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Enthusiasm is the electricity of life. Finding it and holding it within you everyday is the gold.
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About This Product:

The next round of Own Your Power

kicks off on March 21st!

If you've downloaded all of the free workbooks, dove into personal development, implemented all the tips, tricks and strategies to up level your life/business but it seems like nothing is's time to go inward.

95% of the things you do are from your subconscious mind. That means your decisions, actions, emotions and behaviors aren't made in a state of awareness.

Are you ready to shift from a state of confusion, lack, fear, anxiousness, worry or frustration into a possible state of clarity, abundance, confidence, belief and connection so that you can walk through life as the woman you have always desired to be?

Joining OYP guides you through the process of inner personal self discovery allowing you the space to dive deep into your soul as you uncover just how incredibly powerful you truly are as you unleash the parts of yourself that leave you to believe anything less.

Become the creator of your life as you release what no longer serves you.
Call in the version of yourself that has felt trapped, hidden and not accepted for far too long.

Now is the time to step into your power, create a loving connection to yourself and illuminate your life.


I remember when I first started healing the deeper parts of myself...
It was January of 2017 and I had just moved back home to my parents with 5 fur babies after choosing to leave a 5 year marriage.

Things were shifting inside of me, for the first time in my life I was choosing ME.

For most of my life I had conformed to the likes of others, I had embodied others beliefs and ways of being and moving through life.

I shaped myself into someone I really didn't know but thought it was who "I had to be" to be accepted and loved.

As I journeyed inward I began seeing the real me and just how expansive and incredible my life could truly be.

That's why healing is so important.

The reason most people give up is because a part of themselves doesn't believe they can do it or that they even deserve it.

But what if you could connect to yourself on a soul level and see all of the power that is trapped within?

What if you could run a business that is so full of power that it attracts your soul clients to you?

Before healing and Owning My Power I thought "I'm such a joke, no one sees me for who I am, now I'm just a failed business owner who failed in her marriage too"

Before healing and Owning Their Power my clients thought "This is just what life is, I have to struggle everyday to make ends meet and no one believes in me or my business"

Because of healing I was able to shift my thoughts to "I'm a powerful creator of my life, I am deeply connected to who I am and what sets my soul on fire and I'm building a one of a kind business that creates my dreams life"

Because of healing I am able to guide my clients from disbelief to fully empowered as they say YES to themselves, their desires and their dream life, calling it into reality.

And that's why my life has changed so drastically and the lives of my clients are expanding and growing.

Which best describes you?

Business Dreamer
You know that entrepreneurship is something you dream to step into and grow a thriving business that supports your lifestyle you're just not sure how to take the next step.

Business Owner
You have a business that you love but it feels like no matter what you do or how much of yourself you give that nothing is changing and you're starting to wonder if it's even really for you.

Business Grower
You've built a business that is supporting your lifestyle and you love the work you do but it feels like something is missing, a part of you feels lost in what you're doing and like nothing else can truly grow here.

No matter which you choose there is a part of you that desires to go deeper and create a better relationship with yourself.

And you've probably felt the confusion, uncertainty and fear that comes from stepping into the unknown and getting to know a different part of yourself.

Sound familiar?

What if you could begin Owning Your Power as you heal the parts of yourself that are holding you back from being all you desire to be in your life and business?

A transformation so powerful that your dreams and goals become your reality?


Walking through life with enthusiasm starts HERE, now, with you choosing to do the deep inner work.

Being a business owner requires more than just having a business with services/products to offer.

Connecting with yourself, up leveling your soul, loving all that you are, trusting in your creations and letting your light shine adds value to all that you do and offer the world.

Not only is this possible for you, it's your new reality as you begin to OWN YOUR POWER.

You will be guided through life in a whole new way allowing you to align to what is meant for you and release what is not.

What exactly is Own Your Power and how will it help you?

Over 4 weeks you will be embarking on a journey of soul alignment through different modalities and deep inner personal work.

This work is what has helped me step into the purest, most authentic version of myself with a deep belief in all that I am and all that I do.

What if you could confidently create results like this in your life?

If you've been feeling...

