moved to Passaic, over 20 years ago.  You approached me in , the no longer existent,  fruit and vegetable store. You asked me if I was new in town, and invited my family for Shabbos lunch. You served a scrumptious healthy and enjoyable meal, way back then!!
Randee SM
Oct 27, 2022
Signing up for Rivka’s Healthy Living course was a no-brainer. After browsing the website, I was confident that Rivka would give me a jump start to making small changes that would stick. The program did not disappoint; each module was informative and useful. Handout sheets composed of charts, recipes, and tips helped me retain the information. Most importantly, I am now more mindful with my shopping trips, meal planning, and food choices. 
Brochah Skulnick
Oct 27, 2022
Rivka, you are amazing! You have given me real tools for life to eat well, feel good, and have energy for all the important things in life! You have given me enough information to help me get myself back on track if I slip. You are always there to answer my questions and have so much knowledge in this area. You live what you preach and your enthusiasm is contagious!  Keep up your great work of helping others live healthy, happy lives!

Juli Wolin
Oct 27, 2022
Rivka’s goal is not to just give a diet plan and walk away. She is there for her clients emotionally, mentally, and physically. Thank you, Rivka, for giving me the tools and support I needed in order to break the cycle of emotional eating and find my true self. 
Passaic, NJ
Fraidy Eisenberg
Aug 21, 2022
I’m loving every second of this healthy way of eating!!!!!!
I feel so good about myself and in control of myself!!!!!!
Yehudis Goldstone
Sep 21, 2023
Working with Rifka has really been an eye opener for me. It has taught me much better eating habits. I learned that eating healthy can be more rather than less. I am hooked on yummy smoothies for breakfast - something I would have never indulged in before. It is something I should have done years ago for myself and for my kids. Yehudis G. From NY
T Arnstein
Jan 16, 2023
Rivka Golombeck

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