  • Disconnected from yourself and who you're meant to be
  • Uncertain of how to show up for yourself in your life
  • Stuck in a cycle that isn't helping you move forward
  • Fear around taking the next step in your life



Begin to connect to who you desire to be, she is:

  • Connected to herself, her emotion and her beliefs
  • Walking through life with guidance from the universe
  • Seeing herself through the eyes of love
  • Calling in abundance in all areas of her life
  • Creating a new version of presence in her business
  • Release tension from her past
  • Finding balance and harmony
  • Letting go of all that no longer serves her
  • Moving in calmness with focus and intention
  • Surrendering and trusting herself
  • Expanding her goals and dreams
  • Working on growing in all areas of her life, business and beyond

It's your responsibility as a business owner to become the highest most aligned version of yourself so that you can create an impact in the world.


What The Own Your Power Program Includes:

  1. Weekly video lessons to guide you through the deep inner work
  2. Guided meditations to connect to your soul
  3. Guided hypnosis to release what no longer serves you
  4. Workbooks to help you facilitate the shifts
  5. Journaling exercises to shift perspective
  6. Weekly live coaching call via Zoom
  7. Community support Telegram group to connect with likeminded souls

I'm ready to get started, what happens next?  

After you sign up for the pay in full option or a payment plan you will receive your welcome email that contains all the information you'll need to begin your journey of Owning Your Power.

You can begin working through the Get Started module within your program dashboard and joining our Kick-Off call on March 21st.

I'M IN!  

Meet your Coach:

Hi, I'm Shelby...

Soul Alignment Activator for female entrepreneurs who are ready to heal from their past, answer their calling and step into their purpose with power.

I’m a divorced, widowed, mama to an adorable human babe + five fur babies and have grown multi-six figure businesses in the past decade. 

I live my life divinely guided by the universe and fully believe everything happens for a reason. I'm also a huge fan of getting sh*t done the right way with as little "work" as possible which is why I developed my signature E.O.M Method to take you from stuck to living your dream life.

After attending college, starting different businesses and developing myself into who I am today...I decided I wanted to create a place where I could serve other women powerfully on their journey in life & biz.
Coaching is where I found my calling and I am forever grateful. 

I am here to support and guide you as you uncover all that is holding you back as together we intuitively build and grow your business so you can live the life of your dreams.

The next round of OYP begins March 21st!

What makes Own Your Power different?

Own Your Power isn't "just another business program" it is a program created to help you become your highest, most valued and loved version of yourself so that you can be the best business owner that you are meant to be as you grow a soul aligned business.

You can have all the strategy in the world, all the tips, tools and tricks to grow a business but if you're not connected to yourself there will always be something "missing" something "lacking" something to resist doing out of fear.

Owning Your Power allows you to have unwavering confidence in the life and business you choose to create for yourself.


*The training is intended for informational and educational purposes, it is not intended to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, and/or treatment. Please consult your medical professional before making changes to your diet, exercise routine, medical regimen, lifestyle, and/or mental health care.

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Finding Stillness Within
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Shelby St.clair

Shelby St.clair is a soul alignment coach helping entrepreneurs create their dream business and life as they heal from their trauma and step into their purpose.
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 Shelby St.clair has spent the last 9 years growing businesses from the ground up, building teams and becoming a multiple six figure earner before launching her coaching business. The Boss Lady agency launched in 2017 with one big vision goal in mind: freedom. Shelby wanted to create a business that changed the lives of others while allowing her to enjoy life with the freedom to do what she wanted, where and when she wanted to.
Combining her natural skill set with some seriously purpose-driven inspiration, she’s now built a business by helping Boss Ladies who struggle with letting go, creating boundaries and taking heart led action to manage their pain & trauma, create a solid foundation and step into a flow state so they can answer their souls calling, align with their purpose and create the life of their dreams.

Shelby uses her journey of life through her own pain and trauma to inspire others to be all they are meant to be not only through her coaching at Boss Lady Agency but also through her podcast Behind The Boss Lady and speaking at transformational events.
When she’s not writing about herself in third person (haha), you can find her admiring her collection of healing crystals, tuning into her calling through oracle/tarot cards, playing with her daughter and fur babies, enjoying the beauty of outdoors, being a foodie and expanding her offerings to help more people reach their goals. 
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